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The Flavor of the French Quarter Festival
Encore: World Footprints Radio continues with its special broadcast from New Orleans during French Quarter Festival 2010. Stevie McKee will talk about the 7th Ward and Faubourg Treme, an historic neighborhood recently made famous by HBO. Then we’ll be rockin’ with the “Mick Jagger of the Marsh” and Rockin’ Dopsie, Jr. Plus Patty Gay from the New Orleans Preservation Resource Center and jazz great Jeremy Davenport.

An Artistic Journey Through South Africa
World Footprints continues its focus on South Africa with a journey through the world of fine art. First, Martin Britz, President and Founder of Soweto Fine Art, will join us from Johannesburg to talk about his personal journey from an Afrikaner military officer to a champion for black South African artists. Then we’ll visit Galerie Myrtis in Maryland to chat with several prominent art collectors to discuss of cultural preservation through art collecting, connoisseurship and philanthropy.

Student Exchange with South Africa
Much of the world is focused on South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup and South African remains a focus for today’s World Footprints broadcast. Today, Tonya and Ian will introduce an extraordinary student exchange program between the University of Missouri and the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. Then you’ll hear about Nandi, a South African manta ray who Tonya got to swim with at the Georgia Aquarium.

Grassroot Soccer
The 2010 FIFA World Cup is underway in South Africa and on today’s show, World Footprints will showcase an organization, Grassroot Soccer, that’s using soccer to transform the lives of disadvantaged children throughout South Africa. Tonya and Ian will introduce you to executive director and founder Dr. Tommy Clark and they’ll also introduce someone who is on the “front lines” in South Africa for Grassroot Soccer, Phil Johnson.

Soccer and a Survivor Against Domestic Violence
Fans of the CBS prime-time reality show, Survivor will remember contestant Becky Lee from the 2006 Cook Islands season. She took her prize money and created Becky’s Fund, to raise awareness about domestic violence. Becky will talk about her social mission with the fund, and share some tips for making it on Survivor. Then, we’ll share how the game of soccer is promoting global citizenship and transforming lives with guest Lawrence Cann, the founder and CEO of Street Soccer USA, who has made soccer a force for social change.

The Reno River Festival
World Footprints traveled to Reno, NV to accept a First Place award from the North American Travel Journalists Association for their travel show. Today’s show is broadcast from the banks of the Truckee River during the Reno River Festival. Guests include Betsy McDonald who will share the history of the Reno River Fest and the Reno-Tahoe region. World Footprints will also visit the National Automobile Museum and review the Bill Harrah collection and the fascinating stories behind some of the cars. Finally, we’ll explore the underwater world of shipwrecks and treasure hunting with noted marine archaeologist Dr. E. Lee Spence and learn the story behind his discovery of the real identity of Rhett Butler.

Inside National Geographic Traveler
Keith Bellows, Editor-and-chief of National Geographic Traveler joins World Footprints Radio to talk about his magazine and his upcoming travel book for children. Then, Shelley Galloway from the newly opened Buddha Bar DC, will offer a culinary journey that promises to delight every palate. Finally, Tonya and Ian will introduce a celebrated jewelry designer, Monique Pean, famous for her socially-conscious and culturally-inspired designs.

World Footprints LIVE at French Quarter Festival 2010
ENCORE: Ian and Tonya launch World Footprints Radio from French Quarter Festival 2010 in New Orleans with Mary Beth Romig VP of the FQF, and the voice of the New Orleans Saints Jerry Romig. Plus, the scoop on new developments in the Crescent City and we go inside The National WWII Museum.

On the Road to Freedom Encore
In celebration of the launch of WORLD FOOTPRINTS RADIO and in honor of Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick’s national broadcast award from the North American Travel Journalist Association, an encore of the show that helped them earn this prestigious award is being presented today: On the Road to Freedom. This show featured author Charlie Cobband fellow travelers Scott Hartblay and Christine Bischoff; individuals who were transformed by what they experienced on their journey through the American south along the civil rights trail, places chronicled in Charlie Cobb’s book entitled On the Road to Freedom.

A Taste of New Orleans
Tonya and Ian will give you a taste of the true flavor of New Orleans! Indie soul singer/songwriter Theresa Andersson stops by to talk about how life in New Orleans has influenced her music. Then, learn about The New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park from Park Ranger Bruce Barnes. Finally, you’ll meet Dawn Logsdon, Director of the PBS documentary Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans.

