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Wild About Pets
Why Advertise with WILD ABOUT PETS?

WILD ABOUT PETS is the ideal place to reach the affluent, rapidly growing audience of Internet Radio listeners who love their pets.

Internet Radio growth is booming. According to a recent survey, 80 million Americans now listen to Internet Radio every month. Millions more listen worldwide. This rapid growth is expected to continue.

WILD ABOUT PETS Radio with its visual companion website reaches a worldwide audience of people who are passionate about their pets and spend great amounts of money to take care of them.

There are 75 million dogs and 88 million cats living with United States families, 43% of United Kingdom households have pets, Canadians live with 8 million furred, feathered and scaled friends and 55 million Europeans love their pets.

WILD ABOUT PETS is unusual in its presentation of in-depth topics appealing to both pet and wild animal lovers. Leading authors of pet and animal books, experts and famous personalities discuss all issues of interest to animal lovers in a weekly hour long interview format along with listener calls.

It is also a multimedia radio experience. The companion website with its "Look While You Listen" feature allows visitors to view photographs of the animals being talked about on the radio. This adds interactive fun, provides a "cute" factor and engages visitors with the satisfaction of seeing what the particular animals looks like.

If you are interested in advertising with the WILD ABOUT PETS Radio Show and /or the website, don't wait. Please contact TalkZone today!



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