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The Right Way to Increase Income
Steve describes the difference between organic growth and artificial growth, and why the former is much better for the economy and business. We'll also examine the housing market and where home values are. Plus, we'll look up Google and see how their stocks are doing.

The Rabbit Ear Recovery
We've supposedly been in a "recovery" for seven years. But if you go state by state, as Steve did, you'll find that's not the case. Steve and Brian break down the numbers. Then, Lilly Poy talks housing starts, and how they are effecting the economy. And Steve has buys in three separate sectors that you should check out.

Wages and the Economy
Steve and Brian discuss the impact wages have on the economy, and why increasing the minimum wage will make things worse, not better. Then, Lilly discusses investment strategies in the international market. And, a review of Qualcomm, and other stocks we are interested in.

Forecasting Commodities
We've seen inflation in the marketplace. Might we soon see inflation in the commodities market? We are, after all, an energy economy. Might this be the right time to invest in oil? Steve and Lilly discuss your options.

A Closer Look at the Earnings
The earnings have come out this week, and they were surprisingly strong. Steve will talk about what that means moving forward. Then, what effect do the world events in the middle east and the Ukraine have on the economy? Plus, we go inside Apple and Haliburton.

A Slice of the Apple
The Beige Book is out, and economic conditions seem to be improving. We'll discuss how things could be improving faster. Apple partners up with an old rival in a surprising move, and some interesting moves in the bond market.

Pain at the Pump
Another holiday weekend is here, and gas prices are on the rise again. We examine what exactly is causing costs to rise even though the US has a surplus. Then, we go inside the new employment numbers, discuss the failure of macro-economics, and tell you why the bad economy is the fault of the politicians.

GDP bombshell
Brian and Lilly discuss the huge drop in 1st quarter GDP and what it may mean to our economy. They also explore the effect that Obamacare may have had on GDP.

The Meaning of Recovery
Politics and economics seem to be walking hand in hand these days. The Fed notes came out yesterday and the market reacted favorably. But we take a hard look at the numbers to gauge where the US economy in the fifth year of this so-called recovery, and have some real issues with the numbers.

World Affairs and the Market
There's a lot of noise being made overseas, and it's not just the Ukraine this time. Things are uncertain in Iraq, and it's uncertain of how that will impact the markets. So the topic of today's program for certain is uncertainty.

The Truth About Financial Advisors
You may not know, but 90% of the financial advisers out there are just salesmen pushing a product, and aren't looking out for your money the way they should. Steve and Brian explain why you need to question what investments you're being put in to, instead of getting stuck in "the fund of the month club."

Happy 529 Day
It's Thursday May 29, and we're celebrating 529 Day! Lilly Poy is here to talk about 529 plans, and why it's a great way to help you set aside funds for your child's education. Steve will also share his thoughts on some stocks that he finds interesting.

Paying for College
In addition to a breakdown the market news, we’re discussing paying for college. Lilly and Steve will lay out your options and different investment strategies to make the cost of higher education a little easier to manage. Also, we will look at three stocks which should benefit from a late year economic recovery.

Highs and Lows of the Week
Lilly and Steve take a look at what's happening in the markets today, as things tumble from historic highs earlier in the week. China was supposed to crush the world economically. That didn't happen. We examine why. Plus, the Top 3 dividending stocks.

Top 401K Mistakes You Are Making
On this episode, we are discussing the seven top mistakes people are making on their 401k plans. We will also revisit Disney after their earnings report and we’ll look at the Chinese economy.

Sell In May, Go Away
Brian and Lilly cover 1st quarter economic growth, the best use of ETF fund flows, and “Sell in May , Go Away. ” Plus, a review of our Disney and Trinity Industries recommendations from December.

Apple's Earnings and the Housing Market
Today we are taking a closer look at Apple's earnings announcement. We also will take on the latest home sale numbers and what they could mean for the economy and home values, and we'll explain gold's true role in the economy and in your portfolio. Lily will be with us clarify Ira contribution deadlines we discussed last week. Top 3 income ideas round out the show.

The State of Corporate America
It's earnings season so today we take a close look at he state of corporate America. In addition to taking the temperature economy labor market and last Fed comments we look at how well the commercial engine faredthis past quarter. In addition to winners and losers, we give our Top Three earnings surprises so far.

Understanding Deflation
Today, Steve looks at the economic factors that are affecting the market. Lilly takes us into the final week before taxes are due, and get you ready for any curve balls. Plus, we'll explain the differences between inflation and deflation, and which one is worse.

Boom v Bust
With some analysts calling for a bullish year with ramped up growth and others calling for corrections as steep as 30%, we weigh in with our thoughts on the direction of the economy and the market. We also take a look at the latest ECB decision and the disaster in Chile and asses those impacts on the international investing markets. Finally, we take a look at our top three defensive stocks.

Strategic Investment Portfolio Management
Today Lilly Poy will join us to discuss dividend achiever and dividend aristocrat stocks. She will also compare the Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity Credit. Later we will take a look at Strategic Investment Portfolio (SIP) management and why they are effective. Finally we will take a look at the top three stocks we like for dividends.

