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Host : Lana Reid
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LANA REID’s new inspirational talk show DON'T BOX ME IN breaks from convention. Hosted by popular, award-winning author and public speaker Lana Reid, this uniquely inspirational/motivational show covers a variety of “outside the box” topics from Lana's own DISTINCTIVE perspective.

LANA REID converses with her audience and guests in an upbeat way, learning a few things, and having fun becoming better people with better lives – culminating into a core message that inspires ordinary people facing life’s challenges.

Having overcome her own personal tragedy at the age of 32 when she lost her beloved husband of 12 years, and thrust into single motherhood, Lana believes that people facing struggles can not only survive, but they can also thrive.

“Nothing wrong with being just a regular person, as long as you do it in an amazing kind of way,” Lana says, and her weekly show is home to these types of extra-ordinary perspectives: * A felon's struggle to get a job after release * A comic's rise from homelessness to fame * An activist making sweeping changes in her community * Younger men who like older women (cougars) * Save the three legged frog in the Mississippi river (!)
Recent Episodes

Foster Care 101
John DeGarmo, Ed.D. is the author of 5 books, and an inspirational speaker who travels across the US on a weekly basis. His focus is helping children in need. He is a foster parent of 12 years, he has adopted three children from foster care, and has had over 45 children come to live with him in my home. He wrote my doctoral dissertation on the topic of foster care, and am considered one of the leading experts in the field. His latest book is called Foster Parenting 101: The Joys of Being a Foster Parent.

First Responders Need Help, Too!
Suicide is the #1 cause of death for police every year—nearly 200 deaths. Suicide is also a significant problem for all emergency first responders—police, fire, paramedics, military, and trauma workers. Additionally, 20% of all first responders will have at least one life altering addiciton.

Our guest is Captain (Ret.) Dan Willis, a police officer with 26 years of experience and a leader of Emotional Survival and Wellness Training for first responders and those who love them. His book is Bulletproof Spirit: The First Responder’s Essential Resource for Protecting and Healing Mind and Heart has won numerous awards, and details practical steps that are not only effective but essential to protect and insure the wellness of those who serve.

The Money Nerve
Wouldn’t it be nice to worry less about money and focus more on financial freedom? A healthy relationship with money is freedom. It’s time to become aware of your personal decision-making process in order to create the new financial you.

Bob Wheeler’s new book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money, is his latest effort to influence your habits to create a healthy relationship with money. This book is at the nexus of your heart and your wallet, helping you navigate your emotional response to money.

When Parenting Backfires
Aren't you tired of doing the same thing over and over with your kid and getting nowhere? It gets overwhelming. There is finally a parenting book that doesn't give you formulas, but helps you think about what you're doing a radically different way. And Knowing what your doing wrong is half the battle. It's called When Parenting Backfires: Twelve Thinking Errors that Undermine Parents Effectiveness, and we're speaking with one of the book's co-authors Dr. David Simonsen Ph.D.
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Lana is open to talking to regular folks about anything. Listen for each weekly episode of DON'T BOX ME IN, Wednesdays at 2PM EST TalkZone Internet Radio!