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Everything Old Is New Again

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We're Talking Toys
This week we celebrate this phenomenon of getting back to face to face gaming, as opposed to playing video games and apps on a tablet. And to help us along, is a Half Hollow High School East friend of Douglas Viviani and David Cohen. He is our newest member of the EONA Rogues Gallery of guests: vintage toy and game aficionado, Dan Neuburger.

Dinner with DiMaggio
If you are going to talk classic baseball in New York or America for that matter, you have to Start with Ruth and Gehrig, and then on to DiMaggio to Mantle to Jeter. That may sound provincial, but well, we're big fans. This week we have a treat for anyone interested not only in baseball, but also iconic pop culture...because this week, we talk Dinner with DiMaggio with author John Positano.

Alan Alda
Alan Alda has earned international recognition as an actor, writer and director. He has won seven Emmy awards, received three tony nominations, is an inductee of the television hall of fame, and was nominated for an academy award for his role in the aviator. Hawkeye Pierce himself joins us to talk about his newest project, his book, If I Undertood You, Would I Have This Look On My Face? My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating.. Learn about what we did right to get this international star on our show!

George Anderson: What Happens When We Die
Psychic Medium George Anderson is back and we continue to learn more about life after death and how George's gift works.  What is it like when we leave Earth?  Tune in and find out one man's fascinating opinion.

Psychic Medium George Anderson
As we get older, we all experience death in some form or another.  The question of what happens when we die is as old as time itself. The Egyptians built pyramids to ensure life after death for their Pharoahs, and the Bible promises a new life after we die. Eons ago, humans even created cave drawings about it. Then there were the paintings about it during the Italian Renaissance, and more recently, volumes of literature and movies made, which seek to explore this universal topic.  Today we are excited to once again welcome a man who will be able to provide an answer to what happens after we die..psychic medium George Anderson.

Boy Wonder Burt Ward
The character of Batman is the epitome of what Everything Old is New Again is all about. The caped crusader gets reinvented for each generation. Currently, Ben Affleck wears the cape and cowl. But for kids growing up in the 60's and 70's, their dynamic duo were Adam West and our guest Burt Ward.

Burt joins us to discuss the lasting legacy of the iconic 1960's TV series Batman, and about the new animated film that will once again reunite the cast. Burt has also become a superhero in real life for our four legged friends, through his Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions organization. We'll hear about that as well!

Bernie Kopell Part Three
This week, we are happy to spend some more time with a special guest- Bernie Kopell . You know him from his ingenious characterization of Siegfried in Get Smart, and thereafter as Dr. Adam Bricker on all 250 episodes of the Love Boat, from 1976 to 1986. He has guest starred on TV and movies ever since, recently in Hawaii Five and Superstore. Truly Everything Old is New Again!

More with Bernie Kopell
This week we continue the fun with the Love Boat's Dr. Bricker himself, Bernie Kopell. He takes us behind the scenes of the Love Boat and dishes a bit about some of the many guest stars who have appeared on the show. There is something for everyone in this show... join us!

Actor Bernie Kopell
This week, we are happy to spend some time with a special guest. You know him from his ingenious characterization of Siegfried in Get Smart, and thereafter as Dr. Adam Bricker on all 250 episodes of the Love Boat, from 1976 to 1986. He has guest starred on TV and movies ever since, recently in Hawaii Five and Superstore. Truly Everything Old is New Again, we welcome Bernie Kopell to this week's show.

Talking Jazz with Peter Welller
This week we continue our conversation about Jazz with Dr. Peter Weller. He knew the legendary Jazz musician, Miles Davis himself. Peter Weller, a favorite guest of this show, can be seen currently on the Lost Ship and previously on RoboCop, and in Star Trek Into Darkness where he lost a battle with the infamous Khan. He also crashed the funeral of a Jazz legend!

The Return of Peter Weller
He's BACK! We have the privilege to once again welcome The Most Interesting Man in the World to all Jazz. Join the star of Robo Cop, 24, Sons of Anarchy, The Lost Ship and Star Trek Into Darkness, as we explore what IS Jazz and what happened to it? Tune in, we promise, you will learn and smile at the same time!

More with Paul and Dee Dee Sorvino
Paul Sorvino is not only a legendary actor who starred in Goodfellas as the godfather Paulie, but has been in over 200 movies and TV shows. He's a gifted sculptor, singer and cook. But the best thing he has done is marry his wife, former consultant to George W. Bush, political pendent and show host, Dee Dee Sorvino. Together they have co-authored their first cookbook, PINOT, PASTA AND PARTIES, a love letter to Italian food. Let's talk food, the White House and Star Trek!

Cooking with Paul Sorvino
The cookbook authored by Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino, PINOT, PASTA AND PARTIES is soon being released. This cookbook celebrates life and being with each other. The authors believe the best way of solving the problems of the world is through a glass of wine and a bountiful meal. This Italian cookbook offers 80 recipes with menus for relaxed entertainment. As we welcome Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino to Everything Old is New Again, let's talk Goodfellas and Pasta!

The Return of King Kong
Recently, we saw the release of Kong: Skull Island. And following up on the reboot of Godzilla from 2014 (which made over a half a billion dollars worldwide). So it's safe to say – giant monster movies are back! This week we have no choice, with King Kong and Godzilla lurking out there and smashing all box office records for these kind of movies in Hollywood. So we take out the Everything Old is New Again telescope (vs. microscope) and examine the huge success of Giant Monster Movies.

Phone Calls
After about three years of episodes, here we are with show number 151. We have heard from our EONA affiliate network of 25 stations across America. We have reached the heart of America and our listeners, and we have heard that America wants to talk to us live. Our listeners want to be a part of our show, and join in the "Arguments you Love to Have"! Now we usually do the show with just David and myself, on a particular aspect of pop culture. We examine where it comes from, we play audio clips to jog the memory, and determine why it's still popular today. But now...TAKE CALLS? Do you think that will work? Does our show lend itself to taking calls? Well, you asked for it, so we'll give it a shot!

The Amazing Kreskin
Over the past 50 years, The Amazing Kreskin has appeared many times on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Joey Bishop Show, The Mike Douglas Show, Late Night with David Letterman, the Howard Stern Show, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon just to name a few. He has also flown over three million miles worldwide, to bring his timeless and entertaining feats of mentalism to the world. So amazing are his abilities and story, that in 2008 a movie was made called The Great Buck Howard, to bring his story to another generation.

Truly an innovator and entertainer with truly amazing abilities, we welcome to Everything Old is New Again- The Amazing Kreskin!

More with Peter Weller
We continue the fun with Admiral Marcus from Star Trek Into Darkness. We consider him "The Most Interesting Man in the World". He's RoboCop, Dr. Peter Weller. On this episode we talk Star Trek, life philosophy, Joseph Campbell, Art and Directing. It's a great part two...enjoy!

