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Host : Leo Battenhausen
Host : John Kelly
CRIME AND REASON: the backstory in high-profile crimes that television leaves out. Created and hosted by JOHN KELLY and LEO BATTENHAUSEN, who between them have over fifty years of experience with criminal and deviant behavior and the motivation behind these behaviors.

Television news and coverage of major criminal activities today fall far short of the true backstory that causes such heinous behaviors, and news anchors and “expert” guests leave much information out of the reporting that Kelly and Battenhausen believe is absolutely necessary to truly understand why people murder, rape, exploit innocent victims and feel compelled to partake in such atrocities and then feel no remorse or responsibility for them.

“What we do on Crime and Reason is provide you the listener with a brand-new venue of TRUE CRIME NEWS and fill-in the unspoken truths television leaves out,” explains Battenhausen. With their vast professional and first-hand experience in dealing with serial killers, psychotherapy and addictions, Kelly and Battenhausen’s new and perhaps ONLY show available on radio today promises to provide and inform listeners with vital pieces of the who, what, how, where and why of high-profile crimes that intrigue, anger and fascinate Americans.
Recent Episodes

Cheaters Hacked
CHEATERS BEWARE!!! Your "secret" website for finding extramarital sex isn't so secret anymore!!! A HUGE WEBSITE with 37.5 MILLION CHEATERS has recently been hacked, and ALL OF YOUR "secrets" may be exposed! Why do people do this? What kind of person does this??? It destroys marriages, family and TRUST! Where has this country wound up and WHY? Join us on Crime & Reason Wednesday, August 5th, at 8pm EST to find out! John and Leo are joined by their special guest, Mary Ann Glynn to dissect the selfishness and narcissistic mind of infidelity! VERY COMPELLING INFORMATION and WHAT TO DO if you suspect your spouse is up to no good!

More Domestic Terrorism
Another senseless SLAUGHTER of 4 Marines and a Sailor! Another "Domestic Terrorist" responsible! What is causing this horrific up-rise in murders of innocent people, especially our Military on our SOIL?! Who and what was this killer? Find out on this episode of Crime & Reason. John and Leo will also be discussing a very likely serial killer who was gunned down by a prostitute he planned on killing! Chilling news and the backstory you will never hear anywhere else! Join us!

The Aurora Shooter
Colorado Jury does not buy James Holmes' defense of "insanity" for slaughtering 12 and injuring 70 in movie theater. This week on Crime & Reason, John and Leo explain why they got the verdict RIGHT, and exactly who or WHAT this monster is! For all the "back story" on Holmes, tune in Wednesday, July 22nd at 8pm EST.

Online Predators
How involved are you with your children's "online life?" If you're not, some very bad people may be! Technology has taken its emotional, social and even physical toll on MANY CHILDREN and is only getting more sophisticated! What parents DON'T KNOW CAN HURT THEIR CHILDREN! This week, John and Leo delve into the mind of internet predators and how to keep your kids safe from their slimy grip! A "MUST HEAR" for every parent and teen! Join us!
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Engaging conversation, specific insights, well-informed guests, years and years of experience and knowledge along with a passion to expose The TRUTH Behind Crimes today, Kelly and Battenhausen entertain everyone who has a passion and interest in True Crime reporting! Together, they are a team that cannot be beat and are ready and willing to challenge popular opinion in order to help listeners truly understand with full detail and accurate facts why criminals do what they do.