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Host : Theresa E. Keves

HERE'S THERESA! with host Theresa E. Keves, is here to inspire and educate her listening audience with heart warming stories and informative conversations from a national and global perspective.

Infusing her knowledge and experience as a Business Manager, Talk Show Host, Speaker, Hearing Officer, and Professional Non-Attorney Mediator, it is without a doubt that her shows conversations along with her phenomenal guests, are sure to pique the interest of the listener's ear with memorable and up to date factual materials and lively discussions.

Join her each week here on TalkZone for stimulating conversation on HERE'S THERESA! with your host, Theresa E. Keves.
Recent Episodes
June 15, 2017
The Court of Public Opinion
The Court of Public Opinion, Does It Matter? For example, when the public rush to judgment about an individual who got arrested for a crime and lets say this person is a well known actor/activist, who have received many awards and is very much revered for their work in the entertainment industry and for their humanitarian efforts.  The media gets a hold of the matter and immediately starts reporting, without a lot of factual information; but, just knowing that this story will sell newspapers, magazines and increase televised viewership and the traffic on social media, as negative things are being said and reported. Now, consistently over 51% of the populace following the case joins its views with the reporting agencies for this case.  The matter has turned into a court trial with a jury; and this revered actor has been in the lime light for 1 year now, regarding the arrest that’s now 1 year old.  The trial has ended, the actor has been found not guilty; because, through solid witnesses, DNA and other substantial mechanism of proof, this person was found not guilty.  Now what? How does this person resurrect themselves from the long bitterness they have been receiving from The Court of Public Opinion?  Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell for this interesting and educational discussion.
June 01, 2017
Talking About Some Of This and Talking About Some of That
Well, here we are, at the Hallmark of 1/2 of the year, 2017, that has already passed. Regardless of what has happened since the inception of the New Year, we are Blessed, as a nation. Along with my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, we are going to talk about some of the Hot Topics that is in the news today; and, give our perspective on them. Come join us, as the conversations are always enlightening, educational, interesting and great to listen to.
May 18, 2017
Everybody Is Gifted, But Most People Never Open Their Package – Wolfgang Riebe
Life…it’s a beautiful thing. Just think of it, every person that resides on this planet is here for a specific reason. We are spiritual beings having a human being experience here on earth and it is our job to live our lives to the fullest. We are to use our innate senses, our common senses to gravitate us to the magnificence of accomplishments that we are suppose to achieve. One profound question is what happens when the gift or gifts that we have within do not manifest itself? Or more importantly, suppose individuals do not know their reason or reasons for what their accomplishments are? How do we find our way for finding out what they are, so we can get on with our lives? There are varied answers to these questions that can help guide individuals to unlock their existence here on earth. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell, The World’s Best Mental Health Therapist, for this educational and informative conversation.
May 04, 2017
What Do You Think?
Often there are many questions that are asked of one another, basic questions, such as: How are you today? How are you feeling? Are you on your way to work? What are you preparing for dinner? Where are you? In other words there are many basic questions that are asked of individuals on a daily basis. Although, the aforementioned questions do require the individual to think about it, in other words, it requires some kind of thought; however, out of all of the basic questions that are asked of individuals on a daily basis, "What Do You Think?", couple with, giving the individual adequate time for responding, can also engage them in a more reasonable thought pattern, and hopefully resulting in a more sincere and sensible answer to the question that is being asked of them. The reason this question is the topic of my show today, is because, I do not think that people are given enough time to think out adequately what they want to say or should say and in some instances, people simply do not take the time to breath and think in a succinct manner, as we live in a society that is being dictated by instantaneous results, for example, doing things quick, fast; and, in a hurry. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist, for this enlightening and educational show as we discuss meaningful questions pertaining to this topic.
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