Actor Peter Weller
We have the privilege to welcome a guest who may be best known as RoboCop, but that is just the beginning. Dr. Peter Weller is an actor, director and a PhD recipient in Italian renaissance art history. He sincerely loves the forum for history and pop culture that our show provides. This week, hear Part One of our two-part interview with someone we consider to be "The Most Interesting Man in the World". His new project The Last Ship, along with his role on TV's Lou Grant, and his memorable Fringe experience will be discussed. We also talk art and life...tune in, you will not be able to tune out!

Hidden Facts about the Wizard of Oz
Last week we had some fun, going back to the land of OZ some 117 years after the first book was published, and 78 years after the classic movie was released. We poked around and caught up with what's happening in Oz now. The response has been so over the top, that we must return to Oz once again. It's alive and well in 2017. An incarnation of it is on Broadway in the form of Wicked; it's on NBC TV in Emerald City; and the movie four years ago with James Franco was quite a success, Oz the Great and Powerful. So in the best spirit of Everything Old is New Again – let's explore the movie The Wizard of Oz. We'll peel back the onion to learn Things You Never Knew about The Wizard of Oz.

We're Off to See the Wizard
With the upcoming 80th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz movie in 2 short years; Oz the Great and Powerful movie from 2013 starring James Franco and Mila Kunis; the success of The WIZ live on TV last year; the success of Wicked on Broadway for over a decade; and the Advent of the NBC Emerald City TV show -- Oz is alive and well. It's a perfect topic for our show. Since L. Frank Baum's original and first Oz novel was published in 1901, this series of stories has never gone away. It's time for us to take a trip, through the power of radio, to see how Oz and it's inhabitants are doing now.

We have seen the production of the new and critically acclaimed HBO series, Westworld...but is it new? In case you don't know, this idea of an amusement park inhabited by robots, where you pay to be in the Wild West with a guarantee that you won't get hurt, was created by the great Michael Crichton. He also created Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, Congo, The Great Train Robbery, Sphere, Rising Son, Disclosure, and Timeline. All of these became movies.

This week, we explore Westworld and amusement parks in general, as places for fun, excitement, story telling, and movies. We'll also take you behind the scenes, to share some little-known amusement park secrets. Join us!

Bad Remakes
Recently, we have seen the remake of the classic movies, Blair Witch, Ghostbusters, Magnificent Seven, Tarzan and Ben Hur. Some were successful and others a complete disaster. We are not talking sequels, but total remakes of these movies. We know it's easier to just remake a movie with an existing script and built-in audience, but is this a smart move?

Money is not the only measuring stick – what about cinematic quality of these remakes of classic films? Should classic movies ever be remade?

Great Coaching
College football has recently named their 2017 Champion, the Superbowl is almost here, and College Basketball season is in full swing. What do all these have in common? To have a successful team, you need to have quality COACHING!

This week, we are privileged to welcome my college roommate, Tim Phelan to the show. Back in the day, he coached my college intramural basketball team and is now coaching AP Girls Soccer. He's here to share his expertise in this area, as we explore the gift of coaching and why it's been so important since the beginning of time. We are sure the Olympic athletes in Ancient Greece had great coaches for their athletes. Speaking of ancient, welcome old friend!

Emerald City's David Schulner
On Friday January 6 at 9:00 p.m., NBC premiered the new Emerald City TV Series. This series reimagines the Wizard of Oz and is quite impressive. This week, Everything Old is New Again has the pleasure of visiting with the Executive Producer, Writer and Show Runner of Emerald City, David Schulner for the whole hour. Join us as we pay ALL of our attention to the man behind the curtain, the Wizard of Emerald City, David Schulner.

Harry Potter, The Sequel
This week, we continue our examination of all things Harry Potter. The success of the Harry Potter books gave rise to eight movies that have yielded some eight billion dollars. Now we have seen the rise of the prequel film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It is so successful, there are four more films planned in this series. This week, EONA turns our attention to Harry Potter and the Wizarding World's objects, spells and merchandise. What can we learn about this project's fantastical success, and bring that magic to our lives?

The Harry Potter Phenomenon
In 1997, the literary world was turned on its head. A book created by a then unknown and unpublished writer became a phenomenon: Harry Potter. From that point on, the demand was so great there were six sequels published (seven books total) followed by eight blockbuster movies, which have earned some Eight Billion Dollars to date.

And now – we have Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. This week and next, we examine this Literary and Movie juggernaut to determine what spell has JK Rowling cast upon us. Will the need for all things Harry Potter ever end?

EOINA Unplugged
One of the cornerstones of Everything Old is New Again – America's Entertainment Pop Culture Talk Show, is the use of short audio clips to refresh the memory of the topic we are discussing. Well, today the topic will be our show itself, Everything Old is New Again. We'll discuss where we have come from, what we are all about and what to look forward to in the upcoming year. This show is ALL TALK, NO CLIPS. It's "Everything Old is New Again, Unplugged" if you will...

Sherlock Holmes Investigate EOINA
With the popularity of the new TV show Timeless, Flash and Frequency, the topic of time travel is quite timely. This week, we postulate the question: what if Sherlock Holmes and Watson stumbled upon a few tapes of Everything Old is New Again? What would they think about this show and deduce about its hosts? Stay tuned at the end of this show. You don't want to miss this mystery solved by Holmes himself.

2044 Reunion
In 2034, The team of Douglas Viviani and David Cohen broke up after 30 years on the air together, due to a contract dispute. Now, 10 years later in 2044, Douglas is trying to bring David back to the show. Will they reunite, or will they go the way of Martin and Lewis, Simon and Garfunkle, Abbott and Costello and many other famous duos who broke up? They spend the program revisiting some of their most famous arguments.

History of Entertainment 2034
Welcome to History Channel's History of Entertainment 2034, as we look at the current state of radio and celebrate the classic radio show, Everything Old is New Again. Twenty years ago, in 2014, Douglas Viviani and David Cohen burst onto the fledgling talk radio scene which was mired in political talk, sports talk, medical and financial talk, and did what was thought to be impossible. They made radio fun again! This week on History Channel's History of Entertainment 2034, we look into the birth of the current ratings king and talk radio phenomenon, which has since been imitated but never equaled.

The UFO's of 2016
This year, we have seen significant developments in the world of the extraterrestrial, and possible life beyond Earth. Since the dawn of time, from caveman drawings to Egyptian pyramids to Star Trek Beyond, man has either seen, searched or believed in life on other planets. EONA is going to once again explore this age old question. We will track the reaches of outer space, as well as the limits of our imagination with, our resident UFOlogist, Dr. John Viviani.

The Burger Bowl
Building on last week's show where we explored the "Comeback of the Hamburger"...this week, we will be hosting the contest of contests, the Hamburger Bowl! We are going to taste hamburgers, old and new. At the end of this show, we will declare the Modern King of the Hamburger! Are you ready?

Comeback of the Hamburger
Back in the day, Main Street America was excited about either a McDonalds or Burger King opening in their neighborhood. Later, Wendy's was added to the mix and all was right with the world. Then over the past few years, these pillars of the fast food world have fallen from grace. Now in my hometown alone, besides McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's we have: Frizzles, Burger Fi, Sonic Burger, Checkers, Smash Burger, Way Back, and 5 Guys...huh?

