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Rodney Allen Rippy
On this episode, Torchy catches up with Rodney Allen Rippy, who is best know for his classic Jack in the Box commercials of the 1970's. He also has an extensive list of TV and movie credits. Torchy talks with him about his child star experience, and life after fame.

Curley's Grandson Brad Server
This week's episode will be a real treat for fans of the Three Stooges. Our guest is Brad Server, grandson of Jerome Lester Horwitz. You may know his grandad better as Curley Howard, the most popular of the stooges. Brad will talk about Curley's life and legacy.

Mouseketeer Doreen Tracey
OK Kids dust off your Mouseketeer ears and think back to those Happy Days with Torchy and Doreen Tracey. She appeared for all three seasons of the show's original run and ahs a lot of fun stories to share. She also had a very interesting career path once she took off the mouse ears, and you'll want to hear about that too!

Cindy Williams
On this week's show, Torchy talks with actress Cindy Williams who of course was Shirley on the popular sitcom Laverne and Shirley. You may also remember her from George Lucas' American Graffiti.

And out regular interviewer gets to the the interviewee for once! We'll listen to an interview Torchy did with Donna Lyons on the Love, liberty and Lip Gloss program.

Scott Schwartz
Torchy's Guest this week is Scott Schwartz. You may remember him from The Toy with Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason. But if that doesn't ring a bell, I'm sure you remember him from the classic movie A Christmas Story. He was Ralphie's friend who got his tongue stuck to the flagpole on a triple dog dare!

Scott will share his memories of working on those wonderful films, and will talk about how tough his life became after the cameras stopped rolling.

Jack O'Halloran
This week, Torchy Smith interviews Jack O'Halloran, one of the three Kryptonian bad guys that battled the Man of Steel in Superman 2. And just a warning- this interview is SHOCKING! For example, Hear how this movie villain in the actually roughed up Christopher Reeve in real life. No cameras were rolling then! This was for real!

Mouseketeer Karen Pendleton
On this edition of Baby Boomers Talk Radio, Torchy Smith catches up with original Mouseketeer Karen Pendleton. She was often paired with Carl "Cubby" O'Brien on the Mickey Mouse Club series and in live performances as they were the youngest members of the cast and were the same size. Karen doesn't do many interviews, so you won't want to miss this one!

And we also have a Mouseketeer bonus, as Torchy shares an excerpt from his interview with another of the Mickey Mouse Club originals, Lonnie Burr.

Stanley Livingston
If you are a Baby Boomer, then you grew up with this week's guest Stanley Livingston. Stan played "Chip," the youngest son on MY THREE SONS, one of TV's all-time favorite shows. This Emmy-nominated, Golden Globe winning series is the second-longest live sitcom in TV History with 380 episodes produced over 12 seasons. It has been continuously aired on TV for over 55 years. It is as popular now as it was back when it premiered in 1960.

Listen to Stans's interview for some behind-the-scenes stories of the making of this iconic series.

Kathryn Leigh Scott
This week, Torchy Smith interviews Kathryn Leigh Scott. Kathryn played Maggie Evans on the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows starting in 1966. And by the way... this was her first acting job. Did you know that she started out as a Playboy Bunny? And that she is still active on TV today? For more interesting facts, listen to Torchy interview with this actress from the Cult TV Classic!

Geraldo and Ellen Ratner
On this week's episode, we have two guests from the field of TV journalism. Up first, Torchy chats with the legendary Geraldo Rivera. Then, he'll speak with author, correspondent and Fox News analyst Ellen Ratner.

Family Affair's Kathy Garver
This week, Torchy Smith interviews Kathy Garver who was Cissy on the hit TV Series Family Affair. But as you'll learn in our interview, she is not just another pretty face.. She is also a graduate of UCLA with a masters degree in the theater arts!

Paul Petersen AKA Jeff Stone
Torchy's guest this week is Paul Petersen, who played Jeff Stone on the big hit TV series, The Donna Reed Show. For some of you nostalgia experts you will remember that Paul was also a Mouseketeer for about 6 minutes. He unfortunately got fired because his mischief-making was not tolerated at the Disney Studios. But that did not stop him as Paul became a real professional by all standards of the entertainment industry. Even today he heads up an advocacy group called A MINOR CONSIDERATION that helps former child actors.

Mouseketeer Cubby O'Brien
On this episode, TORCHY SMITH is interviewing Mouseketeer Carl O"Brien. Of course most of you will remember him with just his stage name CUBBY. Sort of like Fabian or Ringo. Who needs a second name when you are a famous icon?

Cubby always seemed to be paired up with Karen... who was his size. If you watched the show frequently after school you will remember that Cubby was a drummer. After the mice split up Cubby continued to play the drums as his show business career matured.