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Host : Vernon Grossman-Orr
What hammers your hot button? What do you see going on in America that just makes you angry to talk about? Maybe its gas prices. Maybe its our government or our politicians. Maybe its our educational system, or tax structure or the loss of good jobs. Dont you wish you could do more than just get mad? Dont you wish you could do something?

Vernon Grossman-Orr raises a fresh voice for solutions to everyday issues that plague us all. His doggedly independent thinking, penchant for researching all sides of issues, and country-boy common sense approach will make you laugh, make you cry, and will make you angry. Mostly though, his show will make you want to get busy, to quit sitting on your hands and put them to use because this host firmly believes that together we CAN CHANGE ANYTHING, and his passion and enthusiasm are contagious. more...
Recent Episodes

How the Wall Street Mess Will Affect Main Street USA
Sometimes a bad thing can actually be a good thing. Vernon takes a closer look at the current financial crisis and analyzes why America is going to be in a much better place that where we were when it began.

The Big Bailout & What It Means to You
In light of recent economic strife with companies and banks, Congress and the President are working together on a bailout plan. Thats nearly a trillion dollars that you, the taxpayer, are on the hook for. But how are we going to pay for it, and more importantly, how did we get here?

Meal Management
Vernon looks at your kitchen from several angles saving time, saving money and eating healthy! His goal is to give you the tools to get the very best tasting and most nutritious meals for your family, with the least possible effort and the best possible price.

Kids and Homework
Are your kids buried under a mountain of homework? Vernon talks about the effects of homework on grades and learning, and trades suggestions with you on how to help your youngsters and their teachers.
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Get Involved, America! is an extension of host Vernon Grossman-Orr's desire to help make things better for others. Vernon loves America and the opportunities this country has afforded him and his family. He, like nearly every parent and parent-to-be wants to leave even greater future opportunities to his children and grandchildren, and you will hear him speak passionately about that throughout the show.

Vernon believes that in life, you choose either to be participant or a spectator, part of a solution or part of a problem. He thinks that we have become obsessed with "watching" rather than participating, that we've let things get out-of-hand. The solution is to get off our butts, roll up our sleeves and choose to make a difference. Even small efforts of many people can have a tremendous result.

So the focus of the show is to encourage listeners to TALK about problems and ideas for solutions, but also to become part of the solution and GET INVOLVED!