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Host : Scott Weinberg
Scott Weinberg is considered one of the best criminal attorneys in Michigan.

From protecting teenagers who are accused of sex and drugs crimes, the record of which might have ruined their lives, to protecting celebrities on drunk driving cases, Scott Weinberg has been the lawyer to turn to if you got in trouble. Name any criminal offense on the books, and Scott Weinberg has defended it.

And now, Scott Weinberg brings his expertise in criminal law to TalkZone with his show, WEINBERG ON THE LAW.

The program features Weinberg interviewing leaders, legal experts and persons of note while discussing timely matters related to the law and your rights as a citizen.

In two decades of practicing law, Scott Weinberg has seen and heard just about everything. He’s Managing Partner of the Weinberg Law Firm in Franklin, Michigan. The firm serves clients throughout the State of Michigan.

"It's an honor to be able to share what I've learned to help keep others safe and out of jail," Weinberg says.

Scott Weinberg manages a network of a dozen attorneys in defending clients on a variety of criminal offenses. He was the Founder of Michigan Criminal Lawyers Association, P.C. in 1997, where he helped thousands of clients in protecting their state and constitutional rights. He is a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Macomb County, Michigan, (home of the Reagan Democrats) and is a regular Expert commentator on Court TV, TruTv, CBS Radio, Fox news and many other radio and news programs throughout the nation.

Scott Weinberg hosts CBS Radio's law program Weinberg on the Law on WXYT 1270 AM in Detroit.
Recent Episodes

Your Privacy Rights
A student tapes his roommate engaging in homosexual acts and posts it on the internet, leading to suicide. An assistant Attourney General openly harasses a gay college student. Do privacy rights even matter anymore? Of course they do, and Scott thinks that’s worth fighting for.

A Nation Divided
The events of 9/11/2001 brought us together as a nation. But nine years later, it seems we’re more divided than ever. Then, Should Michigan have the Death Penalty? A Killer thinks so. And should people who commit crimes and run face stiffer penalties?

The Case for Legalizing Marijuana
As more states move to legalize medical marijuana, Scott makes the case to take things a step further – legalize it completely. Tax it, regulate it, and reduce crime. We’ll hear Scott’s reasoning, as well as from callers both for and against it.

A Conversation with Democratic nominee Virg Bernero
Scott goes one on one with Virg Bernero, Mayor of Lansing and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, about his campaign and his plan to improve Michigan’s economy. We’ll also hear Scott’s take on the Blagojevich verdict, the Dr. Laura Controversy, and the Ground Zero Mosque.
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Scott Weinberg has been an expert guest commentator on Court TV and CBS Radio in Detroit for noted cases including People v. Jack Kevorkian, the Jenny Jones murder case, People v. Donald Debolt and People v. Watts. He’s also a regular guest on major Detroit stations including WXYT, WWJ and WJR.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit School of Law, Scott is a member of the Michigan and Illinois State Bar Associations.