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TalkZone is part of Syndication Networks, a leading syndicator of quality radio programs. We produce and distribute shows to nearly 2,000 over-the-air radio stations, and we've been doing this since 1993. Our qualifications speak for themselves, but we think our TalkZone Show Hosts say it best.


bisconti-testimonial.jpgFrank Bisconti of CONSULT-US ON BUSINESS

"The people here at are fabulous to work with. And if anybody out there listening has ever toyed with the idea of doing their own radio show -- and it can be on any topic at all, it certainly doesn't have to be business-related. There are pet shows, and there are shows about beauty pageants, and of course there's a lot of political talk shows, and there's medical shows. If you have an interest in doing that, I want you to call the people here at and explore the opportunity. There are opportunities to make some money for yourself, it's a lot of fun to do, and I cannot recommend more highly the team of people that work here at TalkZone. So if you're actually thinking about becoming a radio talk show host, give them a call!"





nicnan-1.jpgNic Allen of THE NIC & NAN SHOW

"If you are a broadcaster...or if you have a hankering to do a talk show on whatever topic or topics you feel you're qualified to discuss...seriously, get in touch with and they will answer all your questions. And you'll be able to do what we've been doing for the past 26 weeks!"




baum-testimonial.jpgDave Baum of THE DAVE BAUM SHOW

"Hosting a show on TalkZone has been a great experience! My Internet Talk Radio show is reaching a nationwide and worldwide audience, and I'm getting a great response from listeners across America and from overseas as well. TalkZone's production, marketing, and advertising support has been terrific. It's everything they promised and even more! So if you're considering Internet Talk Radio, I highly recommend"



 knauer-logo3.jpgPaul Knauer of THE RACE REPORT

"The Race Report has found a great home on TalkZone! We like having our current and past shows accessible to listeners around the world, at the click of a button. When we thought about an online talk show, we wanted to work with real media professionals who understand the importance of quality. As far as we're concerned, there's only one choice for Internet Talk Radio, and that's" 



 bratton-logo-small2.jpgRic Bratton of THE RIC BRATTON SHOW

"I'm thrilled to be a part of TalkZone! TalkZone allows me to reach a worldwide audience of Internet listeners, with a highly professional presentation and sound. The people at TalkZone are highly supportive, and their team has helped us achieve the competitive look and sound that have gotten us noticed in a big way. If you're thinking about hosting an online talk show with them, don't wait and don't hesitate... TalkZone is the best!"



Raskinquote.jpgPatricia Raskin of POSITIVE LIVING

"I have hosted and produced radio programs for the past 10 years....and I am excited to be a host on! It is so professional in technical assistance, sound quality and depth of programming. And TalkZone does an excellent job of promoting my upcoming guests.  I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to host their own radio show."




ambers-testimonial2.jpgSharmai and Keith Amber of MASTERING OURSELVES

"We really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great exposure we get from having Mastering Ourselves on TalkZone Internet Radio. We find you highly professional. We're noticing we're getting people in from Dubai, and India, all over the world. It's very exciting! Thank you very, very much."



rodytestimonal.jpgDave Rody, CEO of Radio Productions LLC

"Thanks to TalkZone, our shows are reaching a growing listening audience not only across the country but around the world. Their attention to every detail is making sure our shows and our brand image are just right. It's also an entirely new opportunity for advertising revenues for our shows. I have researched and found there to be other Internet talk radio sites, but we believe TalkZone sets the standard for professionalism and quality. So thank you TalkZone!"



hayestestim3.jpgValerie Hayes of PAGEANT TALK RADIO

"While planning to launch my new talk show, I researched several different Internet talk show sites. Then I discovered TalkZone. I was impressed by the quality of their shows and how easy it was for listeners to navigate their website. And the staff at TalkZone answered all my questions, provided excellent host training, and created wonderful pages for my show. They guided me through every step as I launched the show. I have to say, their producers are fabulous to work with, with great attention to detail. And I'm getting a fabulous response to my show! If you're planning to host an Internet talk show, look no further. TalkZone is the place to be!"



hub-logo-small.jpgHub Arkush of PRO FOOTBALL WEEKLY

"Having my show on TalkZone is one of the best decisions I've ever made. They flawlessly produce and distribute the show and best of all they've sold ad minutes in our show to advertisers. If you want success, I recommend going with the best: TalkZone!"



wrighttestim3.jpgDeborah Wright of BECOMING THIN WITHIN

"From the moment I began working with TalkZone, they were extremely professional and accomodating, and their fees are very reasonable. They got my show up and running very quickly, and made me sound like a pro -- even though I'd never hosted before. And I just can't say enough about my TalkZone producer Dave. He so went above and beyond in his duties. He handled a few slight glitches that I had in my first show -- which were probably my fault -- but he handled them very quickly and calmly, so no one listening was even aware what was going on behind the scenes. And the guest pages that he created were just phenomenal, making my guests always feel very special and so unique. This in turn made my show so much more appealing to potential guests, that I never had a problem booking experts for my show...... I did look around at many other Internet talk stations, both before and after learning about TalkZone. But none of them have the entire package that TalkZone has. I highly recommend them to anyone -- absolutely anyone!"


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