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Host : Teri L. Page

All true healers know that we are four-fold beings: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To achieve true health and healing, all four bodies must be addressed.

Most of the time, physical ailments do not begin on the Physical level; they originate in either the mental, emotional or spiritual bodies first as a thought pattern, belief or strongly felt emotion. Each time we think the same negative thoughts, affirm our negative beliefs about ourselves or harbor negative emotions, they condense and grow till they become solid and manifest in our physical body as an ailment or even an injury. Every emotion or thought program corresponds to an organ or area of the body; it is in these areas that we usually tend to manifest the ailment of similar vibration.

On HEALING FOR THE FOUR FOLDS OF LIFE, natural healing practitioner TERI L. PAGE explores what is needed for healing on each of the four levels (or folds) of life. She will take a look from a holistic perspective at different illnesses, diseases and conditions. Teri will examine how the origins of these maladies first begin on the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies as stored emotions, programs, thoughts or beliefs and later manifest as physical illnesses. Teri will explore many possible solutions for clearing negative emotions or vibrations and reprogramming thought patterns to promote healing for all four bodies, to achieve a Four Fold Healing.

Emails are always welcome regarding the show, suggestions for show topics or with any questions you might have for either Teri or one of her guests.

Recent Episodes
July 02, 2014
The Spirit Body- The search for you soul purpose
In earlier shows we have talked about how in Four Fold Healing every illness begins with a thought or program, a belief about ourselves, or an attitude which eventually finds its way into our physical bodies as an illness or disease-- but up till now we have talked very little about the Soul Body or Spirit Body. When the Soul Body becomes activated, it opens us up to many things, least of all a myriad of questions. Questions like: How is the Soul Body affected? How does it effect my over all health? How do I find the answers my soul is seeking? How do I find my soul purpose?

Many just begin with the question "why am I here?" No matter your religious background there comes a time in life when these questions come to the surface and through my own path I have learned to seek wisdom from many sources.

Join me and my guest, author Laurel Geise, as we address this and more when we take a look at her amazing new book The Jesus Seeds.

Within its pages Laurel writes "At the core of every soul, the seeds of truth and grace await the right frequency of light to awaken them. With this activation, they burst open, allowing wisdom to flood the soul and rise to the cognitive level of the mind. In this awakening comes access to the cosmic encyclopedia of life."
June 04, 2014
Caring for the Caregiver
It is estimated that 65 million adults in the US are Caregivers to a loved one with a life threatening or terminal illness or injury.

Being a Caregiver is one of the toughest acts of love to live. Often the Caregiver is overlooked by all including themselves as they make this heartbreaking journey with their loved ones. It takes an overwhelming toll on one's emotions, time, energy and health. There are times you fear you won't survive, but you somehow pull it together just enough for one more day to be strong for the ones you love and care for.

Finding yourself suddenly in this role, wouldn't it be a blessing to have someone guide you through? My guest this show is Mr. J. Dietrich Stroeh, author of Three Months: A Caregiving Journey from Heartbreak to Healing. He will guide us through his journey of Caregiver for his beloved wife, Margaret and their battle with Pancreatic Cancer. We will also offer suggestions on how to care for the Caregiver along the way. Please join us, this information might someday be important to you or someone you love.
May 07, 2014
Wisdom and Healing of the Orient
Acupuncture and oriental medicine have been around for thousands of years, but it has only become popular in the US over the last decade. As acupuncture Clinics slowly began to open up around the country, many have begun to discover the countless benefits eastern medicine has to offer, but if you have never been, you may still really have no clear idea what it really entails, or exactly what you would go to an acupuncturist for. Like most people, all you may associate with the word 'Acupuncture' is "Oriental" and "needles", but this time honored healing practice is more than needles, and can offer you more than you know, even if you are afraid of needles! Join me as I welcome Holistic Acupuncturist, Andrea Johnston to enlighten us on the wondrous health benefits that Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can offer and to help dispel myths and perhaps encourage you to explore for yourself, this wondrous ancient healing art.
April 09, 2014
Healing the Energy Body
In this episode we will be discussing the energy body, the Chi or vital energies that exist in a living body. The energy centers or Chakras overlap and innervate major organs and glands and through our nervous system; they in turn feed every cell the vital energies required for health. Blockages in this energy system can and do contribute to illness and disease. Healers have long practiced vibrational and energy healing as far back as ancient times and many still do today; Reiki, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Hands On Healing, Therapeutic Touch are just a few. With Reflexologist and Phoenix Vibrational Healer, Michelle Catinna we will discuss some of the healing benefits of practices such as these that help to maintain the health of the energy body promoting healing and good health.
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