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Host : Robert L. Woodson, Sr.
The Bob Woodson Show: What Works and Why presents insights and solutions to some of America's most troubling societal problems.

The Bob Woodson Show draws on community activist Robert L. Woodson, Sr. and his decades of promoting solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing our nation today.

Youth violence, substance abuse, homelessness, and deteriorating neighborhoods are problems devastating our low-income communities and affluent suburbs alike. But there are solutions and remedies that can often be found in unconventional places.

Woodson and his guests provide new insights into unusual dimensions of these problems. They challenge conventional wisdom and discuss contributing factors that are seldom discussed. They explore the root causes and they identify the barriers to their solution.

Recent Episodes

The Importance of Family Formation in Reducing Poverty
A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control reveals that a record 40.6% of children born in 2008 were born outside marriageóa total of 1.72 million children. What does this mean for our society? What is the relationship between family formation and poverty? Bobís guest is former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jeff Kemp, now Executive Director of Stronger Families. They look at the problem and talk about solutions.

Transformation II: Returning from Incarceration to a Positive Life
How does someone who has been incarceration for many years, who has been an addict, a criminal, re-enter society and make a useful life? An amazing woman named Rachel Morrison saw the problem and decided to do something about it by founding a program called EFFORTS. Bob talks with her and EFFORTS program graduates Michelle Staton, and Clarence Miser. They talk about their pasts and how their lives have been transformed.

Transformation I: A Real Cure that Works for Drug and Alcohol Addiction
The House of Help, City of Hope ministry has helped more than 6,000 addicts become free from their addictions, and has a special focus on post-addiction family formation and marriage. Bobís guests are Bishop Shirley Holloway, founder of the program and James and Angie Woods, two outstanding graduates of the House of Help program and examples of the success of this faith-based ministry.

The Role of Faith in the Restoration of Young People, Families, and Communities
Bobís guests are: Jennifer Marshall, Director of Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, and William Schambra, director of the Hudson Institute's Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal. They talk about the role faith plays in transforming individuals and how it inspires and motivates many community leaders who work in low-income neighborhoods.
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Above all, The Bob Woodson Show focuses on solutions. Each week the program showcases examples of what works, tells why it works and who can make it work. Guests provide first-hand testimonies as to how their lives or neighborhoods have been changed for the better. And finally, host Bob Woodson shares his knowledge of how members of the listening audience can be part of the solution.