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Why Choose TalkZone


Why choose TalkZone to host YOUR Internet Talk Radio Show?

TalkZone is revolutionizing Internet Talk Radio...because we're different and better than other networks.

TalkZone starts with better audio quality, quality you and your listeners can hear. Then we give you the option of live video streaming from either our Chicago studios or from the comfort of your home or office.

With TalkZone, your show will be a powerful way to promote and build your publishing, speaking, and multimedia platforms. You will create wide awareness of your products, services, talents and abilities. Your thoughts, ideas, opinions and advice will be heard nationally as well as globally.

Only TalkZone gives you the option for broadcast radio syndication once your show is established online. We're part of Syndication Networks, a leading US syndicator of quality shows to nearly 2,000 stations. Others may dabble in syndication, but we're true experts with over 20 years of proven success.

You will gain access to the leading experts and authorities in your field, as a talk show host who can offer them guest interviews on TalkZone. Imagine the networking, business, and endorsement opportunities these leaders can provide to you and your career.

You'll be an active part of the world's fastest-growing medium -- the Internet -- and all it involves, including podcasting and iPods, mp3 players, wireless technology, iPhones and cellular media, WiMax, digital and multimedia distribution platforms, and much more.

TalkZone's detailed bios, links, tagged images, and descriptions along with other SEO enhancements will help you build a major online presence through link opportunities to and from your guest's websites, via major search engines, and associated websites. The awareness of your name, your company, and your search engine ranking will soar.

TalkZone's hallmark attention to detail means we're always freshening and updating your show pages, revising your show listings, listing upcoming guests when they're booked, adding colorful photos and more to help build listener interest.

Your show on TalkZone gives you the opportunity for real income from ad sales and from sponsorships of your show page. You or your company can profit from audio and video commercials that you run within your show.

TalkZone's management has over 150 years' professional radio and syndication experience. We're not a vanity site or an Internet startup, but a long-established media company that's privately held and debt-free. Our goal is long term growth for you and your show.

Talk Radio is powerful! You could speak to groups, send out newsletters and emails, write articles or a blog, do guest spots on someone else's show -- but none of these will have the same impact, or reach the national audience of listeners, as hosting your own weekly show on TalkZone. Being the host of an Internet Talk Radio Show is prestigious, fun, exciting, and remarkably easy, once you've experienced it. A minimum 13 week commitment is all it takes, but many of our shows have been with us for years. We hope you will be, too.


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