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Lawyers, Who Needs Them?

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Obamacare on Life Support
On this week’s edition, it may be lights out for President Obama’s healthcare reform, while poor choice of attire has cost a Chicago man his job. Plus, we bring you celeb news on our favorite troublemakers Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen, and questions from our loyal listeners.

Where is The Beef?
A major fast food chain has a lot of explaining to do after a lawsuit contends that their beef isn’t actually beef. Plus, the on-again off-again ballot problems of Rahm Emmanuel, Joe Biden does jury duty, and questions from our loyal listeners.

The State of the 2nd Amendment
After the tragic shooting in Arizona, what’s going to happen to gun rights in Arizona, or all across the nation for that matter? Jim and Randal examine that angle, and talk about some of the other big legal stories of the week on this edition of Lawyers: Who Needs Them?

A Culture of Violence
The shooting rampage in Tucson has many questioning whether or not heated political rhetoric contributed to this senseless act, including Jim and Randall. We’ll also answer more of your legal questions, and update you on Hollywood gone bad in our Arrogance of the Rich and Famous segment

Nobody Likes Spam
This week, Jim and Randal bring you the story of a lawyer who was so sick of the junk mail filling his inbox, he decided to take action. We also have updates on the legal problems of Lindsay, Brett Favre being a bad boy, and quizzical queries from our loyal listeners.

Crossbows, Castrations and Heidi Montag
Sadly, the three subjects in this week’s title aren’t in the same story. But we have these scintillating stories, along with Montag’s botched boobs and your questions, on this edition of Lawyers: Who Needs Them?

Breaking the Bank
On this episode, learn why Germany’s largest bank is in trouble, marvel at the fact a lawyer can’t resign when he wants to, and tremble because legal outsourcing is coming to America. Or don’t do any of that, and just listen to the show and enjoy yourself!

Healthcare Hullaballoo
Obamacare is under fire in Virginia, while Wesley Snipes needs to cancel his holiday plans. And why was Julian Assange wikireleased from jail? We’ve got those stories and more on this week's episode.

Julian Assange is behind bars, body scans violate the constitution, and a baseball team’s ownership will be decided in court. But wait, there’s more! Like murder, Walmart, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. All in separate stories, of course! Intrigued? Then listen to this edition of Lawyers, Who Needs Them!

Julian Assange has released info that has Washington DC fuming, but charges by Swedish authorities could be the ones that bring him down. Plus, our usual fun and frivolity, featuring questions from our loyal listeners, and a look at the latest legal news.

Sorry, Charlie
It was a bad week if you were going through airport security. An even worse week if you were Congressman Charlie Rangel. Jim and Randal have the details on those stories and more on this week’s lighthearted look at the law.

Bend Over for the TSA
Jim and Randall bring you a touching story. But not touching as pulling on your heartstrings, but touching meaning a TSA screener pulling at your privates. Plus, questions from our audience, Arrogance of the Rich & Famous and more on this edition of Lawyers: Who Needs Them?

Unhappy Meals
California lawmakers have made meals a lot less happy for kids, while another Disney star withers under the spotlight. Plus, a Senate race heads for the courts, listener questions and more on this episode of Lawyers: Who Needs Them?

Good News and Bad News
The Good News: a woman in Iran accused of adultery will no longer be stoned to death. The bad news: They will hang her instead. Jim and Randall have that story, and more news of the weird in this week’s episode of Lawyers: Who Needs them.

Freedom of Speech – Or Not?
The firing of Jan Williams by NPR has brought the issue of free speech to the forefront, while Charlie Sheen’s latest breakdown leaves us wondering who the heck is watching Two and a Half Men anyways? Plus, questions from our loyal listeners and the hiccup girl goes from cute to deadly.

Will the Ham Sandwich Please Take the Stand?
This episode has everything - mystery, intrigue, celebrities, and cold cuts. Plus your always interesting hosts Jim and Randall!

