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Host : Chris Witting
INFOTRAK is an award-winning, highly produced interview program. Guests include nationally recognized experts and leaders, interviewed every week here on TalkZone. Unlike other issue-oriented programs, INFOTRAK strives to present unbiased, factual, timely information that you can use. There's no religious, corporate, political, or other agenda. Each week's INFOTRAK contains interviews on important topics that impact the lives of many of our listeners.
Recent Episodes
June 28, 2020
Suze Orman with Smart Money Moves, Plus the College Gender Gap
The US economy has taken some twists and turns in recent times. What are the best strategies for those who may be planning for retirement? And how can we make our money last a lifetime? Americaís best-known financial advisor joins us with some sage advice.

Then, thereís a gender gap in higher education, with fewer men than women attending college. A researcher explains possible reasons, and offers some solutions.

And, thousands of tons of microfiber pollution are being released into the planetís rivers and oceans each year. Why should this concern you? And how can you help solve the problem?

June 14, 2020
Do Layoffs Equal More Crime? Plus Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's
Layoffs and unemployment not only impact individuals, but recent research shows they can also impact society, with increases in property crimes and criminal charges. Then, recent studies reveal ways to prevent Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline. And, what are the surprising benefits of families eating together?
June 07, 2020
Contract Tracing Scams and Ever-Changing Nutritional Advice
Contact tracing is considered an important tool in the fight against COVID-19. But the program has attracted scam artists. An expert shares tips on how you can avoid being a victim. Then, it seems every day, research tell us a certain food is unhealthy, then another study comes out, contradicting it. How can we know what to believe when it comes to nutrition? And, when sexual harassment happens in the workplace, chances are the company won't deal with the complaint properly. Why does this happen, and what can a victim do about it?
May 31, 2020
The Race for a Vaccine, Plus the Exploding National Debt
In the battle against the coronavirus, scientists around the world are working to find an effective vaccine. We'll talk to a a vaccine expert who says the race to the finish line involves big challenges. Then, US government debt is expanding at an unprecedented rate. We face a long path to recovery, once the current crises are resolved. Plus, what you need to know about COVID-19 testing.
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The InfoTrak team includes host Chris Witting and a team of award-winning reporters. Their interviews cover a variety of important issues in each show. The show's announcer is legendary broadcaster Charlie Van Dyke.