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Host : Fanta Kromah
Host : Berenice Mulubah

THE INTERNATIONAL VIEW is a talk show hosted by FANTA KROMAH and co-hosted by BERENICE MULUBAH here on TalkZone. The show is all about discussions of the positive and negative things affecting our world. General topics include EDUCATION, HEALTH, POLITICS, ENTERTAINMENT, RELIGION, BUSINESS, SOCIAL ISSUES, and RELATIONSHIPS.

Your host for THE INTERNATIONAL VIEW is FANTA KROMAH. She is a Liberian, born and raised in the republic of Liberia, and is a single mother of a 7 year-old boy. Fanta migrated to the United States in September 2010 through the American DV Program. Growing up in Liberia, Fanta sang in churches and schools choirs, was a Sunday school teacher and MC in her church. She is a 2001 graduate of Calvary Chapel High School and a 2005 graduate of Royal institute For Secretarial Science. Her diverse life experiences on two continents gives her a unique perspective on world affairs.

Your co-host is BERENICE MULUBAH who is a Liberian Social Blogger, Writer and Liberian arts and Culture Activist. Her passion focuses on a range of issues related to Liberian entertainment, politics, human rights and freedom of expression, with special emphasis on Liberian arts and culture. She is very interested in the growth of Liberian entertainment industry and social media. Her confidence in expressing my views, my creative writing and creative photos, quickly landed her a position as assistant executive administrator for the most popular Liberian social media group, Discussing Liberia, a group of over 52,000 members. After serving for a year and the half, she moved on to becoming an online radio talk show host for The BM show, which did air on Global AFric radio for a while and TMZ international radio. She is the author of Landing Safely on a Solid Rock. She is also the CEO of C Liberia Clearly social media company.
Recent Episodes

R & B Artist Chris DeShield
Chris Deshield is an R&B/Hip Hop Singer and the 2009 Winner of the BET 106 and Park Allstar Competition. He is also a very proud Liberian. The singer/songwriter/producer always represents his country in a way to show where he's from. He's getting ready to release his highly anticipated album Homecoming, produced by Abcd Production. He has released the first single Love in the City.

Finding My Frequency: Why and How I Paused in my Upward Mobility and Embraced Austerity
Our guest this week is Saye Zonen, author of Finding My Frequency: Why and How I Paused in my Upward Mobility and Embraced Austerity . If your current situation is not the ultimate condition envisioned for your life, are you contemplating change? While our internal being experiences metamorphosis constantly, our view of what is possible externally, gets corrupted very early on in life. We adopt a routine out of fear, never attempting to try out the ideas we ponder daily. Why should you and how will you change? The truth about who we are and what we can do is instinctively known to each and everyone of us, but we settle for what comes standard - paychecks, perks and pension. We all have, buried deep within us, mediocrity and mightiness co-existing side by side. The power to push ourselves from the orbit of the ordinary to the place of our fullest potential lies dormant in each and every one of us. We, however, see the climb as cumbersome and so we yield with the masses on the path of least resistance. The dual purpose the book. is firstly to explain and affirm that YES! it is possible to change course even when our responsibilities or obligations seem insurmountable. It shows how one man's courage to stick his existence on finding where he comes alive was made manifest. We must endeavor to find that unique place where we can distribute our true talent overtime. Until we operate on our center frequency, we will never find our ultimate condition.

The Liberian Entertainment Awards
The Liberian Entertainment Awards, also known as the LEA, are an accolade awarded to Liberians at home and in the diaspora for their outstanding contributions to the Liberian Entertainment Industry in music, film and fashion. The annual ceremony, held across the United States, features performances by established and promising artists. The LEA was founded in 2009 by our guest Tarkus Zonen. He joins us to discuss this year's awards, and how the LEA have grown over the past six years.

Understanding the Work of ME1C2/LILFOC Foundation Inc.
The mission of ME1C2/LILFOC Foundation Inc. is to advocate quality basic educational and social economic welfare for the disadvantaged children of Liberia. We focus on these children through a range of innovative programs and initiatives in education.

Our special guest is Mr. Robert Garguah, Jr, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the foundation.
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