Angels, Birds & African Women’s Affairs
In honor of International Women’s Day earlier this month, Travel’n On will introduce Camille Jackson, an officer in the Economic Policy Staff in the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs, who has worked on development policy, finance, health and other issues related to women in Africa. Then, we’ll go “birding” with Gavin Shire, VP of Communications with the American Bird Conservancy, who will discuss the growth of bird-watching tourism, some of the best places to go bird-watching, and some of the bird conservation issues throughout the Americas. Finally, you’ll meet this month’s Travel Angels, Corliss Hill and Tabeier Shine. In response to Hurricane Katrina these childhood friends formed T.R.I.P., a nonprofit organization that travels to low-income, predominantly African American inner cities in the U.S. to help rebuild communities and inspire hope among its residents.

All Aboard the Alberta Train!
During their coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Travel’n On made some new friends while traveling aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Whistler Express between Vancouver and Whistler. You’ll meet Sandy Best, Director of P.R. for Lake Louise, Vern Kimball, the CEO of the greatest outdoor show on earth, The Calgary Stampede, and celebrity chef Ned Bell, star of the Canadian Food Network show Cook Like a Chef.

Vancouver Legacy Show
While in Vancouver covering the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Travel’n On met with some key individuals who shaped the Games and who are helping to build a remarkable legacy for the city. First, you’ll meet Svein Romstad, the Secretary General of the International Luge Federation. Svein will discuss how the sport of Luge has changed, the Federation’s response following the tragic accident in Whistler and what preparations are being made for 2016 Sochi. Then, Gordon Price, Director of The City Program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver will discuss the city’s culture and sustainability efforts and the lasting legacy of the Games. Finally, Roger Bayley, Design Manager of the Olympic Village will talk about this ground-breaking project and the future plans for this development.

The Transformative Power of Adventure
Author Don Mankin talks about his newest project that discusses the transformative power of adventure travel. Then, celebrated interior designer Sandra Espinet talks about the cultural influences to her work which has been featured on the HGTV show Celebrity Holiday Homes. Finally, Ami Feller offers some interesting insights and the lessons learned from the road as she traveled with two Miss Americas.

2010 Winter Olympic Coverage
Ian and Tonya meet tour guide Doug Neasloss and conservationist Viki Jackson, who work tirelessly on efforts to save two endangered species, and Winter Game mascots, the Spirit Bear and the Marmot. Then you’ll meet a few new friends that they met in Whistler—the “snow angels” and the “King of Norway.\" You will also meet downhill Olympic skier Kwame the “Snow Leopard”, the only member of the Ghana Olympic Team. Finally, this month\'s Travel Angel Joyce Major will talk about her decision to walk away from the corporate world to travel the globe as a volunteer.

Vancouver & The 2010 Winter Olympics
Chris Doyle, of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment joins Travel’n on to talk about the security challenges that the Canadian wilderness poses for the Olympic Games, and visitors alike. Then, journalist Bob Fisher offers a cultural perspective of our northern neighbor and explain why Vancouver is a perfect hub for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Finally, in honor of Black History Month, documentary film producer Gregory Cooke talks about his newest film projects

Olympic Warm-Up
Travel’n On is traveling to Vancouver to cover the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and today’s show will offer a unique perspective as the Games ramp up. You’ll have an opportunity to meet Earl Davis, JR., a 2002 Olympic torch bearer, whose journey towards the salt lake city games as well as his personal journey will leave you feeling inspired to “go for the gold.” Then, whether you’re traveling to Vancouver or anywhere else, you’ll want to hear what executive security expert Travis Alexander, has to say. Finally, Samantha Brown, host of the popular Samantha Brown’s Great Weekend on the travel channel, will talk about her recent trip to Vancouver where she trained with the speed skating team and how she is celebrating her 10th anniversary with the Travel Channel.

Missouri’s Black History
February marks Black History Month, and in celebration, Travel’n On returns to Missouri; a state that has made a unique contribution to America’s history. Ian and Tonya will speak to Father Moses Berry, founder of the Ozarks African American Heritage Museum in Ash Grove. Then, Angela da Silva of Lindenwood University will join them to talk about a few Missourians who rose from slavery to national prominence. Finally,we journey to Independence, Missouri to explore some of the history and places were African American contributions have not been forgotten.