We’re Honest! We Promise!
Is it possible for lawyers to be honest? We have the story of a law firm who promises they are. Or at least will try to be. Plus, NFL Quarterbacks behaving badly, funeral protests, questions from the audience and more on this episode of Lawyers, Who Needs Them?

Open for Business
Break out the Black robes - the Supremes are back in business. (The Supreme Court, that is). Jim and Randall will tell you what that means, answer your questions, and examine what's been happening in our courtrooms across this great nation of ours.

Out of Order
Death, foreclosures, arrests, suspensions, lawsuits, and Lohan. In other words, another wacky week in the legal world, with your able hosts Jim and Randall here to try and make sense of it all. And if they can’t make sense of it, they’ll just make fun of it.

The Culture of Corruption
A small California town sets a new standard for dirty politics, and there’s STILL big bucks in being a lawyer. We have those stories, plus, our weekly look at the Arrogance of the Rich and Famous, and more questions from our loyal listeners in this week’s laugh-a-minute episode.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Is don’t ask, don’t tell unconstitutional? A new lawsuit contends that it is. Jim and Randall bring you that story, along with news on the death penalty, stem cells, the underwear bomber, and Britney Spears.

When They Say Stoned, They Mean Stoned
The American justice system can be a wonderful thing. The Iranian justice system? Eh, not so much. Jim and Randall bring you that story, plus more stories from the wonderful and wacky world that is our court system

Stem Cells, Celebutantes and Spedi
The stem cell controversy is back, lawyers are causing problems, and Heidi wants her old boobs back. All that, plus questions from out loyal listeners, and we’ll always have Paris, on this week’s Episode of Lawyer, Who Needs Them?

Anchor Babies Away!
The immigration issue continues to heat up in Washington as lawmakers look at the 14th amendment with skeptical eyes. Then, a big leaguer faces big problems after a big lie, and other stories in our weekly off-kilter look at the law.

Guilty on One Count?
24 counts and only one guilty verdict? It was a pretty good week if you were Rod Blagojevich. If you want to build a mosque in NYC... not so much. Plus, our weekly look at the Arrogance of the Rich and Famous, and more questions from our loyal listeners.

I Now Pronounce You Man and Man
Good news if you live in California, are gay, and want to get married. Bad news if you’re a Muslim and want to build a mosque in Manhattan. Jim and Randall have those stories, plus more news and notes in our lighthearted look at the legal world!

Enough with the Immigration Already!
The controversial immigration law is headed to the court of appeals, the Supreme Court is too darn conservative, and Black is back. We’ve also got news from the Blago trial, celeb scandals, and more questions from our loyal listeners.

Tough Times for Everyone (Including Lawyers)
Jim and Randall look at how the economic downturn is affecting everyone, from homeowners to law firms to Hollywood Stars. Then, the battle over immigration continues, and how to get your money back if you happen to buy a haunted house.

Where’s the Dislike Button?
Better watch what you’re putting on your Facebook Page, because as Jim and Randall point out, it could come back to haunt you… in divorce court. Plus, the battle continues between Arizona and the US Government, and plenty of celeb divorce news!

This Show is @#%#%@ Golden!
Rod Blagojevich wasn’t much of a lawyer, but the tapes at his trial show he sure has a way with profanity. As it turns out, so does Mel Gibson. Those stories, plus your questions, are featured on this episode.

So Much Stuff, So Little Time
This week’s show has a little of everything… scandal, murder, death, kidnapping, illegal immigration… not to mention Mel Gibson. Hey, we did say everything.

A Busy Week for the Supremes
And we’re not talking about Diana Ross! The Supreme Court rules on terrorists and gun rights, while Congress grills its next potential member. Plus, Happy Meals are making people unhappy, listener questions and how to take back your confession of guilt.

Arizona And More
We’ve all heard about the controversial Arizona Immigration Law. Does it have a chance of holding up in court? Jim and Randall have the answer. Plus, lawyers up a tree, lawyers hate their jobs, and lawyers being lawyers.