This week on EONA, we take a look at the Comeback of the Hamburger!

Good TV You May Be Missing
As we begin this television season, there is so much hope and promise for that new show that we are going to look forward to tuning into each week and talk about with our friends and family. What show will be that show this year? There are MANY shows that are obvious choices, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dancing with the Stars – shows most people are watching – the REAL question is what shows have you been missing? Shows not so popular, but destined to become your next favorite show?

TV Producer Terrence Winter
Terence Winter is the creator, writer, and executive producer of the HBO television series Boardwalk Empire (2010–14). Before creating Boardwalk Empire, Winter was a writer and executive producer for The Sopranos, from the show's second to sixth and final season (2000–2007). He has won 4 Emmys: two as a producer of The Sopranos and two for for the episode, "Long Term Parking", where Adriana gets killed and or writing the Soprano's episode Members Only, where Uncle Junior shoots Tony. In 2013, he wrote the screenplay to Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. He is the creator, writer and executive producer of another HBO television drama series, Vinyl, which premired earlier in 2016.

The Best New TV Shows
It's that time! The new TV season is here! Ok, so we admit it, we LOVE TV and predicting the new hits. This week, we at EONA, America's Entertainment Pop Culture Talk Show is going to be your TV Guide and plan out your TV viewing of the new, and only the NEW shows debuting this year. What say you? Ready to take a peek into the new TV Season with us?

Two Person Comedy Teams
With the growing popularity of Key and Peele on Comedy Central and the duo known as Flight of the Conchords, with a 2016 North American tour spanning 30 cities -- it appears that the era of two person comedy teams might be returning.

If so, why? Are teams that stay together, and appear in all scenes of movies and shows, better than just combining a comedian and an actor? What about combining two comedians for a movie such as Central Intelligence with The Rock and Kevin Hart, which made $214 Million on a $50M budget? of two person comedy teams might be returning.

This week, we examine the concept of two person Comedy Teams.

No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends
Along those lines, a friend of the show is joins us today. He is my friend from the time I was 11 years old in 1973, and in fifth grade. His name is Chris Galvin, and he will share his story with you today. To me, he is an inspiration on how to live life, when life deals you lemons. Truly a great lemonade maker, Chris is someone who has fought difficulties in life with a smile and a positive attitude, and who continues to enjoy each day. Today, I want to pick his brain and find out what pop culture references have given him such a great attitude. He'll tell us the best way to deal with true adversity in life.

Star Trek: Old v New
The latest Star Trek movie, recently released, features the original series' characters, which of course have been recast. As we mark the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series TV debuting in 1966, let's compare the original and new crews, stories and experiences. This is the perfect topic for Everything Old is New Again -- where we explore current entertainment topics, their origins, and why they're still popular today. We will also take a sneak peek at the new TV Series, Star Trek: Discovery, set to air January 2017. Plus: Doug's recent visit to the NYC Mission Star Trek Convention!

The Meaning of Star Trek
We've seen the release of Star Trek: Beyond, the third entry in the reboot of Star Trek movie franchise and the 13th Star Trek movie overall. In a few months, we'll get to see Star Trek: Discovery, on CBS All Access. Deals have been made on Netflix to broadcast all 738 episodes of past Star Trek series, including The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Star Trek the Animated Series. Not bad for a fifty year-old show!

But why such success and longevity? We'll explore that question with our guest, Star Trek aficionado Richard Richter. You've heard him previously on our shows about Star Trek conventions, and our Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate.

Animation and Live Action together
The new television season has brought us Son of Zorn, a show that combines Animation with Live Action. While this is a rather unique idea for a TV Sitcom, it is not the first time we have seen this...but are we ready for this again? Is there any reason to combine...cartoons with live people in a TV show or movie? Has this ever been done well? Will this be a success? Listen to EONA as we will explore this topic in detail, including the fantasy: what if David Cohen and I were in such a world? What cartoon character would we want to hang out with? Surely, this is going to start the argument you are going to love to hear !

Women in Comedy
We have recently seen exponential growth of women appearing in Comedy, TV, and Movies. This year alone, Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres, Samantha Bee, Maya Rudolph, Leslie Jones, Tina Fey, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Melissa McCarthy, Kirten Wiigand and Amy Poehler starred in movies and TV shows with great success. Will this growth continue in Hollywood -- have the floodgates opened? And, are women of today funnier than in the past? Or is it just a matter of quantity of today vs. quality of the past?

Quarry on Cinemax
This week we welcome creators and writers from the Cinemax TV Series "Quarry" to the show: Michael D. Fuller and Graham Gordy.

We also welcome Music Songwriting Hall of Famer David Porter, who wrote many hit songs -- from Sam & Dave's "Soul Man" to Will Smith's "Get Jiggy with It". He is now the musical consultant for Quarry.

We'll spend the hour exploring the story behind the show, based upon the thirteen novels created by Max Allan Collins and why to watch this exciting new series.

You Said What?
This week our special guest returns: Mr. Jim Guidi is the owner, general manager and morning host on KVGC Radio in Jackson, CA, serving Amador County and the surrounding area at 1340 AM and 96.5 FM. Since January 15, 2015 EONA has had the privilege of being heard on KVGC every week. We are proud and honored to have this station as part of the growing EONA affiliate network.

Last week, Jim battled our own David Cohen on EONA's Theme Song Game show...but wait, we are not done with Jim yet! This week we explore behind the scenes of the medium of radio, as we pick the brain of and benefit from the vast experience of Mr. Guidi. And when we are done talking about the state of radio, we finish off with the Championship Round of our game show to crown our Champion!

The Return of OUR Game Show
Coming off last weeks' show in which we celebrated the TV Game show and it's strong comeback, this week, it's time again for the EONA TV Theme Song Game Show – You Said What?
We have a Special Guest who has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged our own David Cohen to a contest of wills. EONA is currently broadcast on over 31 stations in 26 states in the USA and growing. This week we have the pleasure of welcoming the Owner, General Manager and Morning Host of Amador County's own KVGC, 1340 a.m., 96.5 fm radio, located in Jackson, California, where you can find EONA broadcast on Saturday and Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m.

TV Game Shows
Beginning with Who Wants to be a Millionaire in the last decade, continuing with Hollywood Game Night hosted by Jane Lynch (now in its 4th season), and the summer hit trio of Match Game hosted by Alex Baldwin, Celebrity Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey, and $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strahan -- the TV Game Show is back!

Games have been played since the dawn of man, through all civilizations. In modern times, games were heard on radio and continued through the dawn of TV, until now. If we the audience have no chance of winning, why do we continue to watch these shows? This week we'll have some fun with the TV GAME SHOW.

Video Games
With the recent release of Pokemon Go, we have seen an incredible resurgence in video games. Video games have been with us since 1970, and through the decades we've gone from arcade, to home TV, to home computer, and now on smartphones. Pushing buttons on a console will never get old, as long as a game has catchy music and a high score to shoot for. This week, we look at the VIDEO GAME ...urr...APP...?

