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Host : Theresa E. Keves

PUT IT ALL ON THE TABLE THROUGH MEDIATION with THERESA E. KEVES is here to educate, inform, enlighten and inspire everyone about the great benefits in the process of Professional Mediation to resolve conflicts, disagreements and disputes, relating to business or personal matters.

Conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings and disputes are all a part of everyday life. However, when we find ourselves in the middle of the aforementioned, what is the most profound way or strategic method that can be employed in order to alleviate this negativity that we must now deal with?

There are several methods used here in America as well as throughout the world to rid ourselves of the conflict or disagreement that we are now facing. For example, there are a couple of well known strategic methods for dispute settlement purposes. One is to hire an attorney to represent you in a court of law. You can initiate court proceedings (i.e. Justice Court or Civil Court) and go before a Judge or Hearing Officer in order to satisfy your complaint. However, what happens when you go before a Judge or Hearing Officer is that these individuals devise the outcome for your situation for you.

The other method for reaching settlement regarding your disputes, disagreements, conflicts and misunderstandings is through the process of Professional Mediation. This is a method that has been around for a very long time; however, its extraordinary usefulness is not as well known and or frequently used, as are normal court proceedings.

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Recent Episodes
October 27, 2016
What Is Fueling The Rage in America and What Part Can Professional Mediation Play To Help Diminish It?
This is a re-run of my show that aired on January 7, 2016, as we were beginning a new year. My guest were Terri Griffiths and Reginald C. Campbell. We discussed some of the reasons for the increase in violence/hateful acts and what are the drivers of these acts that have increased in our country and how can Professional Mediation help to bridge and curtail this negative behavior. My question is that it has been over 9 months since this show has aired and take a personal barometer to see, has there been any movement of positive behavior among the citizens in this country? Please enjoy listening to this informative and educational broadcast.
October 06, 2016
From A Manís Point Of View
On my show that aired September 22, 2016, I talked with 2 phenomenal woman regarding the contentiousness, hate and bigotry that is unfortunately effecting America, in a very negativity manner. I stated during my last broadcast that women in this country are the stronghold of ourselves and our families, as they are dealing with the aforementioned on a daily basis. My guests and I talked about the potential of defeatism that woman have to overcome, in order to achieve their goals. Now this discussion will continue; but, from a manís point of view. On this show my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, and I will talk about the mountains men, particularly men of color, have to move out of their way in this society, in order that they become successful. We will discuss what are the reasons that this political election is feeling different versus the previous election, as Hillary Clinton mentioned in her September 16, 2016 speech at the Black Womenís Agenda Symposium. As a society in this great county, can we come together and infuse Love over hate? Join me and my guest for this discussion.
September 22, 2016
Love Trumps Hate
As Hillary Clinton stated in part in her recent speech during the Black Womenís Agenda Symposium, September 16, 2016, ÖĒthis Presidential Election feels different, thatís because it is; and, that the next 53 days will shape the next 53 years, of this country.Ē The concern is, for example, that, during this Presidential campaign, her opposition, has opened up the floor for bigotry and biases in this country; and, that this negativity is being more than spoon fed to a good number of Americans on a daily basis, who already believed in this nasty rhetoric; but, put it in their back pocket. One reason is because; the United States adopted laws that dictated against prejudices and hateful acts towards others. However; because, of the re-introduction of this rhetoric, this has opened up the height of contentiousness in America, that was thought by many to have somewhat died out. We as women are dealing with the bigotry, the biases and contentiousness, as best as possible. We as women, in this great country, are the corner stone of this society. We, as women, are the movers and we are the shakers of this society; however, sometimes, through no fault of our own, we have been caught up in this negative whirlwind of potential defeatism; and, the time is now to do something about it, particularly, women of color. There continues to be issues that women are faced with on a daily basis, like affordable child care, continuing education, acquiring loans to open businesses, healthcare; and, seemingly, more often than not, there is no answer or path way, that is given to help women in need who are seeking quick answers to their problems. Join me and my panel of educated and phenomenal women Terri Griffiths and Michelle Cubas, to discuss the aforementioned and give their thoughts on what they feel will prove to give better results in order to assist the need of the women in our society today, as we continue to shape this country positively, knowing that, Love Trump Hate.
September 02, 2016
Hot Topics In The World Of Mediation & Our Political Arena
It is that time of the year to talk about some of the Hot Topics and/or movement in the world of Professional Mediation that I would like to discuss on my show for my listening audience, in addition to our Political Arena and the Hot Topics that are related to this subject of discussion. This show is combined with information and giving the listeners some giving food for thought. Join me and my guest, Brian W. Keves, for this interesting topic.
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PUT IT ALL ON THE TABLE THROUGH MEDIATION is hosted by Theresa E. Keves. She is a Professional Mediator. Theresa designed the program to educate and inform you about the strategic measures used in the mediation process that are ultimately long-term solutions. Her goal as host is to inspire and enlighten you about the usefulness of Professional Mediation versus the litigation process for achieving an amicable resolution.