Notes from the Fed Meeting
Today we will be taking a closer look at the Fed meeting including continued tapering of the bond buying program, dropping unemployment numbers as an economic trigger and hints of a rate hike as soon as 6 months. We will also take a look at our recommendation of the best stock opportunities in this market. Lily will also be along to talk about the benefits of Health Savings Account and strategies to reduce 2013 taxes.

The State of the Recovery
In addition to today's market news we will look at the surprise uptick in the employment numbers which came out last Friday and what that could mean for continued recovery. Also, news from China and it's impact on investors, and the new requirements for 401k advisors.

Income Gap & the Economy
In today's show, we'll take a closer look at the economic indicators we've been receiving the past few weeks and compare them to what we are seeing in the marketplace. We will discuss whether we are on offense or is it time to get defensive with portfolios.

We will also take a look at the situation with Crimea, and evaluate what potential impact could result for the economy and investments.

Next we will enter the fray surrounding income gap and the economy, specifically looking at the policy direction coming from Washington and the potential impact on US economic growth.

Home Sales & The Economy
Today we will look at the latest data on home sales, and what it means for the economy and investments. We will also take a look at the performance of some of our earlier recommendations, including Qualcomm (QCOM) , Trinity (TRN) , and Disney (DIS).

We will also look at the latest fund flows in ETFs, and what that could signal for the markets. Next we examine the use of IRAs for people with schedule C income.

The Latest from the Labor Department
In today's program we will take a look at the latest numbers from the Labor Department and the current market outlook. Guest Lily Poy will returns with information on Required Minimum Distributions for IRAs as well as decedent IRAs. We will also take a look at the "Big News" on the Street, the $16Billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook.

Your IRA Contribution
We will have OV Capital's Lily Poy back to discuss IRA contributions and the cost of waiting, more of the differences between ETFs an Mutual Funds, and the Emerging Markets - are they cheap now?

That's all addition to our look at the market through the lens of the recent disappointing jobs numbers, we will examine some strategies to manage volatility.

Exchange Traded Funds
On this week's Money@Work, our guest Lily Poy, a Certified Financial Planner with us at OV Capital, returns to talk about Exchange Traded Funds and their use. Lily will also be giving us a look into the global emerging markets.

After a pullback of roughly 5.7% in the equity markets we have seen come modest relief in the past two days. We look into whether this signals a buying opportunity, or if we should expect further declines.

We will also take a quick look at Disney (DIS) after the release of their February 5th earnings report.

IRA Information
Today we looked at the recent pull back in the market in light of today’s increase. We evaluated the influence of the Fed’s tapering on the pullback. We welcomed Lily Poy the Certified Financial Planner at OV Capital to give us some insight into IRA investment vehicles and we wrapped up with an evaluation of Qualcomm (QCOM) in light of their recent earnings report.

Fixed Income Trading
We discuss fixed income vehicles and what the slight uptick in interest rates has had on fixed income. We will also discuss the effect it has had historically on this sector.

Is Best Buy a Good Buy
We'll look at some of the things happening behind the scenes that have been driving the indexes over the first few weeks of the new year. We'll also take a closer look at Best Buy, Netflix and Disney, to see if any of them are worth your investment dollars.

Explaining Registered Investment Advisors
This week, we'll explain how the registered investment advisory works versus a typical broker dealer you may encounter. Plus - why the market is off to such a sluggish start, and which pharmacy chain we have our eye on as an investment.

Forecasting 2014
The New Year is here- is it time to invest? And where should you be putting your money. What’s ahead in our financial future that will impact the market, Fiat takes over Chrysler, and the stocks to watch in 2014.

Closing Out 2013
Today on Money@Work, in addition to market news, we will discuss the recent Fed Reserve foray into “Tapering” and the resultant record setting day on Wall Street yesterday. Also on the schedule is a look into the unemployment numbers that prompted the Fed Reserve to begin tightening as well as recent jobless claims, and the pullback in new home sales. We also plan on discussing perceptions around the year's market gains in relation to the lack luster economic growth with an eye toward the new year.

What's in Store for 2014
Today on Money@Work, we will discuss the latest budget proposal, and the latest Affordable Care Act numbers as well as a look at the recent pullback in the market. We will also take another look into the crystal ball for next year’s growth estimates, and strategies for your investment portfolio. To round out the program we will take a look at a few equity ideas from the capital growth and dividend value perspective.

Why Minimum Wage Hikes Won't Work
There are protests going on across the country demanding that the minimum wage be raised. But Steve and Brian explain why from a business standpoint, it just won't work. Also - what a disappointing Black Friday means for retailers and consumers, and an update on Detroit's bankruptcy.

A New Head for the Fed
Today we’re discussing Janet Yellen’s approval by the Senate banking committee, current market activity including the rebound from the past three day sell off, new hints a tapering by the Fed. We will take a peek at predictions for next year as well as a look at JP Morgan stock.

The Obamacare FIx
The President announced a fix to the ACA so you can keep your insurance for an extra year if you like it. But how is this executive order going to affect the insurance companies and big pharma? Also, how will the Janet Yellen hearing affect the market?

About OV Capital
Our our debut episode, you will meet our hosts Stephen Memery and Brian Bourdon, and learn about the investing philosophy of OV Capital. We will alos discuss the how, when's and why's of exchange-traded funds, and tell you why Twitter may not be worth your time as an investment.