Deep in the Heart of Texas
Famed for its Big Texan steak house—home to a 72 oz steak—you get eat for free if you can do so within an hour and its rodeo culture, Amarillo is where the real Texas begins. From its historic Route 66, to the quirky Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo is a place that surprises at every turn, and today were are going to give you a feel for what makes this an intriguing place to visit. Also, Travel’n On introduces a Travel’n Angel, Tammy Van Dyke who is making a difference in the lives of many around the world through World Hope Missions, a faith-based organization dedicated to helping women and child around the world

The Leagcy of Daniel & Nathan Boone
Travel’n On Radio will continue exploring the lives of Daniel and Nathan Boone and their legacy in the African-American community. Father Moses Berry, founder of the Ozarks African-American Heritage Museum, will share the history and artifacts of this important museum and its relationship to the Boones. Then, Angela DaSilva of the National Black Tourism Network will share a first-person presentation of a Missouri Slave woman named Lila at the Daniel Boone home.

Daniel & Nathan Boone's Missouri
Travel’n On Radio will explore the legacy of one of America’s great frontier families, Daniel Boone and his son Nathan, who helped settle the American frontier in Missouri. Dr. David Knolls and Grady Manus of Lindenwood University will introduce the historic home of Daniel Boone and Boonesfield Village, the place Daniel Boone launched America’s early exploration into the West. Then, David Roggensees of the Nathan Boone Homestead in Southwest Missouri—the Ozarks—will offer a glimpse into the life of Nathan Boone.

Christmas on the Potomac
Travel’n On will broadcast live from the Christmas on the Potomac celebrations at the Gaylord National Resort in Maryland. Join them as they travel though the ICE attraction — an exhibit carved by world renowned ice artisans who created a fantasy world from 2 million pounds of ice. Then see what the National Harbor has to offer for the holidays. Finally, jazz great Marcus Johnson will share the newest release and Christmas album with us.

Louisiana's Other Side
Travel "Louisiana's Other Side" with Tonya & Ian as they take you to the northern parts of the State. First stop: a journey through Webster Parish and the Dorcheat Museum. Then Pro Bass Angler Homer Humphreys, the pride of Webster Parish, will regal you with countless stories about life on the Bayou and his encounters with Donald Trump and Tina Turner. Finally, you’ll walk through the Ford Museum in Homer, LA and discover how the museum is helping to preserve the history and culture of the North Louisiana Hill Country.

Glacier National Park
Travel with Travel’n On through Alaska’s Glacier National Park aboard the luxurious American Safari yacht. Tonya and Ian will chat with American Safari’s captain and expedition leaders as they embark on a discovery of the Inner Passage and the natural treasures that the area holds. Then, enjoy a cultural immersion experience and history lesson with David Katzeek, a senior Tlingit tribal member and founder of the Sea Alaska Foundation.

The Irish Tenor
Internationally renowned Irish Tenor Michael Londra, joins Travel’n On to preview his new CD Beyond The Stars and the humanitarian projects that his CD is supporting. We also introduce our new culinary tourism segment, Travel’n Gourmet, with chocolate travel writer Kay Fernandez who has just returned from France to give us a taste of the Paris Chocolate Show. Then fasten your seat belts, veteran airline pilot Capt. Karen Kahn will stop by to give us a birds-eye view from the cockpit and discuss current issues in aviation.

Live from the US-Africa Summit
Join Travel’n On during their live broadcast from the US-Africa Business Summit. Peter Greenberg, CBS Travel Editor, stopped by for a chat along with Marc Cavaliere from South African Airways, Thad Simons and Ellen Dierenfeld from Novus International and Samantha Taylor from Reputation Dynamics.

Americas National Parks
Traveln On will journey to Jamaica to experience a Voluntourism experience with Global TVs Claire Newell. Then, documentary film director Ken Burns will take us through our nations national parks and on a spiritual journey. And, our Authors Corner will feature author Joseph Dispenza and his new book The Way of the Traveler--Making Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery.

Around the Americas and the Footsteps of Frederick Douglass
Traveln On will walk along Marylands Eastern Shore and the footsteps of Frederick Douglass with Chip Britt of the St. Michaels Musuem. Then travelers watch your walletTripAdvisor expert, Erik Torkells, stops by to warn travelers about the top 10 cities where pickpockets thrive. Finally, philanthropist David Rockefeller, Jr. will take us around the Americas with the Ocean Watch scientific expedition.

Bosnia's Rebirth
PBS Host Richard Bangs and BBC Correspondent Laura Hubber join Traveln On to talk about their recent trip to Bosnia and why this former worn-torn country is now considered a tourism treasure. Then, learn about Milwaukees transition from Brew City to New City with David Fantle from VISIT Milwaukee. And in our focus on global citizenship and responsible tourism we will introduce you to Paul von Zielbauer, Founder of RoadMonkey Expeditions, a company which combines physically challenging adventures with meaningful volunteer projects.

