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Host : Chris Witting
INFOTRAK is an award-winning, highly produced interview program. Guests include nationally recognized experts and leaders, interviewed every week here on TalkZone. Unlike other issue-oriented programs, INFOTRAK strives to present unbiased, factual, timely information that you can use. There's no religious, corporate, political, or other agenda. Each week's INFOTRAK contains interviews on important topics that impact the lives of many of our listeners.
Recent Episodes
July 30, 2022
Hot Enough for You & Simple but Wise Parenting Advice
How hot is too hot for the human body to function as it should? A recent study found that a combination of heat and humidity has a much greater impact on the body than previously thought. Then, obviously parents play a vital role in the development of children. We'll get some wise advice for parents to unlock their child's potential. And, did you know that while smart thermostats can save homeowners money, they also prompt inadvertent, widespread energy-demand spikes on the power grid? We'll learn how the hopes for green energy are affected by this serious problem.
July 23, 2022
Hunger and Poor Nutrition
How bad are hunger and poor nutrition in America? Unfortunatley, they are worse than ever, according to a recent study. Unhealthy food choices are a key factor. Then, retirement may cost more than you think, with healthcare and taxes taking big bites. We'll hear from an expert.
July 16, 2022
A New Hack to Prevent Violent Crime & Raising Entrepreneurial Kids
Violent crime is soaring in cities, large and small. But a research project has shown that providing financial help and behavioral therapy to those most likely to commit crimes reduces the future risk of criminal behavior. Then, parents who instill an entrepreneurial outlook in their children give them a can do attitude that serves them well into adulthood helping them achieve success. And, a recent study found that recent black immigrants and those who have been in the US for a number of years are less likely to die earlier than black adults born in the US.
July 09, 2022
Common Threads of Mass Shooters & Profiting From the Future
In an effort to reduce violence in society, experts have created a database to define the how and why of mass shootings. It reveals common characteristics of the shooters. Then, converging technologies are rapidly changing how Americans work and live. A renowned futurist says this will create massive wealth for those who can spot opportunity And, young girls today grow up in a world of social media and peer pressures but parents can teach and empower their young girls and offer much needed encouragement.
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The InfoTrak team includes host Chris Witting and a team of award-winning reporters. Their interviews cover a variety of important issues in each show. The show's announcer is legendary broadcaster Charlie Van Dyke.