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Host : Mel
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Host : Mo

MO and MEL, hosts of RELATIONSHIP STRAIGHT TALK want people to embrace loyalty and have healthier relationships.

In order to do so, people must be willing to change their mindset and grow globally. In other words, changing how you are doesn’t change who you are.

Strong healthy relationships result in strong healthy families. Healthy families cultivate boys and girls into intelligent, responsible, and accountable men and women who will have superior family values.

In today’s society, strong healthy relationship numbers are low. The average couple is still figuring out how to properly love one another. This needs to change.
Recent Episodes
August 11, 2017
Money and Relationships
On this episode, the DBDS Brothers will discuss money and how it fits in to relationships. For example, is a man obligated to pay a woman's bills if he's sleeping with her? Make sure you call in to give us your thoughts 1-888-463-6748
July 07, 2017
Staying in a Bad Relationship
Why do people stay in a relationship when it's bad? Is it fear? Loneliness? Low self esteem? Mo and Mel look at this topic from a number of angles, and you'll hear there are no easy answers.

And ladies- are you attracting the wrong kind of men? The reason may be what's in your closet!.

Join the conversation LIVE on Friday July 7 at 5PM EST. Call 888-463-6748!
June 09, 2017
Men Who Cheat
On our next show we will discuss why brothers cheat and why do men allow their women to lead their relationship. Make sure YOU call in or listen to our show this Friday. YOU don't want to miss this one!

Dial us up at 888-463-6748
May 12, 2017
Why Women Choose Bad Boys Over Nice Guys
Today's show will be interesting to get a perspective as to why sisters choose Bad Boys over Nice guys. (Make sure you call in to give us YOUR thoughts @ 888-463-6748)

Also, to give our fellow sisters an insight from a man's point of view - we'll share 9 reasons why he chose HER over YOU.

YOU don't want to miss this show! Join in on the conversation at 888-463-6748!
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Our platform is designed to teach and learn from each other, as well as to pass on the blueprints for maintaining healthy relationships. In order to pinpoint these flaws, open discussions are needed to help a person change for the better. On the surface, the success or failure of a relationship appears to relate to an individual man and woman. However, a closer look will show that the effect of each individual relationship influences the future of an entire race, culture, and people.

We are here to bring a new perspective on relationship values that will help to make a transformational change. It's needed to preserve the future of “family.”

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