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Host : Charlie Lobosco
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Host : Eva Lewandowski
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The mission of CORPORATE TALK WITH CHARLIE AND EVA is simple; to make your job, career and workplace better by promoting, teaching and encouraging shared leadership, teamwork and collaboration as a day to day workplace strategy.

We leverage lessons learned throughout our careers, as well as the subject matter expertise from authors, coaches, speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and of course our listeners. All are sharing the same mission; to make a difference in the workplace even as one person.

We’ve learned over and over that when we invest in ourselves with the objective of making a difference even as one person, our lives in and out of the workplace always benefit.

“Execute tasks assigned and you’re a resource. Share in the success of your project, team or company and you’re a partner.”

Join us every week on CORPORATE TALK WITH CHARLIE AND EVA, join the workplace improvement revolution and become a partner to your company!

Recent Episodes
March 30, 2020
How To Protect Your Most Precious Asset
Charlie and I were excited to speak with returning guest, Megan McNealy, the author of Reinvent the Wheel: How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success. Megan has reached back to some of the leaders she interviewed for her book to ask what they were doing to stay well during this turbulent time.

Our greatest take away was the concept that one CEO shared, "It's important to protect the asset". He was not discussing money, or possessions but his body.

No one on this planet has ever experienced a change of this magnitude and it's more important now than ever to keep our body, mind and spirit in top shape.

Listen to the high energy and fun conversation we had with Megan and learn ways to ensure you keep your most precious asset in top condition while you're staying inside. No trainer, guru or personal chef needed. All you need is you!

February 24, 2020
Anger | How to Calm and Stand Up to a Dragon
Anger is a complex emotion and not one that many of us are taught how to handle. Some of us bury it which can lead to depression. Others bully which leads to loneliness due to lost relationships. Some rage, others quietly and lethally seethe.

Charlie and I like to equate anger to a dragon that lives within each of us. Some of us let it sleep until it gets poked one too many times and then it brings chaos to anyone around it. Others walk around with it on their shoulder snarling at everyone.

An untrained dragon creates chaos and fear. No hope, progress, dreams or loving relationships can flourish if you dragon is out there kicking and screaming.

But there's a different way. A trained dragon is a strong ally. It sticks up for us, it fights against injustice, it makes things happen.

On this episode, we discuss the different forms that anger takes, how to express anger and how to start taming your own dragon. You'll also learn strategies for handling the fire when someone turns their angry dragon on you. Hint: water beats fire every time!

January 27, 2020
Why Bother With Self Development?
Think about the number of people's lives you've directly or indirectly touched on any given day:

Your family and friends

People on the road

People at the coffee shop or store

People at work

Just to name a few

Now think about the impression you left on them. Did you leave them with a smile, a frown or neutral (what I like to call at least "do no harm"). We do have the power to affect people's lives on any given day. And the way we interact with our family sets the stage for how they will interact out in the world.

But when you think of personal development work do you feel it's self indulgent or selfish? Or maybe you think it's worthwhile but don't know where to start?

Listen as Charlie and I discuss personal development, why it's important and what tangible, simple steps you can take today to make a positive difference.

December 23, 2019
The 12 Best Move-Yourself-Forward Tips of 2019
The Best of 2019!

As we move into 2020, Charlie and Eva want to get you started on the right track! Listen as they discuss the year in review and provide the best tips they shared with their listeners in 2019.

2020 is almost here, so listen to find what show speaks to you and get started in the right direction.

Here's to a terrific 2020!

Happy Holidays from Charlie, Eva and the gang at TalkZone!

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