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How to Tour Italy

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The One, the Only, Ms. Divina Cucina
The entire episode is dedicated to Judy Divina Cucina Witts Francini. During her epic career as a pastry chef, culinary teacher, tour guide, and Tuscan by choice she has led a marvelous life. Even more fantastic is her willingness to share it with you. We talk about everything from what brought her to Florence, to her wonderful cookbook titled Secrets from my Tuscan Kitchen. Judy is an absolute treasure and youll understand why after you enjoy our interview.

Williams-Sonoma, Twitter, Tuscany, and Cookbooks
Tired of reading about Florence? Enjoy it through videos by Flip Florence. Their new, multimedia approach to bringing Florence to life uses the wonderful Flip Video to capture and deliver the home of the Renaissance. Then, meet Pamela Sheldon Johns - cookbook author for Williams-Sonoma, a Chef, a B&B host, a...well, listen to the show to discover all her fantastic hats. Finally, Anthony interviews The Florentine, the best source of English news and information about Florence and Tuscany you'll find.

Villas in Paradise and Touring Florence
This week Anthony talks with Costanza of Villa Paradisino, where guests can enjoy cooking classes, picking fresh herbs every day, the finer points of making wine and olive oil, and some of the best food they'll enjoy during their visit to Italy. Then, Anthony discusses all of the wonderful guided tour options available from How to Tour Italy. You 'll learn about the unique Arno boat tour, tasting your way through the market, walking the streets of Florence, and how to enjoy some of the hidden gems of Florence.

There is No Such Thing as Italian Food
The food of Italy is as unique and varied as the people. Each region has its specialties and distinct dishes that make traveling to experience the cuisine as much, if not more fun than traveling to see the David or the Last Supper. There is no such thing as Italian food is the new segment that will be featured on the How to Tour Italy show to discover the food you'll find throughout your travels in Italy. Anthony also sits down to discuss his wonderful experience at Discover Soriano with his host Michael and Paola.

Great Italian Coffee
This week, Anthony discusses the finer points of coffee in Italy, including how to order, when to order, and what to order. You'll also learn about the only place in Italy you can look Michelangelo's David in the eyes. Finally, take a ride in a Fiat 500 with the 500 Touring Club of Florence.

Corridors and Planning Your Trip to Italy
After a wonderful tour of the Vasari Corridor that runs over the Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Felicita, and finally ends at Palazzo Pitti, Anthony talks with Context Travel docent Niall about what makes the Corridor a must-do tour. Then, Anthony talks through his tips on planning your trip to Italy taken from the most popular questions hes received via email.

How to Save Money in Italy
Learn how to save money by renting an apartment. It's cheaper than a hotel and when you book your room in Florence through How to Tour, you get a discount! Then, Anthony talks through 20 tips to save money everyday throughout your entire visit to Italy. You'll learn how to save money at dinner and throughout the day. And finally, soak in the best views of Florence from the hilltops to the Arno.

Goose and Maverick try to find the Batcave, the Markets, and Puglia
Returning your rental car can and will be a little frustrating, so we have tips on how to get it done right with the help of a navigator. Then, the Sant'Ambrogio market is explored with a true expert and guide. Finally, Puglia and the wonderful towns along the amazing coastline are explored.

A First-Timer to Italy
Anthony talks with his buddy Darryl about traveling Italy. This was Darryl's first trip to Italy so there are lots of great tips shared in the interview about getting around, using the trains, and lots more.

Rome with Kids and an Angels and Demons Star
This week, Anthony interviews David Pasquesi, an actor in Angels & Demons with Tom Hanks. He also interviews J.M. Pasquesi a noted and respected author of one of Rome's best and most highly ranked guidebooks Rome with Kids. The interview takes place in Pompey's Theater in Rome right off of Campo dei Fiori at a restaurant built over the ruins named Da Pancrazio. This is the spot in Rome where Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Gelato, Lions, Angels and Demons
We walk the streets of Florence on a wonderful tour to enjoy the best gelato, chocolate, and panini that Florence has to offer. Then, learn about new enhanced podcast that bring the sights from Angels & Demons to life in Rome. You'll also get some great tips on where to enjoy a little espresso and gelato along the way in Rome too. And we'll take a look back on the good old college days when we had nothing to worry about with an interview from the Lion's Fountain in Florence.

