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Host : Chris Witting
INFOTRAK is an award-winning, highly produced interview program. Guests include nationally recognized experts and leaders, interviewed every week here on TalkZone. Unlike other issue-oriented programs, INFOTRAK strives to present unbiased, factual, timely information that you can use. There's no religious, corporate, political, or other agenda. Each week's INFOTRAK contains interviews on important topics that impact the lives of many of our listeners.
Upcoming Episodes
May 15, 2021
Unlocking a New Source of Employees & Pharmacy Deserts in America's Cities
Growing companies are always on the lookout for talented people to hire. One expert says there's a massive pool of productive job seekers being overlooked by businesses. Who these people are may surprise you. Then, prescription drug users in some urban neighborhoods are living in pharmacy deserts, limiting access to vital medicines. Plus, basic steps for consumers who are struggling with debt.
Recent Episodes
May 08, 2021
Mental Health Issues Skyrocket & Recycling 101
A significant number of Americans suffer from mental health issues, but one expert says that number skyrocketed during the pandemic and lockdowns. Mental health services for kids rose 98 percent in just one year. Then, our nation loves to recycle, but there's much confusion as to what can be recycled. And most plastic waste goes straight to the landfill. And, many patients seek a second opinion before treatment for a complex medical condition. A study from the Mayo Clinic found that a shockingly few number of diagnoses were confirmed by a second look.
May 01, 2021
The ABCs of Tourniquets & How to Deal with Tough Times
Tourniquets save lives, and while the increased use of tourniquets has raised survival rates and reduced the need for blood transfusions, there are still many situations where tourniquets could be used, but are not. Then, from time to time every one of us faces difficulties in life. How we deal with these situations makes all the difference. Plus, a recent study found that 20% of pharmacies refuse to dispense a key medication to treat drug addiction. We'll learn why.
April 24, 2021
Child IRAs and Climate Diets
Experts predict that Social Security will start running out of funds in less than 15 years. But smart parents can help their kids retire with a healthy nest egg by setting up an investment fund today. Then, virtually every American can take simple steps to lower their carbon footprint by making changes in travel, commuting, investing, and even cooking. Plus, the most common misconceptions about clinical hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis.
April 17, 2021
Education and the Pandemic, Statin Drugs and Your Health
The pandemic has impacted America's education system in many ways. One positive aspect is the use of modern technology, with real time audio video interaction. Then, statin drugs can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. One cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic says many more people should be taking them. And, millions of Americans are out of work, yet most small businesses can't find new employees.
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The InfoTrak team includes host Chris Witting and a team of award-winning reporters. Their interviews cover a variety of important issues in each show. The show's announcer is legendary broadcaster Charlie Van Dyke.