There is No Class in Class Action
In this week’s lighthearted look at the law, learn who’s really cashing in during class action lawsuits, and about the high cost of legal representation. Plus, politicians in court, and the next time your parents give you cash, make sure it’s a gift and not a loan.

You’re Beautiful and You’re Fired
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. And if you do hate me, don’t fire me, or I’ll take you to court! Jim and Randall have that story, along with the reason lawyers are letting the ambulances get away, and are heading for the Gulf of Mexico instead.

Back in Business
This week’s lighthearted look at the law has a little of everything: movies, celebrities, hot dogs, jewelry, and two guys trying to cash a check with a dead body. Hey, we did say a little of everything….

Prosecutorial Misconduct, Self Defense and More
Jim and Randall take a fun look at some newsworthy legal stories. Among the top items: the case of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, Chicago-area hospitals may be vulnerable to tuberculosis-related lawsuits, and the FTC cracks down on suspicious ads for loan modifications. Plus an interesting self-defense case, race car driver Helio Castroneves' tax case and tawdry details in a Governor's divorce case...and of course, listener questions!

A unique take on recent stories from the world of law
The guys look at recent law stories making the news. Randal and Jim offer their unique and often humurous take on these stories. In addition, as always, they answer listener questions concerning legal advice.

A Busy Week: AIG, Madoff and Marshawn Lynch
Will the Congressional drive to pass a special tax aimed at the recipients of AIG bonuses pass the Constitutional test? Plus, several news developments on the Bernard Madoff front, an Arizona jury is considering the death penalty for a mass murderer and New Jersey has scrapped a plan to outlaw genital waxing. And, of course, listener questions!

Madoff, the Swiss Gigolo, the Crazy Hunter & the Commuting Dummy
Jim and Randal take a light-hearted look at the legal stories of the week, including the latest on the Bernie Madoff fraud case. And, allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy are on the rise, a Swiss gigolo gets six years in prison after extorting millions from some of the richest women in Europe. Plus the touching stories of the Swiss gigolo, the misguided deer hunter and the commuting dummy. And of course, listener questions!

Tons of Fun in the Nation's Courts
Jim and Randal offer their unique take on the weeks legal stories, including the latest on the Bernard Madoff case, lots of important activity at the US Supreme Court, Proposition 8 in California goes up for review, and the Ohio mother caught breastfeeding and talking on the cell phone--while driving! Plus listener questions, too!

Birds, Bankruptcies and Burning Questions
Jim and Randal take an offbeat look at the weeks top legal stories that matter to you! Among the big stories, the huge pyramid scheme that defrauded billions of dollars from charities and wealthy Americans, the strange case of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his hair, an offer of guilty pleas from the Guantanamo martyrs, and of course, your questions!

Another Wild Week in the Courts
Jim and Randal offer their takes of all kinds of legal scraps in the news this week, including the government's attempts to help the economy, the legal status of Sen. Roland Burris (D-Perjury), elephants who have filed briefs against Ringling Brothers, and a plethora of bad behavior and corruption from our nation's hardworking public servants.

An Exciting Start to 2009 Legalities
Jim and Randall take another light-hearted look at the week's legal stories, including the latest on the legal mess surrounding the Illinois Senate seat, the legal reasons Bill Richardson pulled out of the Obama cabinet, AirTran throws nine Muslims off a flight (insert future lawsuit here), plus legal troubles for Charles Barkley, Matt Dillon adn heather Locklear, and, or course, your questions!

2008 Ends With Plenty of Legal Bangs
Jim and Randal offer their unique take on the week's biggest legal stories, including the Bernard Madoff case, the latest from Illinois and Gov. Blago, a major wage-and-hour settlement by Walmart, plus news from Madonna's divorce and Caroline Kennedy's pitch for a Senate seat.

