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Host : Pat Washington

THE LADIES ROOM is a rambunctious, edgy, hilarious talk show addressing current issues from the perspective of women worldwide. Family, Faith, Finances, Healthcare, Current Events, Entertainment and Relationships are included in the subject matter. The show is hosted by award-winning journalist Pat Washington.

Often provocative, sometimes controversial but always enlightening, the show tackles diverse yet universal issues with humor, candor and attitude. Pat's desire is to be witty, compelling, compassionate and informative.

This show provides a place where women can laugh, cry, think, get angry, get connected, get involved, but most of all be heard. Our format creates a virtual environment where women can kick back, let their weave (excuse me...their hair) down, and chill. THE LADIES' ROOM is only on TalkZone!
Recent Episodes

Uncover Infidelity
Susan Peery is a Federal Agent who was married to a commercial airline pilot for over seven years. Not once did she ever think that she would have to draw upon her investigative expertise to uncover an act of betrayal that was so emotionally devastating and that the perpetrator would be someone she loved and trusted. Using her experience to help other, she has set up a website & written a book Thirteen Ways to Keep Other Women Away from Your Husband's Cockpit to make women aware of the warning signs that their partners may be unfaithful.

Playwright Marty K. Casey
Singer, actress and playwright Marty Casey joins us in The Ladies Room to talk about her new stage play P.H.A.T. Girls Don't Cry. It's all about life, laughter and lessons so don't miss out on this juicy conversation!

Focus on Fashion
Pat welcomes columnist and makeup and fashion expert Leata Land into the Ladies Room. Leata has beauty and fashion tips for women of all ages, including what not to wear and how to play up your best features.

A Son on Death Row
Reginald Clemons, was scheduled to be put to death on June 17 for the 1991 murders of two young women. He received a federal stay of execution just days before he was to die by lethal injection in a Missouri prison. Supporters have insisted that while Clemons was present on the bridge, he did not commit murder. They contend his confessions were the result of a brutal police beating. Clemons' mother Vera Thomas spends time in The Ladies Room talking about her son in this exclusive interview.
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Why call it THE LADIES ROOM?

Because universally people know the connection between the ladies room and good gossip. You can pick up the latest news, find out about whats in or out in fashion, get the juiciest gossip and find advice on everything from romance to finance. Theres always a meeting going on in the ladies room.

The audience for THE LADIES' ROOM are women around the world who have an opinion and dont mind sharing it. Women who are change agents in their communities. Women who run their households like a CEO. Women who are struggling to make ends meet and women who are at the top of their game. Women who are sexy and savvy and women who strive to be so. We are cultivating a global audience where all women and their shared experiences are welcome!