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Host : Rick Popely
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CARS, TRUCKS AND BUCKS with RICK POPELY is the show that helps you save money on buying and owning a vehicle.

Is a 7- or 8-year loan to buy a new vehicle a good idea? Do you really need to buy that expensive extended-warranty the dealer is pushing? How safe is that car you’re considering?

CARS, TRUCKS AND BUCKS, hosted by noted automotive journalist RICK POPELY, answers those questions and more on a show that helps consumers find the right vehicle, save money and avoid the potholes that make car shopping unpleasant. From dealing with dealers to arranging a loan and finding a safe vehicle, Rick Popely provides insightful advice and proven strategies consumers can use to make smart buying decisions.

In addition to providing money-saving advice on buying a vehicle, RICK POPELY helps owners get the most out of their car or truck for the least amount of cost for maintenance and repairs. During the first few years, most vehicles only need periodic oil changes and tire rotations. However, unwary consumers often fall victim to aggressive repair shops that recommend expensive fluid changes and other unnecessary service that can cost hundreds of dollars.

CARS, TRUCKS AND BUCKS keeps listeners informed of the latest developments in fuel efficiency, vehicle safety and helpful tips consumers can use to make better decisions about buying and owning a vehicle.

Listeners are strongly encouraged to ask questions and contribute thoughts about their own experiences with cars and trucks, because everyone benefits from a lively, informative discussion about buying and owning a vehicle, which for most is their second-largest purchase after their home.

Be sure to check out The Official CARS, TRUCKS AND BUCKS Website for news, car reviews and more.
Recent Episodes

Highlights of the New York Auto Show
Several new and significantly updated vehicles are on display this week at the annual New York Auto Show, including the 2015 Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Jeep Renegade and the Honda HR-V, a new small SUV. David Thomas and Mike Hanley of will tell us what’s new on all these models and explain why automakers are making major changes to their vehicles more frequently.

Grand Theft Auto
Grand theft auto is not only the name of a popular video game, it’s a real-life experience for thousands of Americans whose vehicles are swiped each year. Cars, though, are much harder to steal these days. Frank Scafidi of the National Insur­ance Crime Bureau will explain why life has got­ten tougher for car thieves and what you can do to make it even tougher to steal your car.

Navigating the F & I Office
Many dealerships make more money in the finance and insurance office than on the cars they sell by marking up loan interest rates and selling extended warranties, “protection packages” and other extras that increase your monthly payment. Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor of, will provide money-saving suggestions, warn about things to avoid and get you ready for the important F & I part of the car-buying process.

Distracted Driving
Are you addicted to talking on the phone while driving? Do you text or check email from behind the wheel? Then you are a distracted driver. Distracted driving caused more than 3,300 deaths in 2012, and though cell phones and in-car “infotainment” systems aren't to blame for all of them, they account for a growing number of accidents that happen because drivers are busy doing something else while behind the wheel. David Teater, senior director of the National Safety Council, will discuss how to keep drivers focused on the road instead of on texting, emails and social media.
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