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Host : Dr. Jonathan Jefferson
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EDUCVIII with DR. JEFFERSON is the talk show that makes the connections between research, policies, and practitioners that are too often missing from the American education system.

On this show, you hear about facts concerning the teaching and learning process backed by empirical studies. The intentions behind federal, state, and local mandates will be explored, and/or exposed. You'll learn what is really going on inside of school buildings that is seldom shared with parents and the public at large. All this and more is discussed during the program.

Experts with courage and integrity are invited to offer their insights on topics ranging from pre-school through college; struggling students to honor roll; special education to gifted and talented; and Americans with disabilities to scholar-athletes. Hot topics in education are the lead-in to each show, and listeners are welcome to call in to ask questions of the host or special guests. Friends of the show can also initiate discussions on any issue that has an impact on education.

Do you believe in corporal punishment? Does a runaway child need special services? Has school integration and busing been effective? Should children be left back? Are all bullies suffering from low self-esteem? Are leaders born or made? How important are teacher expectations? Are SATís a reliable judge of future college success? Let Dr. Jeffersonís real life case study provide answers to these questions and many more!

Why is the rest of the developing world out performing Americans academically? What are Common Core State Standards? Why do school children take so many state exams? Are students being labeled too quickly? What does it mean to master the material? Do schools really put children first? How should teachers and principals be evaluated? EDUCVIII with DR. JEFFERSON will become the first choice for honest answers to critical issues in education.

Recent Episodes

Final Exam
Dr. Jefferson gives a brief overview of the previous 38 episodes of the program and the topics that were covered. He share some of his favorite moments and resources that were discussed on those programs.

Improving Schools
This week's topic is improving schools. Our guests this week are Dr. Deborah D. Brennan, the former principal of PFC Robert P. Hernandez Middle School in Round Rock, Texas, and Karin Chenoweth , Writer-in-residence at the Education Trust and coauthor of Getting It Done: Leading Academic Success in Unexpected Schools.

African American Literature & Education
On this episode, we will discuss African American Literature &with Janet Cheatham Bell who is a writer, editor and independent scholar. Then we will discuss African American Education Dr. Darius D. Prier who is currently an Assistant Professor at Duquesne University.

The Political Classroom
Helping students develop their ability to deliberate political questions is an essential component of democratic education, but introducing political issues into the classroom is pedagogically challenging and raises ethical dilemmas for teachers. Dr. Paula McAvoy argues that teachers will make better professional judgments about these issues if they aim toward creating "political classrooms," which engage students in deliberations about questions that ask, "How should we live together?"

We will discuss the creation of a political classroom with Dr. McAvoy, along with high school social studies teacher Adeola Tella-Williams .
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