The Age of Women in Hollywood
This past year alone, we have seen the continued resurgence of women as the stars of big movie and TV show. Spys (Melissa McCarthy), Mad Max (Charlese Theron), at least FIVE strong women characters in Game of Thrones, Veep (Julia Louis Dryfus) and Wendi McLendon - Covey of the hit Goldbergs on TV. Most recently, we see this trend in the Ghostbusters remake. This week, we try to determine if this is the age of women in entertainment, or just a continuation of their high level of participation in our Hollywood

Invasion- The Sequel
This week we continue our examination of the Invasion of Earth as brought to us by Hollywood, most recently in Independence Day II. Let's take a look at what may be a more realistic version of this theme. If there were aliens out there that visit us, why would they do it? And what would be the most effective way to deal with us humans? Later on in the show, we'll watch one of the worst of the sci fi genre together, and comment as we go. Join the fun on Everything Old is New Again!

Alien Invasions
Theeeerrreee BAAAAACCCKKK! The summer alien invasion begins with Independence Day II. Just when you thought it was save to relax, Hollywood has burdened us with yet another alien invasion in Independence Day II. This week and next, we will take a look at the treatment of the UFO phenomenon, the many ways we have been invaded in the past and -- what's our best defense against these movies?

George Anderson, Psychic Medium
Since the dawn of man as witnessed by the cave drawings; the Great Pyramids of the Ancient Egyptians, which were a method of securing life after death for the pharaohs; the advent of Christianity; and the building of the great Churches and art of the Renaissance; through all civilizations up to our modern culture today, humans have desired for the answer to the question: what is life all about? And, what happens when we die? This week we have the pleasure of welcoming someone who may shed some solid light on this topic, George Anderson.

The Avengers of Yesteryear
Sometimes it's hard to imagine our parents and grandparents as young people with hopes, dreams and imagination! But as the movie Back to the Future made evident, our ancestors were people too. And they enjoyed a good hero story as much as we do. In fact, they got to witness the founding of the comic book superheroes we see today.

This week, we examine the heroes of yesteryear to see how they compare with today's Avengers. Then we'll select the best heroes of all time, going all the way back to the Victorian Era. And we'll have a draft pick to choose the best team, one we'll call the Victorian Avengers. How do they stack up against today's Marvel's Avengers and DC's Justice League?

The Legend of Tarzan
This summer, the Legend of Tarzan is alive again with the release of the blockbuster movie. Did you know that the Tarzan story is over one hundred years old? Edgar Rice Burroughs' masterpiece was first released in 1912 and has been going strong ever since. Back when the king of the jungle was first created, he became a superhero, before there were superheroes.

Taking the plethora of DC and Marvel superhero movies, TV shows, and comic books as a reference point, let's look at superheroes before the advent of the comic book. How did they serve as the foundation of today's superheroes? Would a team of Victorian Avengers stand up to today's Avengers or Justice League?

Summer Blockbusters
Weeeee're back! BBQ Guy and Fondue Guy are happy to be back on EONA, while our hosts David Cohen and Douglas Viviani are on vacation.

We are going to share some BBQ recipes to ensure your Summer cookouts are a great success. Also, the Summer brings us the blockbuster movie season. We will go through the movies released this summer and recommend what films are worth your time leaving the BBQ.

Fondue Guy is alone for the time being, looking to go to the movies with --- BBQ Guy? Can we agree on a movie?

Fourth of July with the BBQ Guy
This week we are happy to be broadcasting on the Fourth of July weekend and we look forward to the BBQ celebrating Independence Day. Of course, BBQ Guy loves the BBQ, and this great holiday is always the official beginning of the BBQ party season. We know Fondue Guy is not a fan of the BBQ, so we'll take some time to celebrate our country's independence and then try convincing Fondue Guy to join us for the party around the BBQ!

Last week we took a look at the incredible shrinking movies, led by the Ant Man phenomenon, with two huge movies in one year. Steven Spielberg's BFG (Big Friendly Giant) has a July 2016 release. Why is one of Hollywood's most successful directors of all time taking on the Giant story? What is the continuing fascination with stories in which humans are resized? We examine that question, as we look at Giants.

Let's Get Small
With the rise of the Ant Man in two movies this year alone, there has been a long history of movies and television which focus on the resizing of people. From Alice in Wonderland to Gulliver's Travels to Tinker Bell to Land of the Giants there has been a fascination with all things small. This week we will pull out the magnifying glass to examine this odd, quirky phenomenon to see what is the BIG deal anyway?

Classic Rock in Concert
The recently announced "Desert Trip" Concert will feature some of the all-time great rock musicians. The tickets sold out in no time. The concert features just a few of the musicians and bands who are in the Autumn of their years, yet are STILL generating excitement and sold out crowds, world wide. And this is some 40 – 50 years after they began their music careers. Truly, this is living proof that Everything Old is New Again!

This week we look at the live concert music scene. How and why these artists are selling out shows, while performing in their 60's, 70's and 80's?

Rooting for the Underdog
This year we saw the achievement of the underdogs of Apollo Creed's son in the movie Creed, and Olympic ski jumper, Eddie the Eagle. This got us thinking about the Underdog it uniquely American? Even when the heroes are not American, it seems we bring these stories to light and enjoy them. Is that true of every society throughout time? What is it about the stories of Underdogs that influence our pop culture, so that such stories are unending?

The World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
This week we continue our examination of Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle in celebration of the new Fox TV release, Houdini and Doyle. Last week, we examined all things Houdini. This week, we dive into the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author and creator of the most famous and endearing detective, none other than Sherlock Holmes. The character was created in 1886 and has survived these 130 years. Believe it or not, his effect and actual character remain with us to this day!

It's Magic
With the advent of the new Houdini & Doyle on FOX, we see the merger of the sweet sciences of Magic and the Mystery. The TV show teams the most famous magician, Harry Houdini with the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Together in this fictional world, one is a believer in nothing he cannot see, and the other is a believer in most anything -- Science vs. Spiritualism. Are the mysterious deaths they try to solve supernatural or human in nature?

This brings us to a discussion of Magic (as brought to us by Harry Houdini) and the Murder Mystery (by Arthur Conan Doyle). Over the next two weeks, we will take a fascinating look at these two fathers of their respective forms of entertainment. Their works have survived over 100 years and are constantly being used as the basis of the Magic and Detective stories we see today.

Live Action Cartoons
With the advent of Maleficent which came out a few years back, then Cinderella released in 2015, and Jungle Book which hit the theaters in April, Disney seems to be making all of its princesses and fairy tales come to life on the big screen with live actors.

Is turning cartoons into live action movies a good idea? Have we had enough of these princesses and nice Disney stories in cartoon form, or is it time for a serious look at the Princesses and Disney fairy tales on the big screen? we really need serious Disney tales?

Hero v Hero
It's time for the Battle of the Comic Book Movie Hero Titans! Batman vs. Superman came out in March. And Captain America vs. Iron Man in Civil War will be released this month. Both Marvel and DC are pitting their super heroes against one another. It's Heroes vs. Heroes -- what's up with that? Do any other theatrical Battles of the Titans compare? Is Superman vs. Batman the best onscreen battle of all time? And which is the best franchise?

