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Host : Phyllis King
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Phyllis King has been a San Francisco Bay Area favorite for over 20 years. She brings a unique and down to earth style with her common sense psychic readings and spiritual dialogue with callers and guests.

If you've ever wondered about your own psychic ability, she'll tell you how to develop it. If you want to learn how to spot the real psychics from the scam artists, she'll tell you. If you want an answer about your future, she'll tell you that, and more.

You'll get the for-real information, once and for all, on what being psychic is, how it works, and how to use it in your life. No nonsense, just straight talk, and fun!

Phyllis takes calls from listeners and gives her down to earth psychic-spiritual opinion about their unique circumstances. She offers tools and techniques to help listeners navigate daily life. She interviews guests with unique points of view on a variety of topics. Mostly, you'll have a great time getting spiritual! You've never heard God talk like this before!
Recent Episodes

The Economics of Spirituality
For those of you feeling the crunch of these uncertain economic times, some of your problems may be due to your energy. Phyllis explains why you need to be conscious of what you are creating, because it could help with your finances.

Numerology with Carol Adrienne
Do you know the Purpose of Your Life? If you answered no or maybe to this questions, then you won't want to miss Phyllis King's returning guest, the renowned author, speaker and intuitive Carol Adrienne. Her book The Purpose of Your Life will help you uncover the unsuspected, untapped power of synchronicity, satisfaction, and intuition that will bring success, satisfaction and a firm sense of the work you were put on Earth to accomplish.

Renowned Psychic Linda L. Allen
Phyllis welcomes Linda Allen, renowned Spiritual Counselor and Advisor for 40 years, and author of The Night of the Witching Moon. Linda has spent her life using her gift of prophecy to help those in search of true fulfillment. Linda's mission is to reach as many people as she can and teach them the power of one very small but important word: Love.

Gratitude & Prosperity
As we enter into this season of giving, Phyllis takes a look at the vibrations and energy of Gratitude and prosperity, as well as the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
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Phyllis King has lived and pursued psychic phenomenon and spirituality without pause. She has been on a constant quest to understand these matters for three decades. Although her learning never ends, she believes she has found answers to some questions. It is her passion to share this information with others in search of their own truth. She has given psychic readings for thousands of people in 20 different countries, and expresses only gratitude for the exchanges.

Phyllis King considers psychic reading to be an honor and a privilege. When she gives a psychic reading, she looks into the future, the past, and the present. Phyllis is the author of the book A Psychic Perspective, Insights on Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness. She also created the working tape/DVD series How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities.