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Host : Lee Witting
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The International Association for Near-Death Studies presents NDE RADIO, a weekly exploration of near-death experiences and similar encounters with the other side, hosted by LEE WITTING.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), the world’s pioneer organization in exploring what happens when the soul leaves the body, is now expanding it’s educational efforts through broadcasting with NDE RADIO.

Host LEE WITTING is himself a near-death experiencer with a doctor of ministry degree in NDE studies. NDE RADIO airs live every Monday at 11:00 AM Eastern here on TalkZone.

The show features first-hand stories of near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviews with guests who have experienced the other side, and with researchers of the NDE and other “mystical” phenomena. Shows will offer the chance for audience call-ins, and each show will be archived for listening at any time.

For further information about the work of IANDS, its remarkable history, publications, outreach activities, local chapters, conventions and the like, we invite you to check out our website at IANDS.ORG.

NDE RADIO © Copyright 2013-2020 Lee Witting. All rights reserved.
Today's Episode
June 01, 2020
Sandra Champlain
Sandra Champlain's fear of dying led her on a 15-year journey to find proof that life after death is real. After the death of her father, she created "How to Survive Grief," a free audio that was quickly heard by thousands worldwide. Armed with this powerful information that has reduced pain and saved lives, she wrote the international bestseller, "We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death." Sandra continues her search for afterlife evidence on her podcast, "We Don't Die" and shares over 340 hours of conversations and inspiration to thousands of listeners worldwide.
Recent Episodes
May 25, 2020
The Intelligence of Insects
Return guest Janice Goff offers three remarkable stories on the intelligence of insects — especially bees, who rely on her during difficult times of the year when she puts out sugar water for their nourishment.
May 18, 2020
Rose Mary Luke
Rose Mary Luke is a nationally known liturgical artist who has restored religious art and church statuary across the United States, Canada, the Island of Samoa, and in Africa.

On October 7, 2011, while recovering in the hospital, Rose was visited by an angel who brought visions and a dire warning for the world. The angel told her, “I bring you a message: Tell them it is almost time.” Today, our world pandemic makes this a more urgent message than ever. Rose is the author of the book, "I See an Angel. You can learn more at her website.

May 11, 2020
Mary Terhune Pt 2
Return guest Mary Terhune discusses homeopathy in light of COVID-19. Mary has been in the healing arts for over 40 years, journeying as a registered nurse from allopathy to homeopathy, body-centered therapeutic massage, and the realm of Reiki and energy medicine. Her conscious awareness completely changed after an astonishing spontaneous spiritual awakening during a life crisis, which she describes on last week’s program.
May 04, 2020
Mary Terhune Pt 1
On this show, Mary Terhune discusses a series of remarkable revelations in her life, beginning with a visitation from Jesus in 1984. In 1988 she experienced the high awareness of self-realization, and received the message that divinity awaits all mankind. A few months following her transformative experience of self-realization, Mary was given a spontaneous experience of her own death, while meditating on a bench inside a lobby where she worked at MIT. Mary’s book, Out of the Blue, is available on Amazon.
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