The Idea Factory
Week after week, we get one question more than any other – "Where do you get all the ideas for the show?" This week, we break down the "fourth wall" and give you a little peek into the making of Everything Old is New Again. You'll hear Doug and David debate and develop show ideas, here and now. Then stay tuned, in future weeks you'll hear the final product that's just a germ of an idea today. You are here on the ground floor of Everything Old is New Again!

The Return of the Live Musical
With the successful experiment of the 2013 live performance of the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood; 2014's Peter Pan, 2015's The Wiz Live! and most recently, January 2016's GREASE: LIVE, it seems that live TV is baaack. But this is nothing new. TV was live from its infancy in 1936, broadcasting the Summer Olympics held in Berlin. Until 1958 most if not all of TV WAS live. Now, except for the news and local morning shows, and Saturday Night Live in the 1970s, most of TV has been broadcast on tape. That is, until now. Dancing with the Stars, portions of American Idol, The Voice and America's Got Talent are carried live. And finally, TV is taking on LIVE Broadway Musicals...and this week, so do we.

Vinyl's Max Casella
This week we have some fun with Max Casella who is a regular in role of Julius "Julie" Silver in HBO's series, VINYL. The HBO show is executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter. We discuss Broadway, television and life with Max Casella for the entire hour.

Casella's television career includes roles as Benny Fazio for five seasons of HBO's The Sopranos, and as Leo D'Alessio in Boardwalk Empire. He made his Broadway debut as Timon in the original cast of the Tony Award-winning musical, The Lion King. That role won him a Theatre World award for Outstanding Broadway Debut and a Drama Desk nomination. Casella first became widely known with his portrayal of Vinnie Delpino on the hit series Doogie Howser, M.D.

Behind the Scenes at the Circus
In the 1980s, King Tusk was the undisputed star of the animal aspect of the circus. Yet earlier this year, after being a mainstay in the circus for over 135 years, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced that the Circus Elephants are being retired and will no longer be a part of the circus.

This week, we will go behind the scenes of the circus. We have the pleasure of interviewing someone who spent about a year in the 1980s with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Joining us is our friend, a new addition to the Everything Old is New Again family – Arthur Wobig.

April Fools Show
This week we explore the upcoming 2017 TV season. What shows we can expect to see, which literally define Everything Old is New Again? We have the inside word on a number of TV shows and movies from the past, which have been approved for a reboot. Hence, proving once again that Everything Old is New Again. But first, we need to acknowledge that it's April Fools' Weekend. We'll spend a few minutes to examine that, as only Everything Old is New Again can.

Backstage at SNL
This week we continue our discussion of all things Saturday Night Live, by going BEHIND THE SCENES of NBC New York in general, and Saturday Night Live in the 1990s. We have a special Tour Guide today, a longtime friend of our show. He was here for the first show 99 shows ago, and returned to discuss if the Hot Dog was still King at the Ballpark. A member of our growing EONA Rat Pack, and someone who worked at NBC from 1985 – 1998, Chris Sulger.

The History of Sketch Comedy
This past year we witnessed the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live. Is this surprising? It shouldn't be, as sketch comedy has been around since the days of Julius Caesar's Bacchanal! During the middle ages, there were traveling troops of thespians. Jokers entertained in the royal courts of England, France and Europe until modern times. There was old time radio, with Abbott & Costello and Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy. Then in TV's early days, with Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows. When done right, sketch comedy is always fun. This week, we examine the history of sketch comedy, including the modern form: Saturday Night Live.

Meet The Hosts Part Deux
This week we continue with our examination of our Hosts, David Cohen and Douglas Viviani, and listen to them explain why they do this show and what you can expect from the show in the future. We put Everything Old is New Again on the psychologist's couch to analyze America's Entertainment Pop Culture Talk show. What elements of the past and future peak the interest of our hosts and why is this show one of the fastest growing show in radio!

Meet Our Hosts
We have garnered quite a number of new affiliates this year and so it may be time to devote a show to OUR show and its place in Pop Culture. EONA is a show that takes a look at our Entertainment Pop Culture, picks a topic each week and examines its history, foundation and development to determine why it's popular to this day. So this week, we devote our show to this adventure we call EONA - why we do it and what influence Pop Culture has upon us, helping make us who we are today.

The Force is Back with Star Wars
With the recent release of the seventh installment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, breaking all box office records to become the all-time box office movie champion, it's time to examine this phenomenon which literally defines what our show is about. Great entertainment of today, which is based upon works of the past. And why does the future of Star Wars remain so bright?

Muppets v Peanuts
This year we've seen the continuation of two forms of entertainment that have been around since the 1950s: The Muppets and Peanuts. They have stood the test of time as the subject of comics, cartoons, television shows, specials, and movies. What's the fascination with these rather odd species in our pop culture? Alf is funnier, the Grinch is more fun, yet we can't seem to shake them. They are admittedly quirky and hold some charm. This week, we not only determine why the longevity, but which is better: The Muppets or the Peanuts!

The Return of the X-Files
On January 24, Fox TV brought back David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in Chris Carter's X FILES, for a six episode miniseries event. Once again, entertainment of the past comes back to entertain us today....but why? What is it about unsolved mysteries, UFOs and Monster of the Week stories that we cannot get enough of? And...did the X Files influence other forms of entertainment today? Are any of the stories presented in the series or movies based on....wait for it.....REALITY?

Frankenstein, The Sequel
Last week we examined all things Frankenstein...or did we? This week, we again resurrect this almost 200 year old Monster to have more fun with him. I hope we do better at the box office than the latest Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) incarnation, Victor Frankenstein. Besides having fun with the Monster and looking at his influence on our culture even to this day, maybe it's time to lay this legend to rest once and for all?

Is Frankenstein and his monster significant? If so... WHY? Over the past two years alone, we have seen THREE movies released which star a monster created in 1818, some 200 years ago! "I, Frankenstein", "Hotel Transylvania II" and now "Victor Franktnstein" have all been released since 2014. What is it about this creature risen from the dead that is so fascinating? Is there no killing Mary Shelly's creation? Is Frankenstein truly immortal? And if so...WHY?

Best of Part Three
This week, DDV and David Cohen are out of town. Since this is the final show of the "Best Of" series which starts the new year, they have asked me, BBQ Guy to host this show. For some reason, they didn't think I could do this alone, so they invited Fondue Guy to help this week. Will this work? Tune in to hear this Odd Couple sift through the remaining best shows of 2015.

Best of 2015 Part 2
This week we celebrate the New Year by examining the past year of our show, and look at the mystery of what is America's Entertainment Pop Culture Radio Show, Everything Old is New Again.

We are a unique radio show that is trying to bring some fun to the radio and widen its horizons. In all, this means taking chances, trying to do different things with the medium of the radio. By listening to our show each week, you are taking the chance on us entertaining you and for that we are thankful.

