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Host : Miss V on the Scene
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Let's Talk Live | NOW! is a talk show that aims to speak to many, if not most, areas of day-to-day life that other shows might not cover. The idea is to demonstrate a commonality between us all, with segments like:

PERSPECTIVE | Where we talk about what's important NOW!;

OPEN MIC | Where we take a hot topic and you (the listener) gets to voice your take on it;

LIFE MATTERS | Where I challenge the listener to come clean and address growing interpersonal matters like: anger management, compassion, integrity, or even family-commitment issues; and finally:

GOOD NEWS NOW! | Where nothing but good news is brought to the airwaves. The listeners are encouraged to look for good news in their communities and bring it to the show.

It's all about interactive talk radio between Miss V, her guests and the listening audience.

Recent Episodes

Real Makeovers: From The Inside Out
Are you, or someone you know battling hostility, anger, or resentment habits or thought patterns? Do you feel emotionally imbalanced more often than not? Well, during this discussion expect to hear some unusual thoughts on harnessing the power of the negative, and inverting it into your spring board for success. It's time for a real makeover, and you'll find it on Let's Talk Live NOW!

Author Michelle McKinney Hammond
Being an accomplished author of over 30 books should be an indication to anyone that Michelle McKinney Hammond has got stories to tell.

Selling over one million copies, her writings pinpoint the root causes of relational issues while sharing life changing insights on "living, loving and overcoming" with countless faithful readers. As best selling author, speaker, singer, and inspiration to audiences all over the world, Michelle tells her own story as a part of her realistic approach.

THE HUMAN CONNECTION: Am I My Brothers Keeper?
Having draped the country introducing her accountability mentoring concept to many, Miss V wants to share that adventure and more with you. So many have asked, "how does it work Miss V?" Well, now is your time to find out about The Human Connection Mentoring Concept and more. Join Miss V as she reveals a lot about herself, her past, her future, and even her in between. It will be funny, enlightening, and genuine. All straight from the heart - so tune in and get your daily fix of life!

Take Charge of Your Health
Have you ever wondered about the causes and origins of diseases and sicknesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, or just poor nutrition overall? Well, you're not alone. Hey, with advertising everywhere touting messages like: Take this and lose that unwanted belly fat. Do this, and you'll sleep like a baby. Or better yet, read this and VOILA! You will instantly become someone else! Well, maybe not someone else, but you get my meaning. I know it can be confusing and misleading ... so join my special guest and I, A. Kim McCray, Health and Wellness Coach, as she unravels the web of information about good health and a balanced well being. Knowledge and information are the call of the day, and Kim, will be bringing it on. Here's to your good health!
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Miss V is the pioneering Founder of The Let's Talk Live Company. The teaching, transformational speaking, and mentoring firm behind her trailblazing program, The Human Connection Mentoring Concept(tm).

Some have remarked that her smooth voice ("the VOICE") is wisdom-filled, and flows ever so eloquently. Miss V knows when to "turn up the volume" on any given subject, while inviting her audience to get involved and dialogue. Miss V regularly receives comments expressing appreciation for her delivery, concepts, and just having "made life more real." For her, it's about finding that common ground, and then working it from there. There's no other way for Miss V.

Recently, to confirm her commitment to those who have asked for more, Miss V has taken that request and positioned herself as an internet "talk radio" host. Men and women, young and old, from around the globe tune in to her weekly 1-hour broadcasts heard exclusively at's something about her no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it is delivery that keeps you tuned in. Besides, once you hear her take on a matter, you know you're in the right place, at the right time. So listen in when you can. Miss V's got what you're looking for. And you're always welcome there. So Let's Talk Live | NOW!