Protecting the Mountains
Bob Davis, CEO at the Mountain Institute, joins Traveln On to talk about the work his organization is doing to preserve our precious mountains. Then, if youre thinking about taking an aerial tour, you need to hear what aviation attorney, Patrick Bailey, shares with Traveln On first. And if youve ever considered staying at a convent or monastery on vacation youll enjoy hearing from author Trish Clark.

All About Juneau, Alaska
Traveln On celebrates Alaskas 50th anniversary of their induction into the Union as the 49th State with a profile on the beautiful capitol city of Juneau. Lorene Palmer, President of the Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau tells Traveln On why Juneau is a unique and must see tourist destination. Then Juneau Mayor Bruce Botelho discusses his challenges of managing a city that is larger than some States and why he loves his city. Finally, Jane Lindsey, Director of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, provides some insight into Juneaus unique history and culture.

Responsible Travel
Dr. Martha Honey, Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), joins Traveln On to talk about Travelers Philanthropy and the launch of a global sustainable/responsible travel accreditation body that measures environmental, social and economic impacts of hotels. Then Thrillionaire Nik Halik will stop by to talk about his amazing adventures and the next adventures on his top ten list. Finally, author Shelley Seale joins the Authors Corner to talk about her new book The Weight of Silence: The Invisible Children of India.

Volunteer Vacations & Voluntourism
Rick Webster, VP of Public Policy at the US Travel Association, joins Traveln On Radio to talk about the Travel Promotion Act and his Associations efforts to promote tourism in the United States. Then voluntourism gal Alexia Nestora returns to Traveln On to talk about voluntourism as a transformational travel experience and author Sheryl Kayne joins Tonya & Ian to discuss her newly released book Volunteer Vacations Across America.

Authors, Airlines & Living in Japan
Kate Hanni, Founder of the Coalition for an Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, returns to Traveln On Radio to talk about the latest incidents on the tarmac and shell provide a legislative update on the proposed Airline Passengers Bill of Rights Act. Then, Libby Gill, author, business coach and former SVP of Universal Studios, Sony Pictures & Turner Broadcasting, will stop by to discuss her powerful new book Traveling Hopefully: How To Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life. Finally, internationally renown martial arts actor, Chuck Johnson, will talk about his life in Japan as an African-American and about bridging the two cultures.

Cruise Line Safety
Traveln On Radio will explore the issue of Cruise Line safety and security with our distinguished panel of guests: Kendall Carver, President of the International Cruise Victims Association, and prominent Maritime Attorney Marva Jo Wyatt.

The Lake Erie Shores & America's Largest Indoor Waterpark
Travel'n On comes to you from the Grand Cabana inside the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. Representatives from the Lake Erie Shores and Islands Welcome Center, Kalahari Resort, Miller Boatline and Put-in-Bay, and the Merry-Go-Round Museum join Tonya and Ian for a fun-filled show inside the largest indoor waterpark in the United States.

The Arts in DC
Traveln On Radio will explore the exciting arts scene in our Nations Capital starting with an interview with keyboardist and producer Marcus Johnson. Then, learn about an upcoming exhibit from Spain at the National Gallery of Art. Ellis Marsalis, patriarch of the famous musical family, stops by to talk about a special event at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Finally, NASCAR's Kyle Petty updates us on his Ride Across America.

Ireland's Hidden Gems
Traveln On Radio returns to Ireland to discover some hidden gems, explore off the beaten path attractions and play golf on one of the many Links courses on the Emerald Isle with Ireland aficionado and tour guide extraordinaire Will Collins. Then well get an update on The Green Dragon, Irelands yacht entry in the Volvo Ocean Race and the festivities in Galway. Finally, well explore Irelands contribution to the arts and its culture with Damien OBrien with Filte Ireland.

H1N1 and the Impact on Traveling
The outbreak and apparent resurgence of the H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as the Swine Flu, has caught the world by surprise and worldwide concern over this virus is affecting many peoples lives, including their travel plans. Traveln On Radio has invited a distinguished panel of health care, medical and insurance experts to answer your pressing questions regarding this virus and its impact on travel. Additionally, two authors who have experienced pandemics will provide their perspective as members of the travel community.

National Travel and Tourism Week
This year's National Travel and Tourism Week features the first-ever U.S. Travel Rally Day on Tuesday, May 12. On that day, cities across the country will unite to make a bold statement about the power of travel. Over 40 cities throughout the U.S. have exciting Travel Rally Day activities planned and Kelly Schultz from the New Orleans CVB will join Traveln On Radio to discuss their activities and the important travel plays in the revitalization of New Orleans economy. Then, Randi Thompson, CEO of KidSave International, will join Tonya & Ian to talk about her organizations global mission to ensure that no orphan or foster child is forgotten and that every child grows up in a family with love and hope for a successful future.