Best of 2015: Never Too Late
This week we begin our year in review. Brought to you by our very own late night TV show: "Never Too Late". Join us as we hear David Cohen lobby to replace Bradford Wells as the sidekick on the new show that has everyone talking. Hear clips of the best of Everything Old is New Again to return to those days of yesteryear.

The Everything Old Is New Again Players: Our Own Radio Play
This week we try our hand at an old time radio play. YES, radio can still be FUN and there is a place for these plays. Join us for something entirely different for us and maybe even for you. Try it, you'll like it!

1960's Flashback
This week we continue with our examination of our pop culture of the 1960s and the effect the decade had upon the youth growing up in those days. We continue our talk with Joseph Viviani to help us "time travel" and get inside the head of the youth of the day. Joseph Viviani graduated high school in 1971, so his formative years lie squarely in this revolutionary decade. Join us as we talk about NASA and walking on the moon, Woodstock, the '61 Yankees, '69 Mets and of course, all those classic movies!

The 1960's
This week, we use our Time Machine to visit the 1960s. EONA will try to learn what it was like to grow up during this revolutionary decade. As usual, the use of sound clips will help to transport us there. But this week and next, we are joined by Joe Viviani, who was 7 – 17 during this decade and will help provide us with real perspective. We'll discover what was it like to grow up in the 60s and how it influenced who he is today.

Historic Haunts of Long Island
The proliferation of TV shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Celebrity Ghost Stories, and The Dead Files -- and recent releases of the remade Poltergeist, Amityville Horror and upcoming new Ghostbusters tell us that the subject of Ghosts is alive and well.

This week we take a journey through Long Island's history to unearth its ghost stories and the spirits that have made their presence known.

This week, we have a special guest for the entire show to help guide us on this journey into the unknown: the author of Historic Haunts of Long Island, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky.

The War on Thanksgiving
The most disappointing thing about Thanksgiving these days is that it seems to have devolved into a day to rush through a meal so we can sit around and watch football and then run to the stores to get a jump on shopping for the Holidays...huh?

Let's examine Thanksgiving history to show what this Holiday was meant to be. We then will see how it's devolved, as we expose the WAR ON THANKSGIVING so we can fight back and take back one of our Best Holidays!

And later in the show, we will have a visit from our own BBQ GUY to help you "best" prepare the greatest Thanksgiving dinner you have ever enjoyed.

Never Too Late: Our Own Late Night Talk Show
This week we revisit the topic of Late Night TV. It continues to be a cornerstone of American television and celebrates our pop culture each night. But rather than one or two late night talk shows, today there are over eight talk shows airing every night. While some do try hard to be unique, we at Everything Old is New Again believe there is still room for improvement. So this week we introduce to America the newest, most talked-about talk show around, "Everything Old is New Again, it's Never Too Late".

Late Night Wars
Last week we reviewed the 60 year history of the KING of late night TV talk shows, The TONIGHT SHOW. This week, we turn our attention to the contenders, all the shows that challenged The Tonight Show through the years, only to be awarded the Silver Metal, second place. The runners-up to The Tonight Show...and WHY didn't they succeed.

History of Halloween
BOO – It's finally here, Halloween! Halloween has been around since 1745 and has gone through quite an evolution to become one of the most popular holidays celebrated around the world. This week, we will peel back the onion on Halloween to learn how it came to be. Be warned, we may scare or even trick you! Most of all, we hope to provide you with a treat for your ears.

The Foundations of Fallon
This year we have seen the retirement of long time late night talk show hosts, Jay Leno and David Letterman. They were replaced by Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel, James Carden, Seth Meyers, and Conan O'Brien all are alive and well on late night TV. This week, we take a look at the grandfather of late night talk shows, The Tonight Show. We'll explore why this show has been the number one late night show since Steve Allen first hosted it in 1954. We'll also look at how the past 60 years have laid quite a foundation of success for Fallon.

Movies with Meaning
So many movies, so little time. Rather than observe that which is old and has become new again in our pop culture, this week we take an active role in introducing a select few GREAT movies that you may never have seen, in the hope that these masterpieces will once again see the light of day. This week, we examine Movies With Meaning that demand your attention.

Great Movies You Haven't Seen - Thrillers
We continue our examination of GREAT MOVIES that you have never seen. There have been almost 100,000 movies made since the advent of the movie camera – so how can you see or know about them all? This week, we look to the genre of Science Fiction and Thriller movies. Everything Old is New Again is now taking an active role in bringing back the "OLD" to the "NEW" by giving our unsolicited opinions as to movies that are terrific, but we're confident these are ones you have not seen, as they weren't box office smashes.

Great Comedy Movies
Movies, Movies, Movies...there are so many to chose from. With cable on-demand, Netflix, AppleTV and more, you can choose from tens of thousands of movies. But how do you search through all those movies and how do you know which ones to watch?

For the next three weeks, we're going to try something new. Rather than commenting on a contemporary aspect of pop culture and examining its origins, we are going to try making old movies NEW and popular again.

This week: Great Comedy Movies you've never seen, but should!

Is Boxing Down for the Count?
With the lack of real name boxers to capture the imagination of an American audience; failure of the US Olympic Boxing team to win consistent gold medals; lack of interest in the Golden Gloves; and the advent of the UFC -- is the referee quickly reaching the count of ten on the future of boxing? Join us to see how host Douglas can equate a boxing match to Sunday Night dinner with his family!

Baseball Now v Then
Baseball is the sport BEST suited to be shared and enjoyed by and between generations. Parents, kids, and contrast players and teams from the past to today. Join us as we TIME TRAVEL through the power of radio to compare and contrast baseball of the 60s and 70s with the game today and try to determine if baseball is still America's Pastime.

Is Baseball Still America's Pastime?
Growing up, we used to watch almost every baseball game on TV or listen to it on the Radio. We knew every player on every team. We memorized statistics, evaluated trades and argued baseball with our friends at school. We would share the game with parents and grandparents because BASEBALL WAS AMERICA'S PASTIME. Is it still? Join us for a lively discussion on the current state of baseball.

Secret Agents
With the summer release of Mission Impossible and The Man from Uncle, and with the next 007 movie on the horizon, the secret is out - Secret Agents are IN again. Join Doug and Dave as we use our best spy skills to explore this topic with an eye towards determining which is the best secret agent of there a reason why we think Leonard Nimoy is in the running? Huh?

Movie Robots
With the recent release of the movies Ex Machina and Terminator Genisys plus the upcoming Star Wars movie, we are continuing to see stories involving Robots. This week we examine the ROBOT Craze in movies and try to determine if there are any true lessons about the HUMAN condition that we can learn from these stories about Artificial Intelligence.

Robot Takeover
With the upcoming Terminator movie, "Humans" 8 part miniseries on AMC, and of course, Ultron the ultimate Robot villain, we can't ignore robots any longer. The MARS EXPLORATION ROVER program is a real life example of how Robots are in our lives today and are not going away anytime soon.

This week begins our two-part exploration of the inner workings of Robots in entertainment and real life, to see if these forms of Artificial Intelligence are FRIEND or FOE.