Blagojevich, Guantanamo and other hard-to-spell topics
Jim and Randal take an offbeat look at the weeks top legal stories that matter to you! Among the big stories, the huge pyramid scheme that defrauded billions of dollars from charities and wealthy Americans, the strange case of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his hair, an offer of guilty pleas from the Guantanamo martyrs, and of course, your questions!

The Biggest Legal Stories, from a BUSY Week!
Jim and Randal are back with another lighthearted look at the weeks top legal stories! This week, OJ finally goes to the gray-bar hotel. The effort is underway to get presidential pardons for some major white collar criminals. More Americans are serving as their own lawyers, but is that good? And the latest legal woes of Michael Vick and Winona Ryder, plus your questions!

Another Busy Week in the Courts!
Jim and Randal offer their unique take on the week's top legal stories, including the ordered release of some Guantnamo Bay prisoners, a judge barred from ever seeking another judicial post, California's Prop 8, legal trouble for Dick Cheney and Heather Locklear (not together) and of course, listener questions!

Supreme Court Briefs and Naked Bicyclists
Jim and Randal take an amusing look at legal stories in the news, including several interesting developments at the Supreme Court, important legal rights for people who may be headed for foreclosure, and the case of the naked bicyclist. All that, PLUS answers to listener questions on this week's Lawyers, Who Needs Them?

The Latest from the Obama-Nation
On this week's epidose (or is that episode), Jim and Randal offer their unique takes on the big stories of the week. The Supreme Court takes an interest in obscenities. How many lawyers does Barack Obama KNOW anyway? Will the nation's attorneys get rich during the Obama years? Plus... listener questions!

A Busy Week in the Legal Arena!
Jim and Randal take a look at the top stories in this weeks legal news that can affect your life! In addition to the Presidential election, of course, this week's news includes a Supreme Court examination of warning labels, hard times for law high-powered firms and their even higher-powered fees, the case of the bribed-stuffed bra, plus celebrity legal woes and listener questions!

The Legal Week in Review!
Jim and Randal take a tongue-in-cheek look at the week's legal news, including the porn surfing judge, lawyers suing other lawyers, Britney Spears driving troubles, plus common sense answers to listener's questions!

Strippers, Senators and Boobs
Jim and Randal tackle some of the wildest legal cases of the week. Did you know that flying stilettos can be a hazard in a strip club? How many politicians got caught up in embarrassing legal trouble this week? And can you sue if your boob job is a bust? The answers to those questions and many more will be answered on this weeks Lawyers, Who Needs Them?

A Week of Unusual Legal News
Jim and Randal offer their unique take on the big legal stories of the week. Among the topics: Pastors who practice politics from the pulpit, the judge who asked too many questions, and the blonde who was dying to sue Loreal over her hair color. Plus, as always, Jim and Randal tackle listeners toughest legal questions.

The Supreme Court Returns
Randal and Jim offer their offbeat takes on the weeks legal stories that matter to you! Supreme Court activity is at the top of the legal news this week, along with the legal woes of OJ Simpson, Sharon Stone, Sen. Ted Stevens, and listener questions!

No texting in CA and no sheep romancing in MI
Randal and Jim take a funny and irreverant look at the week's legal news, including new legislation in California, a Supreme Court stay of execution and the story of an animal lover in Michigan.

Plea Bargains, Bailouts and the Shirtless Man
From the mortgage bailout to the case of the shirtless man, Jim and Randal take a look at the week's important legal stories. They also answer listener questions on a wide variety of legal matters.

A Wild Week in the Law
Randal and Jim take a funny and (of course)irreverent look at why todays legal cases should matter to you! This week's cases include lawsuits swirling around Bratz dolls, Congressman Charles Rangel and Kanye West.

OJ, the Mayor and the Deputy With His Hands Full
This is the premier episode of Lawyers Who Needs Them on, as Randal Simonetti and James Hartman, Esq. take a funny and typically irreverent look at why todays legal cases should matter to you -- and their references include OJ, the Mayor, and the Deputy!