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What You'll Get


No one else comes close to the total package of professional services and experienced support you'll receive as a TalkZone.com Show Host.


Our parent company, Syndication Networks, is a leading syndicator of quality programs to nearly 2,000 over-the-air radio stations. We've been creating, producing, and syndicating high quality radio shows for over twenty years. Our first website went online in 1996 in the earliest days of the Internet, and today our company is number one Google-ranked for radio syndication. Our management team has over 150 years of experience in radio and syndication. Unlike an Internet startup company or a vanity talk show site, we've got the experience, skills, and broadcast professionalism to make your show sound its best at all times.


console3.jpgTalkZone utilizes the latest advances in  Web Broadcasting technology. TalkZone can support a virtually unlimited number of users for audio and video distribution.


Our state of the art studios in the Chicago area have XDS satellite uplink capability. We have toll-free call-in lines, digital production capabilities, advanced web audio processing, and a team of skilled producers to make your TalkZone show sound the very best it can.




Here's what you'll receive as a TalkZone Show Host:


  • Hour long weekly broadcast of your show on the TalkZone Network
  • Additional weekly replays of your show on TalkZone
  • Staff executive producer responsible for your show's success
  • TalkZone home page banner with your photo and show name
  • In-studio or remote live video streaming option
  • Show page oversized banner with your photo and show name
  • "Now Playing" graphic of your show during broadcast on TalkZone
  • Toll-free studio call in lines for you, your guests and listeners
  • In-show ad slots to generate revenue for you, through our revenue-share model
  • Free Professional Host Training Course
  • Free Professional Headset Microphone (with 26 week commitment)
  • Host Bio Profile Page, information and links on TalkZone
  • Professionally produced show open
  • Professionally produced show re-intros
  • Professionally produced show promos
  • Ongoing fresh updates to your TalkZone show pages to announce topics, add guest listings, links, bio, images, and more, to encourage listener loyalty and tune-in
  • Archiving of all your past shows on TalkZone, for immediate, 24/7 on-demand listening
  • Free Podcast and RSS Feed distribution of all your shows
  • Free MP3 audio download option for all of your shows
  • Press release for your show debut on TalkZone
  • Promos for your show broadcast in other shows on TalkZone
  • Direct linking from your site to your Show audio on TalkZone
  • Embed videos on your TalkZone Show Page

TalkZone Hosts can also select from these enhanced services:

  • Over-the-air radio syndication by Syndication Networks Corporation
  • Customized web design and web building services
  • Advanced, personalized professional host coaching and training
  • CD duplication and distribution of your TalkZone shows
  • Online product sales though a customized web store
  • Advanced studio equipment setup and consultation
  • Listing of your show on Apple iTunes and key podcast directories
  • Monthly or weekly public relations services to promote your show
  • Customized Show Marketing kits, Ad Sales kits, CD demo kits
  • Customized Show Logo design and consultation
  • Advanced Internet marketing consultation

Of course, the Internet is a big place, and there are other sites out there. Click below to learn why you should choose TalkZone.





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