Competitive Eating
With the advent of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, it's time for us to join in. Dave and Doug compete in studio with our own competitive eating contest. We eat Pizza, Eggs ,Chicken Nuggets, and Twinkies as fast as we can. In between contests, we examine this phenomenon to find out how easy it is to win these challenges to our appetite. If you are looking for a sure fire diet, tune in, we promise you'll lose your appetite.

The BBQ Guy
This week our Host Douglas Viviani is hosting a seminar on Pop Culture at the Eternal Pop Culture Convention on Long Island. Rather than have Co Host David Cohen take the reins, Douglas has arranged for a friend of the show, "BBQ Guy" to host the show. He shares his easiest but tastiest BBQ recipes. Be aware, he is very serious about the BBQ and may just have a fun difference of opinion with David. Listen in and see if you can recognize who is really BBQ Guy, for real?

Bob and Ray, Keener than Most Persons
David Pollock, author of Bob and Ray, Keener than Most Persons, joins the boys this week. David Pollock, has written for The Steve Allen Show, The Carol Burnett Show, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Frasier. He shares his fun in the business and talks about radio legends Bob and Ray. If you know Bob and Ray you will flip. But if you have never heard of them, once you hear this interview you will want to hear more, we guarantee it!

Box Office Superheroes
Following the major summer blockbuster of the Avengers II, does Ant Man have the power to compete? This week we dive into comic book movies and see if our heroes who don't have mega superpowers can compete at the box office, and if so, how do they do it? Join Dave and Douglas as they unveil many comic book heroes whose powers you've never heard of...and they continue the ongoing exam of our fascination with comic book hero movies.

Jurassic World Mania
Experience DinoMania with the guys from Everything Old is New Again. With the latest movie blockbuster all-time box office champ still breaking attendance records, it seems Dinosaurs are alive and well and here to stay. What do Abraham Lincoln and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have to do with this and where do we go from here? Join us for the fun!

Independence Day
Happy Independence Day! Spend the day with Doug and Dave as they talk about how Hollywood has celebrated the birth of our country through the years. We also share secrets of the best BBQ you can possibly have. Join in on the patriotism and fireworks on Everything Old is New Again.

In the Company of Legends
This week we have the pleasure of interviewing producer, director and friend to many stars of yesterday, Joan Kramer and David Heeley. This duo made a number of award winning documentaries and developed long-lasting friendships with Johnny Carson, Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Frank Sinatra, James Stewart and Ronald Reagan. They provide inside stories and we guarantee you will hear things you've never before heard about your favorite stars of yesteryear.

Dramatic TV Themes
This week we complete our six show examination of the Best TV Theme Song. As a finale, Dave and Douglas draw swords and spar over what is the Best TV Theme Song for a Drama. Sad to see this topic go, but all good things... ENJOY!

TV Theme Songs - Best Sitcom
We are coming to the conclusion of our six show extravaganza examining TV Theme Songs! This week, we explore TV Theme Songs for sitcoms and come up with the WINNER. After quite a bit of memory jarring, and enjoying clips from the shows, The Best TV Theme Song for Sitcoms is crowned. Do you agree with our evaluation and conclusion?

Composing TV Theme Songs
This week, we continue our exploration of TV Theme songs. Who writes these songs we have come to know and love through the years? Believe it or not, many famous composers started their careers doing this, and others made a career of it. Also, what in the world does Don Knotts have to do with TV Theme Songs? Tune in and find out as you listen to true fun radio.

TV Theme Songs III: Behind the Scenes
Doug and Dave revisit all manner of TV Theme Songs and bring you inside their making, explain their meaning or just have some fun with them. We continue down our six-part road to determine the BEST TV Theme Song of all time. Come time travel with us from the 1950s to present, and prepare to have your memories jogged with songs you have not heard for quite some time.

TV Theme Songs II and Our Game Show
One of our listeners, Loretta from Dix Hills, joins us in studio to challenge Co Host David Cohen to a contest. Who knows more about TV Theme songs? We play a number of games to test our player's skill and further introduce us all to this fascinating topic which jogs the memory. You'll be surprised at the events and fun that ensues. Join us for the best game show on radio....might be the only one, but it's still the best. Plus, we'll continue to talk about the best TV theme songs of all time.

Best TV Theme Songs Part One
TV Theme songs can be a sort of way to time travel, no? You really only hear the theme song for a show when it airs and then that's it for the week. We travel down memory lane to visit with some of the fun theme songs through the years, with an eye to eventually coming to the conclusion as to what is the BEST of ALL TIME!

Stanley Kramer - Movies with a Meaning
Everything Old is New Again gets a welcome visit from the family of Stanley Kramer to discuss his legacy of producing and directing movies with a meaning. Stanley Kramer led the way in using movies for more than entertainment, but education and to help move minds. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Judgment at Nuremberg, Inherit the Wind and even Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Word are masterpieces, about which we learn some back stories. We also learn about how the Stanley Kramer Award motivates today's moviemakers to continue the legacy of making thought-provoking movies today.

The History of Radio
Has radio evolved and is it currently being utilized to the max? We love radio, and believe that we can do better than the limited programming that is on the radio now. Join us as we tour the history of radio and try to learn from its history to propose a new and better future for this wonderful medium.

Saturday Morning Cartoons II
We continue our discussion of Saturday Morning Cartoons and actually time travel back to the days of old. Come join us for a virtual tour and spend a Saturday morning with Doug and Dave, watching cartoons, and eating our favorite junk food. Not to be missed... wait... OK Mom, I'll get out of the house right after this last show!

Saturday Morning Cartoons
Saturday morning TV + FUN! As a kid this is the time we are allowed to watch TV shows that were made just for us. Do you remember those days? Are there any cartoons these days to compete with Herculoids, Frankenstein Jr and UnderDog? Tune in as we explore what has been going on with Saturday Morning TV over the years.

Ghost stories are alive and well - Amityville, Out of the Cark, Paranormal and Poltergeist to name a few have or will be released soon. Join us as we examine the world of the spirits and even tell a campfire ghost story. We explore the paranormal in this episode and try to find the warm heart in this usually bone chilling subject.

Next Door Neighbors
This week we have a fun discussion of who is the Best TV Next Door Neighbor of all time? Who would you like to live next to and who would you want to avoid? Join us as we pick apart this topic with....wait, I hear a knock at the door, which neighbor is it this time?

Is the Nerd Finally Cool?
With the advent the hit shows, Big Bang Theory and Scorpion, is it true, has the nerd finally come of age? Is the nerd finally cool? Join us as we explore the history of the nerd and apply our technical abilities, glasses and pen protectors to this question and come to the definitive answer!

UFO's Revisited
With the recent release of over 130,000 pages of project bluebook documents from the US Government, a UFO sighting at Chicago's O'Hare airport and two deathbed confessions, we revisit the UFO mystery with our resident Ufologist, Dr. John R. Viviani. Watch your mind open to the possibilities as you enjoy this broadcast. Are you ready for this...?