Live from Killarney, Ireland
Join Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick as they celebrate the 250th anniversary of Guiness with a LIVE broadcast of the Travel'n On Radio Show from Killarney, Ireland. Travel'n On will take you on a journey through the Irish countryside with Bernard McMullan from Ireland Tourism and Travel'n On special correspondent, David Gordon. Then you'll hear about all of the planned festivities surrounding the Volvo Ocean Race's stop in Galway from festival director, Maria Moynihan-Lee. Finally, Michelle Macguire of BlueBook properties will discuss culinary tourism in Ireland and unique properties throughout the country.

Amazing Adventures of a Nobody
Travel radio will meet travel television when Leon Logothetis, host of Amazing Adventures of a Nobody (Fox Reality and National Geographic Adventure) joins the Traveln On Radio Show to talk about his reality series which shows him traveling the world on $5 a day and with the kindness of strangers. Then we will travel to Italy and explore the city of Rome through the eyes of Michelangelo with Angela Nickerson, author of Michelangelos Rome.

Touring Israel
Traveln On listeners will discover the beautiful country of Israel with Arie Sommer, Israel Tourism Commissioner with the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Then Tonya & Ian will share the recording of a recent Town Hall meeting they facilitated for their good friend Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Rajmohan will share his thoughts about current world events, his grandfathers legacy and his role as the new president of Initiatives of Change (IoC).

Adventures with Purpose & Equitrekking
Two award-winning and very popular PBS travel shows make their debut on Traveln On today. Tonya and Ian will explore the world on horseback with Equitrekking host Darley Newman. Then, Richard Bangs the father of modern adventure travel and host of Adventures with Purpose will share his adventures, sense of traveling with a purpose and new books.

Safari and Unique St. Patrick's Day Celebrations
Ian and Tonya are joined by one of the preeminent African safari experts, John Spence, who will enlighten you about the safari offerings in various African countries, off-the-beaten path safaris, family safaris, and the things you should know before going on safari. Then, learn about the only Caribbean Island that celebrates St. Patricks Day as a national holiday; the shortest St. Patricks Day parade in the world; a city that dyes its river GREEN in honor of the holiday and about a place where St. Patricks Day has gone to the dogs.

Celebrating Women with Photojournalist Paola Gianturco
Traveln On special contributor David Gordon takes listeners on a trip to the best kept secret in the Mediterranean. Then, Tonya and Ian enjoy a conversation with acclaimed photojournalist Paola Gianturco, whoseCelebrating Women exhibit, photographs of festivals that honor women in six countries, was selected to represent the United States at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France for International Womens Day.

Historic Civil Rights Sites
Travel'n On will travel to Richmond, Virginia to visit the city's Civil Rights sites. Then its off to Detroit, Michigan to see what the Henry Ford Museum is doing for Black History Month and finally well travel to Mongomery, Alabama, the birthplace of the civil rights movement.

Black Paris Tours
Ricki Stevenson, founder of Black Paris Tours, introduces the rich culture that has defined Black Paris by taking us on a journey to the places made famous by Black soldiers, writers, and political exiles that came to the City of Light to flea American racism. From there, its off to the Caribbean to explore the influence of Africans on the island of Curacao.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Ian & Tonya visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Centerin Cincinnati, Ohio, the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum and other treasures in Baltimore, Maryland and the fascinating sites in Independence, Missouri. And they talk with the President of the National Black Tourism Network about a few Missourians who have risen from the ashes of slavery to prominence.

On The Road to Freedom
Traveln On travels along The Road To Freedom with author and former civil rights activist Charlie Cobb as he introduces us to the places of the movement and the personalities who made those places historically relevant. Then meet fellow travelers Scott Hartblay and Christine Bischoff as they recount their independent journeys along the civil rights trail through Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.

Immersion Travel USA
Sheryl Kayne, author of Immersion Travel USA joins Traveln On to talk about the best and most meaningful volunteering, living, and learning excursions. Then, New York Times bestselling author Patricia Schultz will join Traveln On to talk about her book 1000 Places to See Before You Die and helps listeners discover the many treasures that our world has to offer both legendary and unsung.

