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July 01, 2016
Abortion & Access to Birth Control
Earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled once again on laws regarding abortion and access to birth control. The court struck down a Texas law requiring abortion clinics to meet strict operational guidelines deemed to be “burdensome” and upheld a law requiring a family-owned pharmacy to sell the “morning after pill”, despite the owner’s religious objections. Ever since the landmark ruling of Roe v Wade in 1973, there’s been a constant back and forth discussion (sometimes bordering on violence) about these two topics and how they relate to freedom of religion and women’s rights. In this episode, Valerie will walk you through the history behind both of these emotionally charged topics, discuss relevant legal and constitutional factors, and explore the main arguments used by both sides. If you’ve been unsure and confused by all the rhetoric, this is the information you need to develop your own opinion!
June 17, 2016
Gun Control Discussion and Transgender issues
Politicians on the left and right alike are using the horrific Orlando mass shooting to further their own political agenda on gun control, but are stricter laws really the key to preventing mass murders and overall gun violence? And recently a woman militantly paraded up and down the aisles in a local Target denouncing transgender bathroom access claiming that we're on the verge of an epidemic of bathroom sexual assault, but do the facts support her claim? And what about all those pay equity statistics and the war on women? How do we know if women really are paid less than men and what’s the best approach for achieving equitable pay practices? Join Valerie for this special episode where she’ll give you the facts behind the headlines and share her thoughts on a path forward on some of the most controversial topics in the news.
April 08, 2016
Obesity Epidemic & Obamacare
It’s no secret that the U.S. is facing an epidemic of obesity. Not only are today’s adults overweight, but medical costs related to healthcare is skyrocketing and right now Obamacare is on everyone’s mind due to the upcoming election. Join Valerie as she talks with Sam Jaoude, of Eatfitters.com, about the factors contributing to the obesity epidemic and how obesity drives higher health care costs. Then, Valerie will discuss the goals of the Affordable Health Care Act and whether or not Obamacare seems to be hitting those goals. It's going to be a thought provoking episode, so be certain to tune in!
March 25, 2016
Privacy vs National Security & Immigration
The San Bernardino shooters continue to dominate the news months after their deaths as the FBI and Apple battle over access to an encrypted cell phone, all at the same time that the immigration system continues to be a top concern for Americans. Join Valerie as she talks with Denise Howell, of This WEEK in LAW, about the legal issues behind the privacy vs national security Apple iPhone debate and learn the latest developments in the case. Then Valerie will talk with leading immigration attorney, Diego Galer of Galer Law Firm, about the current immigration system - including what's working and what's not. And don't miss Valerie's clear explanation of the various immigration plans being offered by the various presidential candidates. It's going to be an information episode that leaves you "in the know" so that you can developed an informed opinion!
March 11, 2016
Oil Prices, Minimum Wage & Presidential Candidates
Oil prices are at a record low, there are more and more calls for increases to both state and federal minimum wages and the presidential primary season just keeps on keeping on. Join Valerie as she talks with John Goodman, America's Money Answers Man, about the cause and effect of oil prices and what consumers should do to take advantage of lower prices at the pump. Then listen and learn about state and federal minimum wage issues from Kennedy Hodges partner, Don Foty, who is a nationally recognized leader in wage and compensation law. And don't miss Valerie's personal no-spin summary of the current presidential candidates. It's going to be another great conversation to help you get the information you need to form your own opinion!
February 26, 2016
Presidential Primaries, Money and The Bern
If you sometimes find news stories both confusing and overwhelming, then you're in the right place! Join host, Valerie Hayes, for an hour of current events topics presented in an educational, informational and friendly format. Listen in as "everyday expert" guests, small business owner, Heather Moran, Miss America's Outstanding Teen Allie Nault and Lisa Bennett, founder of Feel the Bern - Soundtrack to Revolution, discuss the confusing presidential primary process, the impact of the economy on millennials, the definition of a socialist democrat, and Valerie's personal assessment of the presidential candidates. This is a drama free zone with no name calling, yelling or guests talking over each other. Just a kitchen table conversation so that you can develop your own opinion. It's okay to have your own opinion...as long as it's an informed opinion!