Dr. Who Convention II
We continue our visit with the Long Island Dr. Who convention. We had some great interviews with the star of this show and bring you lots of behind the scenes action. The convention was fun for Dr. who fans and even for those who have never even heard of the show. Join Everything Old is New Again to continue ouir unique take on Dr. Who and the Long Island Convention, 2014.

Dr. Who and the Convention
Who is Dr. Who and why? The boys head out to the Dr. Who convention on Long Island and bring you right there with interviews from many of the stars of this show. Even if you are not a fan of the Dr. Who franchise,this promises to be quite a fun listen. An examination of the show, the stars and how Everything Old is New Again interacts with the guests is worth the listen.

TV Catchphrases
When did the Catch Phrase begin and why has TV adopted it as it's go to joke? Has the time for the TV Catch Phrase come and gone or are we ready for some new ones to entertain us? What is a catch phrase anyway? Join the boys as they discuss this topic with an eye towards just having some fun.

Pirates... arrrgh!
With the advent of the new hit show, Black Sails, the pirate adventure continues. We take you on the voyage in and around the Pirate genre and have some fun learning all about Pirates and why they are so fun! Join us for the adventure of a lifetime on Everything Old is New Again.

Star Trek Conventions- Part 3
We return to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention 2014, to reveal what it is that the stars of Star Trek are saying on stage. What information are they providing to the fans and what advice are they providing? We bring you to the convention floor for one last peek into this event as only Everything Old is New Again can do.

Star Trek Conventions, Part 2
We return to the 2014, Vegas Star Trek Convention and bring you to the convention floor like no one else can. This week we explore the fascination with collecting autographs and photographs of the stars, what do trekkies do at night in Vegas, hear a real action and attend a real life Star Trek WEDDING that occurred at the convention. Set your phasers on stun and join us for the fun!

Star Trek Conventions, Part 1
We just came back from the biggest Star Trek Convention in the world - VEGAS. In this, the first part of a three part series, we examine what it is about Star Trek that garners this much attention from their fans that there is a convention is held yearly that over 15,000 people attend. We bring you right there and begin the journey where no one or almost no one has gone before....and guess what, it's a blast.

Can DC Comics compete with Marvel?
On this show we examine the long running competition for the comic book hero enthusiast's attention, that has been going on for over 50 years between DC and Marvel Comics. With the recent release of all the blockbuster Marvel comic movies, can DC Comics compete? They are trying hard with the new TV Shows, The Flash and Gotham and their movies. Listen in as we have explore this fascinating genre.

Best TV Sitcom: The Fans Rebuttal
After announcing the results of the Best TV Sitcom of all time, we received quiet some feedback from the listeners. The debate continues as the fans turn to speak out on this contest and the boys try to defend their selections. Join us as this never ending evaluation your favorite Sitcom mentioned? Should it be?

Our Year in Review: 2014
Join us as we look back at our first year on the air! Laughs abound when we take a look at the highlights of the first year of Everything Old is New Again. Tune in for quite a fun look back with the boys. Warning - once you finish listening to this show, you'll want to go back and hear the episodes you missed in 2014!

Was that something you said or was it that dummy that was talking? Jay Johnson from TV's Soap joins the Everything Old is New Again as our expert on all things Ventriloquism. We explore this art form from it's beginnings with Edgar Bergen through Paul Winchell to Jay Johnson and Jeff Dunham. Something or someone is telling us you will love Ventriloquism once you listen to this show.

Zombies - From Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead, Zombies just can't be killed! Join Doug and Dave as they explore what it is about this genre that prohibits us from putting the lid on the coffin for good. Who really are the walking dead, the Zombies or those who have survived the Zombie Apocalypse?

Is it time to put a stake into the well done heart of Dracula or does this character still have a life to live? With the recent release of Dracula Untold, the boys review the Dracula phenomenon with a twinkle in their eye. Don't miss this rather unique and fun take on all things Dracula.

Best TV Sitcom of All Time- The FINALS
Here is it! The final part of Doug and Dave's five-part contest to determine the Best TV Sitcom of All Time. The finals are here, not it's time to pit the final three shows against each other to come up with the WINNER. Listen and let us know of you agree!

Best TV Sitcom of the 1960s and 1970s
Part two of their five-part extravaganza, in which Doug and Dave search for the Best TV Sitcom of All Time. On this show, they examine the decade of the 1960s and 1970s. Is your favorite from this decade? Fun will be had by all, for sure.

Best TV Sitcom of All Time?
This is the first of a five-part competition to determine The Best TV Sitcom of All Time. How are Doug and Dave going to determine this? Will they discuss any of your favorites? We can guarantee one thing: if you listen, you will smile. The contest begins with an evaluation of the TV sitcoms of the 1950's. Join us as we determine what is the best Sitcom of the 1950's.

The Broadway Musical
Join Doug and Dave for some laughs as they present the history of the Broadway Musical, along with their personal stories of our experiences with Broadway. Also, what is the future of Broadway and it's relationship to the Hollywood movie?

Horse Racing
Has Horse Racing had its day? Our guest is horse racing aficionado and horse owner John Servider. He joins us for a fascinating look at the history of horse racing, the current state of the sport and what to do at the track. Bet on having a great time listening to this show!

Rumors and claims of UFOs have been with us since the cave dwellers, and in the US since 1947 Roswell Incident. Is it time to finally look at this subject with an open mind? Should we finally be taking this subject seriously? Joining Doug and Dave is our guest, Dr. John Viviani, to examine this phenomenon in detail with a smile.

Planet of the Apes and Hercules
Planet of the Apes is back! This franchise just won't go away, is there a reason? What is our fascination with Apes? After we discuss how and why the Apes have taken over, we take a closer look at Hercules. This age old superhero is also back and he's stronger than ever. Just when we thought it was safe to go to the gym!

The Beatles
With the re-release of the film Hard Day's Night, the Vegas show Mirage and the anniversary shows, the Beatles are still around. We discuss the history of the best band of all time. Is there a future of rock and roll without the Beatles? Why are we still hearing about the Beatles some 50 years after their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show!?

Comic Book Characters & Is the Hot Dog Still King?
In the first half of our show we examine Comic Book Super Heroes, who are these heroes and why do we still care? Super heroes have been with us since the dawn of time. Why is that, and what are we to make of the current onslaught of superhero movies and TV shows? Then we explore whether the Hot Dog is still King at the ballpark.

Star Trek vs. Lost in Space & Godzilla
Which is the best show, Star Trek or Lost In Space? Both science fiction franchises have been around for quite some time and show no signs of slowing down. We have some fun comparing these shows with an eye towards determining which is the "best". We then follow this discussion with an examination of the Godzila franchise, trying to determine why this monster just won't die...

Introducing Everything Old is New Again...and Who is the Next Humphrey Bogart?
We are finally on the air and now it's time to tell you all about our show and what to expect. Join us as we introduce our new show and then dive into our first bit of fun when we try to answer the question, "Who is the next Humphrey Bogart"? America's Entertainment Pop Culture Talk Show is on the air!