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Host : Alexander Matulewicz
Host : Tim Horton
Join the Cultural Revolution!

At the age of 56, unmarried and without children, Alexander Francis Xavier Matulewicz Esquire decided he had nothing to lose and it was time to go public. Breaking traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Catholic Church, and a host of conventions, but maintaining his lawyer-created seal of the confessional, Al is committed to showing the wisdom of the 'Church basement' (recovery from addictions) to the world at large. Because we all need a meeting!

We need it, we're hurting.

And the future doesn't look bright to many.

To keep him balanced (which for Al is chasing windmills) is Friar Tuck himself. Tim Horton , On air Personality, Radio Station executive, radio producer, Senatorial press secretary, pastor and founder of the Grace House Rescue Church.

To help the needy, Robin Hood and Friar Tuck poke fun at the rich, as they educate, entertain, and inspire.

The truth is funny, it's stranger than fiction, and exciting too when spun positive (an enjoyable task for any good recovering lawyer).

Take a one hour mental health vitamin daily. Stop and Think Radio is news and public affairs, seen under an umbrella of recovery...because we're all recovering from something.

You can't get more real than Stop and Think Radio.
Recent Episodes

Anger Addiction
Anger Addiction is one of the most destructive addictions today. Join AL and Tim as they discuss the many different kinds of anger and the many different ways to act out anger. As usual, it's recovery to the rescue as we find true relief from anger comes from the 12 steps!

Internet Addiction
Al and Tim look at internet addiction, also known as technology dependence, and what its doing to our country. Then - Al and Tim examine a different kind of recovery the economic kind.

Video Games & One Text for the Road
Al and Tim discuss the virtual world and video games. Listen to the astounding statistics and alarming amounts of violence in todays video games.

Then - Did you know that when you text and drive, you lose 91% of your steering control. Texting is potentially more dangerous that drinking and driving! Al and Tim apply the microscope to the dangers of 'simple' text messaging making us all Stop and Think!

Addicted to Love
Might as well face it we're addicted to love. Is that possible? To be addicted to relationships? Al and Tim discuss love and relationship addiction. What causes the urge to rebound into a relationship having just left one? Why do people go from one abusive relationship to another? Why is it necessary to be 'involved' with someone all the time? The answers to these addictive tendencies are found in the power of recovery from 'Love Addiction".
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Stop and Think Radio is the pioneer in Taking Recovery Mainstream. It's the show that brings you news, information, spirituality and comments on current events in a new light. It presents real stories about real people, rather than the media's typical soundbites. Stop and Think Radio is broadcasting unity in a world of too much diversity.

Stop and Think Radio , because we're all recovering from something!