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Host : Theresa E. Keves

HERE'S THERESA! with host Theresa E. Keves, is here to inspire and educate her listening audience with heart warming stories and informative conversations from a national and global perspective.

Infusing her knowledge and experience as a Business Manager, Talk Show Host, Speaker, Hearing Officer, and Professional Non-Attorney Mediator, it is without a doubt that her shows conversations along with her phenomenal guests, are sure to pique the interest of the listener's ear with memorable and up to date factual materials and lively discussions.

Join her each week here on TalkZone for stimulating conversation on HERE'S THERESA! with your host, Theresa E. Keves.
Recent Episodes
October 12, 2018
Are We Living In The Worst of Times
Good Morning and Thank You for tuning into my show. As always, for you, my listeners, the topics of choice are interesting, educational, with some laughter and enlightening, as well. I will start with my Dinner Table Conversation Titled: Are We Living In The Worst of Times?

Then, along with my guest, Attorney/Activist Terri Griffiths, and Business Coach and Writer Michelle Cubas, we will be discussing the following:

People In This Country Are Scared, Uncertainty Is Seemingly High, As Well. What Has Happened that Has Caused This In Our Country?

Divisiveness Is Tearing The Very Fabric Of Our Great Nation. What Are Some Of The Things, As Women, We See That Are Contributing To This Factor?

Some Issues Women Still Face in 2018 Are: Student Debt Crisis; Job Discrimination and Pay Inequality; and, Lack of Women In Leadership. What Can Be Done To Rectify This In Our Society?

Bill Cosby Is Paying For His Criminal Acts Towards Women. Harvey Weinstein and Allegedly The Person In The White Have Committed Similar Offenses Towards Women. They Still Are Freely Abound. Question Is: Why?

It Is Often Said That We As A Country Need and Have To Do Better. Is There Any Legs To This Statement Pertaining To Women?
September 27, 2018
ENCORE SHOW: Inspiring People to Make A Positive Difference In a World That Is Seemingly Hopeless
Hello My International Listeners! Thanks for tuning to my show! For today's broadcast I am doing a repeat of a show from October 19, 2017. I will see you on the radio October 11, 2018, for more exciting, educational and vibrant conversations. God Bless You and Be Kind To Yourself and One Others.

Inspiration is one of those words that sound beautiful, just by pronouncing it. It means the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The word to many has a concrete meaning with excitement, that something better is going to happen, as they have been inspired by something or someone. However, there is beneficial power to its' meaning and it can be a force, a positive force, in one's life when it has been implemented to direct them in accomplishing their goals in life or how to better direct others to do the same. Also, I will discuss a new informative segment titled "Did You Know." Please join me and my guest for this enlightening and educational discussion.
September 13, 2018
Sexism, Bias and Racism In The World of Tennis
Thank you for tuning into my show. As usual my conversations for you this day will be filled with an enthusiastic conversation, that will enlighten, educate and inspire you. Come join me and my guest, The World’s Best Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, you will not be disappointed. Here’s is a list of what our conversations will be about:

Dinner Table Conversation – Only Love Knows Love

A Class Act – Are You One?

Sexism, Bias and Racism In The World of Tennis

What In The Hell Is Going On?

The Economy Is Doing Great…Really?!
August 23, 2018
Put some Love in Your Heart
Thanks for listening to my show, it is much appreciated! Along with my guest The World’s Best Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, we will be discussing the following topics:
Dinner Table Conversation: Succinctly Planning Your Day, Just How Vital Is That To You?
Autonomous Vehicles Delivering Groceries. Are You A Fan? 4 Year Old Motivational Speaker
If You Could Go Back In Time, Would You and Why?
Trump Stomping The Campaign Trail For 40 Days. Really!
Put Some Love In Your Heart
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