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Host : Dave Grayson

HANDWRITING SECRETS REVEALED discusses the many ways in which handwriting analysis is used. Host DAVE GRAYSON interviews the top handwriting analysts and forensic document examiners to get their insight and how they use handwriting analysis. You will learn how to discover the many personality traits hidden within the handwriting.

Recent Episodes

Integrity in Handwriting
Our guest today is Patricia Towey, a certified handwriting analyst, and she is going to talk about how we find Integrity in a personís handwriting. There are numerous traits that support finding integrity in a handwriting. Patricia will also discuss the different aspects of doodles.

Defiance as a Personality Trait
Some people enjoy being defiant. Usually defiance is a negative trait within the personality, however, it can sometimes turn into a positive. We will discuss how defiance is used in a personality. Then, In handwriting analysis we look at words, letters of the alphabet, size and placement on the paper. Today we are going to discuss how the spacing between words has an important meaning in analyzing a personís handwriting.

Campaign for Cursive
. Campaign for Cursive was started in 2012 when members became concerned about the trend away from teaching children to write. The mandate is to raise awareness among educators and legislators of the importance of mastering cursive handwriting for the physical and emotional benefits in the development of the child. We will present an overview of the current handwriting situation and we will also present a Historical perspective of how handwriting came into existence.

Document Examination
Belief in yourself is important. The first step to changing your lot in life is choosing new beliefs. You may have to let go of the old ones first. How handwriting can help you change your beliefs is talked about. If you want to change your life, the first step is to take a really good snapshot of how you are right now.

We will discuss Document Examination as a part of handwriting analysis. This is a very lucrative field and an individual can make a great deal of money doing questioned document work. We will give an overview of this particular skill.
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DAVE GRAYSON, host of HANDWRITING SECRETS REVEALED, has been a certified handwriting analyst since 1976. He is currently the president of the Illinois Chapter of Handwriting Analysts and the vice-president of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts. Both the International Graphoanalysis Society and Handwriting University have certified Dave.

He received the certification of Master Graphoanalyst by the International Graphoanalysis Society in 1984.

Dave was named Illinois Handwriting of the Year in 1983 and the International Graphoanalyst of the Year in 1985.

DAVE GRAYSON has appeared on numerous radio and television programs discussing handwriting analysis. He has given lectures and seminars to business groups, schools,universities, and non-profit organizations.

Over many years, Dave has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, police departments, lawyers, and small business owners.

You may have seen Dave on Fox News, CNN News, ABC, NBC, or read about him in numerous newspapers and magazines.