The Victor Pineda Foundation
Victor Pineda has traveled the world on a mission to promote the rights and dignities of children and young people with disabilities. He joins us to talk about his efforts to educate, inspire and inform a global audience about the capabilities and potential of young people with disabilities. Then adventure travel and volunteer travel experts, Alexia Nestora of Lasso Communications and Christina Heyniger from XOLA Consulting discuss the emerging best practices in adventure travel and voluntourism.

Exciting Travel Events!
This week on the Traveln On Radio Show, Craig Kennedy, co-founder of Access Anything, a nationally recognized leader in adaptive sports and adventure travel for people with disabilities, will join the show to talk about their upcoming events. Then Traveln On correspondent Cynthia Dial talks about her recent trip to Palm Desert and the upcoming Bob Hope Golf Classic in Palm Desert and the historic La Quinta resort.

Journey to Antartica
Tonya and Ian will chat with Traveln On Radio Show contributors J.S. Fletcher and Kathy Newbern of about their recent trip to Antarctica. Then, experience the ultimate in luxury for the holidays in world class destinations at the Corinthia Hotels. Shawn Pisani from Corinthia Hotels will talk about the Festive Season packages that can include diamonds under your pillow, your own designer Christmas tree, champagne and caviar.

Tales from the Road
This week, Ian and Tonya hit the road with up-and-coming country band like KingBilly. Band members John Osborne and Donny Fallgatter talk about their tales from the road and their best budget travel tips. Then, acclaimed author, art collector, motivational speaker and veteran traveler Dr. Joel Freeman talks about the human experience through his travels and what inspired him to promise his children that he would take them anywhere in the world when they turned 15 years old.

The Faces of Latin America
Tonya and Ian chat with Dr. Adam Jones about his first photography book Latin American Portraits which captures the faces, celebrations and culture of the Latin American region. Then nationally recognized, multi-media radio talk show host Patricia Raskin of Positive Living talks about ways to rejuvenate while youre traveling and where to go for that perfect relaxation experience.

The American Whiskey Trail
Enjoy e a spirited conversation with Ina, Tonya & Traveln On contributor, Cynthia Dial, who has just returned from an authentic visit to Americana at its red, white and blue best - following the American Whiskey Trail. Plus - Holiday travel tips, and Cruise through Italy!

500 Places To See Before They Disappear
Join Tonya and Ian as they meet Frommers author, Holly Hughes, to discuss her new book 500 Places To See Before They Disappear. Then meet fellow traveler, Nigel Allom, who has taken a year off from his life in Australia to travel around North America. Learn what inspired him to travel around the world for the second time; how he went about planning his trip; and what you should consider before taking an extended travel leave.

A Tribute to Our Vets
Join Traveln On for a conversation with some of our Nations heroes in honor of Veterans Day. Plus -Interested in going to the Presidential Inauguration? Tonya and Ian will tell you the best ways to obtain free tickets to the Swearing In Ceremony, participate in the Parade, and how to find the best hotel and flight packages.

Island Adventures
Saddle up with Tonya and Ian as they speak to Equestrian Travel expert Elizabeth McCall about the best places to horseback ride on the Big Island. Then - experience the flavor of Puerto Rico and also hop across the pond with Travel'n On contributors Brian Portland from Australia and David Gordon from Ireland.

Expedition to Bolivia
Join Tonya and Ian as they take you on an exciting adventure with author and explorer Col. John Blashford Snell who will talk about his upcoming expedition to Bolivia and his work with Just A Drop Foundation. Then, attention sports fans, American Sportscaster, Kenny Albert, son of famed sportscaster Marv Albert, will join Traveln On to discuss his travels around the country with the NFL and the Olympics.

Sustainable Sushi Week
Tonya and Ian will speak to Sheila Bowman, Sr. Outreach Director at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, who will talk about the newest attractions at the Aquarium and the launch of Sustainable Sushi Week and the national sushi party. Then- former NBA All-Star, Phil Chenier will join the show to talk about some of his favorite basketball venues, his transition from player to broadcaster and his predictions for this years season.

Descending the Dragon
National Geographic author Jon Bowermastertalks about his journey down the coast of Vietnam. Then- Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis joins Traveln On to talk about his recent travels to Peru, Borneo, Tibet and northern Kenya. Finally, learn about the Shams Ensemble, one of the first groups to pursue musical independence and freedom of womens voices in Iran, and their current US tour.

The Rocky Mountaineer
All Aboard!! Join Tonya and Ian as they take you on a spectacular train journey through the Canadian Rockies aboard the elegant Rocky Mountaineer. Youll experience 5-star service as you visit Vancouver, Kamloops, Banff and Lake Louise, and Calgary.

