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Host : Hank Clemons, PhD

LET'S TALK EI is hosted monthly by “Dr. Hank” of the Society of Emotional Intelligence. It is designed to bring Emotional Intelligence (EI) from the “page to the stage”. While the term has been around for a number of years, it’s still considered to be an emerging concept and hot topic of discussion. The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) provides a framework within which we can recognize and actively manage emotional behaviors. It can provide a way to improve performance in a wide range of people-based roles and situations.

LET'S TALK EI provides an open forum to discuss all things EI. Listeners have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals or those that might have an opposing view. The show also features guests that are experts and leaders in the field of Emotional Intelligence and related disciplines.

Recent Episodes
March 03, 2014
Applying EI to a U.L.E.
​With more than fifteen years experience as a consultant, facilitator, strategic planner, and executive coach, Barbara Kerr has developed a finely tuned sense for discovering the emotional intelligence of organizations. She is the owner of Emotional Intelligence Insights, and provides engaging, online, on-demand learning in EI for busy professionals.

One of Barbara’s blogs is entitled “Ten Ways that Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Cope”—and this is the subject of today’s interview.
February 03, 2014
EI in Community Mediation
This month's guest Matt Phillips Matt is the Executive Director of NAFCM: the National Association for Community Mediation. NAFCM is a dynamic and creative nonprofit professional association whose purpose is to support the maintenance and growth of community-based mediation programs and processes; to present a compelling voice in appropriate policy-making; and to encourage the development and sharing of professional materials and resources.
January 06, 2014
Positive Youth Development from the Inside Out
This month's guest is Jessica Muroff, Executive Director of Frameworks of Tampa Bay. Frameworks provides social and emotional learning programs and workshops for youth in grades K-12 as well as to those adults and educators who support their academic, relationship, workplace and life success.
December 09, 2013
Public Health and Emotional Intelligence
This month, we welcome Adewale Troutman, MD, MPH, CPH as our featured guest. Dr. Troutman is the Associate Dean for Health Equity and Community Engagement, in the College of Public Health at the University of South Floridal. He serves as Immediate Past President of the American Public Health Association (APHA).
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LET'S TALK EI is designed for you. Whether you’re an expert or just hearing about it for the very first time, everyone is welcome. Whether in relation to managing difficult or sensitive situations, dealing with colleagues or interacting with customers, the power of emotions to help achieve work goals, enhance academic and business success is critical. Being able to control your emotions in a positive manner is a very important part of functioning properly in society. So, start your month off on a positive note by thinking and talking EI.

For more information about the Society of Emotional Intelligence and to become a member, go to SOCIETYOFEI.ORG

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