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Host : Lee Witting
NDE RADIO is a weekly exploration of Near-Death Experiences and similar encounters when the soul leaves the body. NDE RADIO is produced and hosted by LEE WITTING, who is himself a near-death experiencer and chaplaincy NDE researcher with a doctor of ministry degree in NDE Studies.

NDE RADIO airs every Monday at 11:00 AM Eastern here on TalkZone, through the good work of Associate Producer Lilia Samoilo.

NDE RADIO features first-hand reports of near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviews with guests who have experienced the other side, and conversations with researchers of NDEs and other mystical and spiritually transformative phenomena.

Every show of the more than 400, going back to 2013, is archived for listening for free at any time.

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Today's Episode
May 20, 2024
Dr. Lotte Valentin: An Atheist Gives Birth to Faith
When the birth of her third child brought on ten days of hemorrhaging, the resulting near-death led this atheist to NDEs, a career in healing, and dedicated, lifelong research into communicating with the Other Side. Her book is titled, "Med School after Menopause, the Journey of my Soul".
Recent Episodes
May 13, 2024
Cherylee Black: Gifts from Three NDEs
Cherylee Black experienced three remarkable NDEs, all involving her deceased grandmothers, and one, a shared death with her dog. Her NDEs resulted in gifts, including the ability to see and read auras, knowledge of some future events, and psychokinetic (PK) abilities.
May 06, 2024
Mary and St. Michael at Garabandal
When St. Michael and Mother Mary appeared, hundreds of times, to four children in Garabandal, Spain, it came as a warning to the world, and Catholic clergy in particular, that the cup was full to overflowing. The prophesies predict a simultaneous life review will happen to all living people on earth, and a miracle thereafter.
April 29, 2024
Lynn K. Russell distills NDEs, Part Two
This show continues last week's fascinating discussion of the underlying spiritual implications of NDEs with researcher Lynn K. Russell, author of "Beyond NDEs: The Next Step in Near-Death Experience Research."
April 22, 2024
Lynn K. Russell distills NDEs
It was while researching OBEs for Dr. Jeffrey Long at NDERF that the show's guest became fascinated with the underlying spiritual knowledge within NDE reports. Lynn ended up studying some 2500 death experiences before writing her new book, "Beyond NDEs: The Next Step in Near-Death Experience Research." The spiritual implications of NDEs are the subject of our show.
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