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BIRDSONG is a show hosted by Leonard Birdsong, a former Law Professor, former diplomat and former federal prosecutor who loves to talk to you and others in an effort to both entertain and inform.

The show is a unique blend of humor, opinion, storytelling, and information. Leonard Birdsong will never provide you with fake news but he will always make you laugh out loud at his true news stories about dumb criminals and their shenanigans which he reports on each show. He also has some other, what he calls "news tidbits," that will pop up throughout the show that you may find interesting and sometimes funny. He may drop a few "Yo Mama" jokes that people have sent him over the years, and, occasionally, he provides you his “words of wisdom” concerning life and leadership that you will like.

Leonard also hosts guests, many of whom with which he discusses law-related topics that many people would like to know about such as, what is an arrest, what are your rights under the fourth Amendment, how to buy a franchise business, will the death penalty be abolished in the United States, how to protect yourself against identity theft, and myths about the Constitution of the United States. He also talks to authors with whom he discusses such topics as why some people are so successful and others are not, how to bounce back from setbacks, how to never waste another day in a job you do not like, and other success and happiness topics.

You can email Leonard Birdsong at this address: lbirdsong22@gmail.com.
Recent Episodes
March 01, 2019
Birthdays, Bad Lieutenants and Blackface
Birdsong shares some news that the African American community may not of heard about, including the white lady in Houston who verbally assaulted a mixed race couple having photos taken of their one year-old-child's birthday in a public park, black Oscar winners; the bad lieutenant from Maryland who wants to kill prominent Democrats, and the apology for black face police officers in Louisiana. Plus, authorBill Francavilla warns you about some home repair scams you may encounter after a brutal winter.
February 22, 2019
Kap and Cos
The drama between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL could finallyu be at an end, while Bill Cosby finally speaks out from prison. Plus, more examples of white women acting badly, and Dr. Marlena Uhrik will explain how to stage your home to get the maximum sale value.
February 08, 2019
God and The President
In God and President Trump plus the Rest of Us, Bridsong's guest Patric Rutherford argues that embracing the word of God can help our wounded nation heal. Ours is a God of love. He cares not for filibusters or political points; rather, he wants all his children to live peaceful, productive lives.
February 01, 2019
Where to Find a Job in 2019
Birdsong passes along some information on the best places in America to find a job in the upcoming year. He will also talk about the end to the government shut down, the SAG awards and the violent attack on actor Jussie Smollett.
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