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Host : Charlie Lobosco
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Host : Eva Lewandowski
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The mission of CORPORATE TALK WITH CHARLIE AND EVA is simple; to make your job, career and workplace better by promoting, teaching and encouraging shared leadership, teamwork and collaboration as a day to day workplace strategy.

We leverage lessons learned throughout our careers, as well as the subject matter expertise from authors, coaches, speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and of course our listeners. All are sharing the same mission; to make a difference in the workplace even as one person.

We’ve learned over and over that when we invest in ourselves with the objective of making a difference even as one person, our lives in and out of the workplace always benefit.

“Execute tasks assigned and you’re a resource. Share in the success of your project, team or company and you’re a partner.”

Join us every week on CORPORATE TALK WITH CHARLIE AND EVA, join the workplace improvement revolution and become a partner to your company!

Recent Episodes
February 25, 2019
Reinvent Your Career - Beat Age Discrimination to Land Your Dream Job
Diane Huth,AKA the Accidental Career Coach is a marketing and branding expert, with more than 30 years of experience working in top marketing roles in household-name companies. Recently, she discovered the Baby Boomer unemployment crisis, affecting 32 million workers in their 60s, 50s and even in their 40s today. Illegal age discrimination is preventing this legion of mature working professionals from keeping or finding the great jobs they are highly qualified to execute.

So she has focused on this crisis, and is dedicated to helping mature professionals like you learn to claim their rightful place in the workforce, by gaining the skills and insights to allow them to move from "overqualified" to "in demand." Her newest book REINVENT YOUR CAREER - Beat Age Discrimination to Land Your Dream Job is a roadmap in their journey of reinvention.
January 28, 2019
It's Not What You Do but WHY You Do It!
We all know work is tough and it seems that the pressure to perform just keeps mounting. So how do you keep motivated, inspired and survive the inevitable ups and downs of employee or entrepreneurship as the bar goes higher and higher?

It starts with gaining clarity on why you do what you do. As Simon Sinek says "what is your purpose, what is your cause, what 's your belief".

Understanding your WHY will help you navigate work much easier and handle day-to-day challenges.

Listen as Charlie and Eva define what WHY is and isn't; what can get in the way of defining your "why"; and how to go about actually finding your personal WHY.
January 14, 2019
Question Everything
The fastest way to start gaining relevance in the workplace is to question everything.

We all want the same thing; to gain recognition, avoid punishment and (of course) earn lots of money! OK so how is that accomplished? We need to become that “go to” person, that person of value, someone that’s relevant to the success of the team, project and Company. OK so how is that accomplished?

Question everything!

The fastest way to start gaining relevance in the workplace is to question everything.

Join Charlie and Eva as they discuss safe, collaborative and efficient way to... question everything!
December 19, 2018
Anne Barry Jolles and the Grace Trail
Anne Barry Jolles is a renowned life coach, award-winning author, TEDx speaker, and creator of Grace TrailⓇ. Blending life experiences and research, Jolles created the Grace Trail and has shared it with tens of thousands as it evolved for over a decade. The trail has many forms, including an actual trail in Plymouth, MA, virtual trails, workshops, webinars, retreats and products, and has been featured by Good Housekeeping, NPR, Boston Globe and more. Jolles thrives on helping courageous people take five steps to their best lives through her message of joy, hope, and resiliency.
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