Great Tips for Italy that the Guidebooks Don't Tell You
Direct from Italy, Anthony offers up some tips and tricks to make your trip more enjoyable (while saving you some Euros) that you wont find in any guidebook. Then, we dine with Karen of The International Kitchen and Chef Claudio enjoying another meal that makes the top of the charts. And our In Situ segment covers the wonderful church near the train station in Florence: Santa Maria Novella.

In Situ: Accademia, The David and the Prisoners
We head north for our first In Situ segment discussing the David of Michelanglo and the Accademia in Florence. You can use the In Situ segments as personal walking tours on your journey through Italy.

Eating in Positano
If God came to earth to eat he would eat in Italy... better yet, he would eat in Positano at La Tagliata. Join us as we explore Positano and all her splendor. We'll talk with Giovanni of Benvenuto Limos, Vincenzo of Da Vincenzo restaurant, and our friend Bepino at La Tagliata. It is a delicious episode that will leave you hungry and wanted more.

Lemons, Popes, and a little Bed & Breakfast
We dive into the wonderful Vatican collection with Grant from Eden Walks. We'll also venture up to Florence and visit with Gabriella of Il Bargello Bed & Breakfast. Her B&B is a must stay right in the center of Florence. Then, we're off to Positano to get to know Lauren from Cooking Vacations on the Amalfi Coast.

Vino Roma
Today on the How to Tour Italy Radio Show, we will dive in headfirst to some of Italy's best wines with Vino Roma. This is truly one of the most fun things to do in the Eternal City. My friend Hande makes it so fun and easy that wine drinkers at any level will enjoy every sip and learn a thing or two.

A Gladiator & A Great Guidebook
The Gladiators life was short-lived, the life of those thrown into the Coliseum was horrific. So much blood was spilled that it is hard to comprehend. As the tourists journey through the world's most famous amphitheater, do they know how many lives ended to the roar of the crowd? Do they know how much blood was spilled? How many animals died? Anthony will then discuss a great guidebook and audio tour...his own. It seems a bit hubrisitic, but it is a good book and its his radio show. Finally well wrap with Kathy McCabe of Dream of Italy and Janice Mancuso of 31 Days of Italians.

Poppies, Villa Rentals, and the How to Tour Italy Project
Learn where Anthony is going to be during the first few weeks of the How to Tour Italy Project. Then join Patrice Salezze of Papavero Villa Rentals to learn about all of the wonderful villas available throughout Italy and why a villa is better than a hotel. Well wrap with a discussion on the best books to read before your visit to bellItalia and a thing or two about some great Italian contributions to America.

The Italian Language at its Most Beautiful & All Roads Lead to Rome
Well be talking with Dianne Hales about her new book titled La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the Worlds Most Enchanting Language. Then well be joined by another great author, Rich DiSilivo to talk about his great book The Winds of Time and how the Romans set the foundation for our society today. To wrap things up, were joined by Kathy McCabe of Dream of Italy and Janice Mancuso of 31 Days of Italians.

More Raphael, a National Geographic Traveler Magazine Writer, and getting ready for the Project
This week Anthony will be talking more about Raphael since last week wasnt enough time to give the master his due. Then hell be joined by Elaine Glusac the renowned travel writer who has contributed articles to magazines like National Geographic Traveler, New York Times, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Bon Appetit, Budget Travel, American Way, the Chicago Tribune, DK Eyewitness, and countless others. Then well wrap with Janice Mancuso of 31 Days of Italians and Kathy McCabe of Dream of Italy.

Raphael - The First Casanova
On this episode, Anthony examines the life and works of one of Italys greatest and most important Renaissance Artists Raphael Sanzio. Plus, well catch up with Janice Mancuso of 31 Days of Italians, and Kathy McCabe of Dream of, and Anthony will tell you all about the How to Tour Italy Project.