An Island Like No Other
Travel'n On correspondent Marsha Dubrow takes us on a beautiful journey to the island of Nevis; an island whose name is derived from the Spanish name for Our Lady of the Snows. Then - Cynthia Dial will share the wonderful offerings of the Lake Constance region in Europe

Treasure Hunters
On this episode, Ian & Tonya take you on a treasure hunt with the Travel Channels Kristen Gum. Then well head across the pond for a visit with new correspondent David Gordon, who reports from on holiday in Brittany, France. Plus learn all about the Finger Lakes of New York from Rhonda Roaring of I Love the Finger

Sports Destinations
Whether youre a golfer, a NASCAR fan, or a basketball enthusiast, Ian and Tonya have great suggestions for vacation destinations from their sports travel correspondent, Bijan Bayne. Plus - a preview of the Washington DC areas Water Lilly and Lotus Asian Cultural Festival, and some travel tips for these tough economic times.

The Creator of the Amazing Race
On this edition, Ian and Tonya take you around the world with Bertram van Munster, the Emmy-award winning creator of the CBS show The Amazing Race. Plus - we'll take to the trails to see some national treasures and we have tips to make your air travel experience better.

National Harbor
The Washington DC area is home to an exciting new development called National Harbor, and Ian and Tonya are there to tell you all about it. They broadcast live from the atrium of the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, and theyll fill you in on this new experience for the region, and also spotlight some of the lesser known attractions in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

The Lake Erie Shores
Fasten your seatbelts, because this weeks show is a real thrill ride! Ian and Tonya come to you live from Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio,and we'll find out about all the fun things to see and do in the Lake Erie area.

The Frederick Festival of the Arts
Ian and Tonya come to you live from The Frederick Festival of the Arts, and theyll tell you all about this wonderful event. Then Travel and Leisure Magazine has released their list of the worlds best new hotels. Find out which ones made the cut and why. Plus see the Canadian Rockies by rail!

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ian and Tonya take you to the oldest capital city in North America and the oldest European community west of the Mississippi: Its Santa Fe, New Mexico, and theyll tell you all about this gem of Americas Southwest. Then well go adventure traveling with Don Mankin, author of Riding the Hulahula to the Artic Ocean.

A Taste of Shreveport Louisiana
Ian and Tonya come to you live from the 25th Anniversary of the Mudbug Madness Festival in Shreveport Louisiana - one of the largest & most popular festivals celebrating Cajun culture. Find out everything you need to know about the Mudbug Madness, the culture of Shreveport, and get a sample of the Cajun Cuisine!

Folk and Jazz
Your Traveling enthusiasts continue their destination music series with two men who have seen the world through and because of their music: Folk recording artist Willy Porter, who shares some unique music venues from his travels, and Charles Fishman, founder and executive producer of Washington DCs Duke Ellington Jazz Festival.

Mayfest in Downtown Frederick, MD
Spring is in the air, and what better place to celebrate it than at Mayfest in beautiful downtown Frederick! Your Traveling Enthusiasts will not only explore historic Frederick County, they'll also be joined by a very special guest: Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Travel and Security Changes
The way we travel will soon be changing, particularly when it comes to required documentation and airport security. But your Traveling Enthusiasts welcome representatives from Border Protection and the TSA who will update you on all the changes, and offer practical tips and info on everything from passports to handling the security lines at the airport.

Tourism Cares
On this edition, we travel back to New Orleans for a conversation with Bruce Beckham, Executive Director of Tourism Cares, who talks about their latest project- Preserving Louis Armstrong Park. Plus - well find out about all the exciting things happening in the city of Brotherly Love from Philadelphias Mayor Michael Nutter.

The French Quarter Festival
Ian and Tonya come to you live fromthe 25th Anniversary of the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. Theyll take you inside the New Orleans Jazz Scene with Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall and give you a taste of the culinary delights the Big Easy has to offer from Chef Duke LoCicero of Caf Giovanni Restaurant.

The Airline Industry & Seattle's Music Scene
Ian and Tonya welcome Fred Reid, former CEO of Virgin America who discusses the state of the airline industry, Sir Richard Branson, and his own personal travels. Then Ian and Tonya continue their look at Americas Music Cities! Todays stop the area that spawned Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Pearl Jam Seattle, Washington!

Live from the Adventures in Travel Expo
Your Traveling Enthusiasts come to you from the Adventure in Travel Expo in Washington DC, and they share a culinary adventure of their own with Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channels Bizarre Foods, and visit with Patricia Schultz, best-selling author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die."

