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Host : Dr. Henrik Mann
OUR GLOBAL HOPE with Dr. Henrik Mann offers guests and listeners an opportunity to find their voice on what makes for great leadership! We explore both how and why leaders in America and around the world are taking action to promote a new triple bottom line - for people, profit and the welfare of our planet.

On each episode of OUR GLOBAL HOPE, host Dr. Henrik Mann pursues thoughtful conversation about leadership stories and a broad scope of issues in the worlds of business, politics, non-profits, international development, environment, media and religion.

All these topics are tied together by one simple common conviction - average people can and should hold themselves and their leaders accountable to a higher standard of leadership. This standard is founded on integrity derived from the absolute values of truth, love and nonviolence.

Through airing the concerns and creative solutions of non-profits, business people, leaders, volunteers, and those who phone call in from around the world, OUR GLOBAL HOPE seeks to energize you to co-imagine opportunities to implement positive solutions that make a difference.

The world in the early 21st century is crying out for a new way forward through leadership that speaks to our collective yearning for an alternative to the globalization of selfishness, generates an economic movement of conscience, and turns hope into reality.

Recent Episodes

Higher Standard Leadership Beliefs I Hold Dear
Dr. Henrik Mann celebrates half a year of OUR GLOBAL HOPE shows by having his co-host, Dr. Charlie Self, interview him on the key ideas and beliefs that comprise his leadership philosophy and inform his business, media, advocacy and leadership consulting commitments.

21st Century Global Issues - Human Trafficking
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Francis Sealey, Chair of GlobalNet21 and the original founder of 21st Century Network, a UK based issues advocacy group seeking to build social space for good global citizenship related to resolving the major global issues of our times, and Dr. Carrie Pemberton Ford of the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking.

Boy Scouts Leadership Celebration
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Lou Paulson, a volunteer leader in the Boy Scouts of America, and President of the 30,000+ California Professional Firefighters, about how Scouting has fueled his success, and issues of leadership development for young boys and men during the 100 year anniversary of this venerable organization that is global in reach and generational in terms of political impact.

Advocacy Leadership for Ocean's Health
Dr Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Jim Covel, the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Senior Manager of Guest Experience Training and Interpretation about the critical leadership issues related to ocean health and how the Aquarium is a worldclass center of education and advocacy.
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OUR GLOBAL HOPE chronicles how world changing leadership reverses the consequences of poor governance shaping social and economic patterns of relationship, from your house to the White House, from the courthouse to the office place, and from the villages of nations in the developing world to the urban jungles of our modern metropolises.