Saint Marks Square, The Rialto Bridge, and Chowing in Venice.
This week we'll explore the wonderful city of Venice from its meager beginnings to its powerful days as a ruling Naval Power. Well be joined by the author of Chow Venice, Ruth Edenbaum to discus the dining treasures to be found in La Serenissima (aka Venice). I am happy that two of my great friends will be on the show again this week. Janice Mancuso will share some interesting history on Italian American contributions to America. And Kathy McCabe will join us to share some insider tips on traveling to Italy.

A Prison, a Drunk God, Some Great Italian Contributions to America and a Little Gelato
The Bargello is one of Italys best museums and is almost never busy. It used to be a prison and is home to some of Michelangelos great work. Well also discuss, with Janice Therese Mancuso of Thirty-One Days of Italians, some of the significant contributions to America made by Italians and Italian-Americans, including those to the educational system and government. Then, well relax with some gelato.

Severed heads, Molten Bronze, a Great Itinerary, and a Glass of Wine
Well explore the best outdoor museum in Italy; The Loggia of Florence is filled with history and great photo opps. Then well talk to Megan Sipes of The Italian Concierge on how to best plan your trip to Italy with her expertise. Finally, well enjoy a glass of Montepulciano dAbruzzo (one of my favorites) in the studio and talk about what makes this wine so good.

Siena... Everybody loves Siena!
Anthony talks all things Siena: The food, the art, the wine, the nightlife, and, of course, the Palio. We'll also hear from Leslie Erickson, a travel planner with extensive experience helping people plan their trips to Italy. She'll provide some insider tips on how to get to Italy even during our tough economy.

Santa Croce, a Little Steak, and an iKangaroo
On this episode, well be talking about the wonderful Franciscan church Santa Croce in Florence where some of Italys and Florences most famous are buried. Well then talk with iKangaroo's Chris Carriero, who's got a great Vatican Itinerary, complete with tips to make the most of your visit. Finally, well talk about a true Florentine delight... Florentine steaks.

Eat Smart and Drink a Lot (But Do Both Well)
Joan Peterson of the Eat Smart Guides will share her insight on traveling and eating well. Her Eat Smart Guide Sicily is a huge success and shell join us to talk about the great cuisine of Sicily and some of her hidden dining gems. Then well be tasting some of Italys most famous liquors like Grappa, Limoncello, Tuaco, Stregga, and Campari. Joining Anthony in the studio will be Chef Travis Rodriguez of Timpano Steakhouse in Naperville, Illinois.

Dream of Italy
Kathy McCabe discusses her wonderful newsletter, blog, and website titled Dream of Italy. Its packed with great travel tips, and insider information and is a must have for any lover of Italy or travel. Then, Anthony has tips for travelers to capitalize on taking advantage of the cultural aspects of dining and getting the most out of each and every meal.

The Italian Kitchen, Pizza and Trains
Judy Potrzeba, the owner of Someones in the Kitchen in Libertyville, IL> teaches us all about cooking Southern Italian food at home. We also talk with Jonathan Goldsmith of Spacca Napoli in Chicago, about his fantastic, authentic Southern Italian pizza. And we feature some insight on traveling through Italy on the Italian Trains.

The Agony and Ecstasy of Michelangelo and Angela Nickerson
This week well explore the genius of Michelangelo through a discussion about his ceiling, sculptures, paintings, and lack of hygiene. Our great guest is the author of A Journey into Michelangelos Rome, Angela Nickerson. Shell tell us about her book and the best itineraries to enjoy Michelangelos great work. Our focus dish will be Bruschetta and the differences youll find throughout Italy and how to make it at home.

Living Marble, Great Hotels, and Beans
Anthony explores the glory of Bernini through his sculpture, including great itineraries to see his work, his life and his legacy. We'll also talk with Caron McConnon of with helpful tips on finding the best hotels in Italy. And finally, an Italian staple: pasta Fagioli; how to make it, and the different recipes you'll find throughout Bella Italia.

Scholar-led Walks of the World's Greatest Cities
Context is a network of architects, historians, and art historians who organize walking seminars for intellectually curious travelers. Their walks provide an in-depth alternative to traditional tours, and are led by Ph.D.-level scholars and historians. Their seminars are like going back to college, and they are not a tour company (no umbrellas). Anthony will be joined by Paul Bennett of Context.