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Weinberg on the Law

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Your Privacy Rights
A student tapes his roommate engaging in homosexual acts and posts it on the internet, leading to suicide. An assistant Attourney General openly harasses a gay college student. Do privacy rights even matter anymore? Of course they do, and Scott thinks that’s worth fighting for.

A Nation Divided
The events of 9/11/2001 brought us together as a nation. But nine years later, it seems we’re more divided than ever. Then, Should Michigan have the Death Penalty? A Killer thinks so. And should people who commit crimes and run face stiffer penalties?

The Case for Legalizing Marijuana
As more states move to legalize medical marijuana, Scott makes the case to take things a step further – legalize it completely. Tax it, regulate it, and reduce crime. We’ll hear Scott’s reasoning, as well as from callers both for and against it.

A Conversation with Democratic nominee Virg Bernero
Scott goes one on one with Virg Bernero, Mayor of Lansing and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, about his campaign and his plan to improve Michigan’s economy. We’ll also hear Scott’s take on the Blagojevich verdict, the Dr. Laura Controversy, and the Ground Zero Mosque.

A Culture of Corruption
Kwame Brown. Rod Blagojevich. Charlie Rangel. The list goes on and on. With so many politictians in trouble for corruption, Scott wonders if it’s a case of pols wanting more power, or if there’s just simply too much temptation to take bribes. We’ll also look at the legal news and notes for the week.

The Advantages of Celebrity
Is it fair that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan get reduced sentences just because of their star status? Do they deserve preferential treatment because of their status? Also, conversation on the overturning of the gay marriage ban in California.

Fame over Substance
Celebrity crime dominates the headlines, and Scott thinks that’s a very disturbing trend that needs to be addressed. Another disturbing trend – the government taking away your rights in the name of safety. And learn what your lawyer is really representing.

A Reporter Silenced by Her Own Words
Scott talks with Diane Nine, former agent to Helen Thomas, about the downfall of the White House Reporter. We’ll also get the details on the latest Kwame Kilpatrick appeal from a member of his defense team. And why do Detroit sports fans get such a bed rep, when LA fans are just as bad?

One Tough Nerd
Scott welcomes Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Snyder, who believes in order to save the state, you need to reinvent the state. We’ll learn about his plans for Michigan 3.0, and also get Scott’s thoughts on the legal news of the week.

You Have the Right to Shut Up
Scott explains why you need to know what your Miranda Rights are, and why you need to know to not say anything. Then, Scott speaks with both the prosecutor and the defense attorney in the Frances Dingle case.

Teens, Taxes and Bringing Jobs Back to Michigan
Scott examines the state’s laws regarding teens and sex with Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Lora Weingarden, and finds out how Gubernatorial candidate Peter Hoekstra plans on bringing jobs back to the state. Plus, the Kwame saga comes to an end, and Attorney Joe Rogowski helps you with your property taxes.

Judges, Candidates, and County Execs
Scott’s got a full docket on this episode, as he interviews Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Macomb County Judge Sheila Miller, and attorney Mark Bernstein. Plus, State Senator Tom George tells us why he’s the right choice for Michigan’s Governor.

Inside the Wayne County Prosecutors Office
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy addresses the cases against Jason Gibson and Kwame Kilpatrick. We also examine some of the crimes taking place inside nursing facilities, and talk with Channel 4’s Paula Tutman about her latest crime novel.

Understanding Assault
Due to some recent headline making criminal cases, Scott explains some of the different types of assaults you can be charged for, including some you may not be aware of. Then, a family attorney explains what to do when your ex-wife tries to hold your medical marijuana use against you in court, and a look at some really stupid crimes.

Thank You for Not Smoking!
Scott examines Michigan’s new anti-smoking laws, and the national image problems of Detroit. Plus, a conversation with NPR’s Celeste Headlee, and a judge with an interesting idea to help kids testify in court.

A Conversation with Geoffrey Fieger
Geoffrey Fieger, the attorney who represented assisted suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian talks about his career, some memorable cases, and the new HBO movie about Kevorkian. Plus, social security and disability advice, and how far will you go to protect your rights?

The Recovery Rabbi
Scott welcomes Rabbi Pinson, co-director of the Friendship House for a frank discussion about addiction. Plus, family law expert Ellen Painter, and Geoffrey Fieger, the attorney that represented Jack Kevorkian.

Surviving Bankruptcy
Due to the economic climate, bankruptcy has become an unfortunate reality for many Americans. A prominent bankruptcy attorney talks about steps you can take to avoid bankruptcy, and keep your homes. Then, an update on the case against Kwame Kilpatrick, and information on programs aimed at educating children and the general public about the legal system.

Michigan Militias and Marijuana
Scott looks at two headline-making stories out of Michigan this past week: the arrest of Christian Militia members, and the passing of the medical marijuana law. Plus, Scott examines how the retirement of John Paul Stevens could reshape the Supreme Court.

Divorce from a Man’s Perspective
Scott welcomes Douglas J. Wartell, founder of American Divorce Association for Men, for a look at divorce from the male perspective. Plus, attorney Leon Weiss, and the power of the prosecutor.