SEE Turtles
Travel under the ocean waves on a sea turtle expedition with Ocean Conservancy Senior Scientist Wallace J Nichols, and learn about what hes doing to protect the worlds population sea turtles, and what we as tourists can do to help. Then- with swimsuit season right around the corner, we're Travel'n Fit personal trainer Nick Irons.

The Plane Truth
Ian and Tonya are joined by MSNBCs popular travel columnist James Wysong who shares some irreverent tales about what REALLY goes on in the skies. Then, Michael Shapiro, author of A Sense of Place and The Internet Travel Planner, shares his travel experiences and offers advice on how travelers can use the internet.

Adventure Travel & Spa Vacations
Ian and Tonya welcome Costas Christ, the global travel editor of National Geographic Adventure Magazine, who discusses sustainable travel and some emerging destinations for the adventure traveler. Then - Melena Knowles of Spa Finder Magazine shares tips on what to look for in a great spa vacation.

The Musical Legacy of Memphis
Hop behind the wheel of a 55 Caddy, and find all about a very unique tour of the area that spawned musical legends like Elvis, Johnny Cash, BB King and more. Plus a look at culture the Baltimore area has to offer and a visit with professional traveler Johnny Jet!

Underwater Adventures
For all of you diving enthusiasts, Ian and Tonya have a real treat for you! Theyre joined by underwater photographer Christy Gavitt, who shares some of her favorite diving destinations in the world's most exotic locales. Plus Ian and Tonya have some great ideas for some last-minute romantic getaways.

Passport News from the State Department
Ian and Tonya welcome back the State Departments Michelle Bond to the program. Shell fill you in on the new passport cards, and will let you know the ways the State Department can help you during your trips abroad. Plus Pauline Frommer shares some great budget traveling secrets.

Phoenix Vacations and Planning Your Babymoon
Ian and Tonya take you to the Valley of the Sun Phoenix Arizona - and them all the info on what to see and do in this booming area before and after the NFLs Championship Game. Then expecting an addition to the family? Ian and Tonya have some great ideas for Babymoon Vacations.

Safe Travel and Voluntourism
Ian and Tonya welcome John Sexton, CEO of Sexton Executive Security, who shares some must-know safety tips for when you travel. Then - make a difference on your next vacation, Ian and Tonya get you in-the-know about one of the fastest-growing travel niches- Voluntourism.

International Travel Tips
Passport backlog problems and delays are making headlines, and the documentation rules for international travel are changing. But Ian and Tonya will fill you in on hat you need to know about traveling in and out of the country, with some help from Michelle Bond from the US State Department and Kelly Klent from Customs and Border Protection.

Passenger Bill of Rights
Ian and Tonya welcome Kate Hanni, Founder and Spokesperson for the Coalition for Airline Passengers Bill of Rights and Paul Rudin, Senior Vice President for Legal and Industry Affairs for the American Society of Travel Agents to talk about your rights as an airline passenger.

New Orleans
New Orleans is a city of history. It is a city of charm, great food and great music. The city has certainly been through a lot in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But Ian and Tonya want to make sure that you know the Big Easy is back, and its better than ever!

Historic Bedford County Pennsylvania
Ian and Tonyas Guests are Betty Slayton, President of the Bedford County Development Association, and Todd Gillespie, Managing Director of the Bedford Springs Resort. They join the program to talk about all there is to do in Historic Bedford County, and the Historic Bedford Springs Resort.

Family Vacations in the Northeast
In this episode, Ian and Tonya have some vacation tips for families - some affordable destinations in the Northeast that are easy to get to, and are just a quick drive from Washington DC.

Whistler, British Columbia
Bundle up, because we're headed for Whistler, British Columbia one of the finest ski resorts in North America. And once the Olympics come there in 2010, the rest of the world is going to know that. Find out everything you need to know about what to see and do Whistler, and about their preparation for the winter games.

Theres no place quite like Vermont in the fall. And Dave Hakins, Executive Director of the Vermont Convention Bureau along with Tim Shea, Vice President of the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce, are here to let you know how to get the most of fall travel to Vermont.

Northern Ireland
On this episode, we head overseas to the United Kingdom: Find out about whats happening in Northern Ireland with the growth in corporate and leisure tourism there, and learn about some exciting destinations on the Emerald Isle!

Casino Tourism
The President of the American Gaming Association Frank J. Fahrenkopf joins the program to talk about the gaming industry and the different opportunities you have for entertainment when it comes to traveling to the top gaming destinations.