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Sensation Station
This week, we chat with Sean Pryme, owner and General Manager of the Atlanta-based Sensation Station Network, which is an internet radio station.

Also, since it is the last Tuesday of the month, we will also be joined by The ladies of the Atlanta View - Nina Winston, Pamela Harris, Cathy Jordan and Leah Gray.

Entrepreneur Nina Winston & the View from Atlanta
Mind Your Business Radio Welcomes Entrepreneur Ms. Nina Winston. Nina is the latest cast member of the View From Atlanta; a segment on Mind Your Business Radio featuring vibrant discussions by a group of entrepreneurial women in the Atlanta area. Nina is the owner and operator of Growing Seasons LLC and has been a Licensed Master Cosmetologists for 18 yrs, Master Braider for 17 yrs and Master Hair Extentionist for the past 13 years. She was an Educator for DOME, a Hair Extension company out of London England. She is a Certified Infusion Artists of SO.CAP U.S.A., a Distributor and Educator of Climax Full Lace Wigs and specializes in a variety of Braids, Hair Extensions and Lace Wig applications. She proudly services a multicultural client base of mature and professional women.

Up2Me Magazine
Up2Me Magazine is a premier magazine of "choice" for individuals, predominately women, seeking to define and live in their life's purpose. When one has defined their life's purpose they become empowered through knowledge, mentoring, peer support, emotional well being, and self motivation.

We'll learn more about Up2Me on today's program with its Editor-In-Chief Jennifer Jiles and from first time guest Melinda Davis who is President and CEO of Atlanta Life Media

Terrell Dinkins - One Bucket Nation
Terrell Dinkins is a financial advisor, wealth empowerment speaker, and author. Her book One Bucket Nation aims to educate our nation on the importance of wealth building using the strategic bucket system approach. DON'T MISS IT!

Non-Profit Organizations
This week, we welcome Rev. Dexter Wimbish, JD, MPA. Our topic is non-profits, and Dexter is an expert in that field, having been successful in gettin grants awarded for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and also had a wealth of foundation grants he has been able to solicit for non-profit organizations.

Episode Originally Aired February 2 2016

Why You Need a Will
Why do you need a will? Two words- unclaimed assets! Do you know that there is over 400 billion dollars in unclaimed money in the U.S. Held by banks and life insurance companies?! Find out how YOU can lay claim to some of this money! Attorney Althea Debarr-Johnson answers all of your estate questions.

Finances and Your Relationships
Mind Your Business Radio Welcomes Pamela Antoinette Larde who is an author, educator, and relationship coach. She here to talk about love and money, and how the two can sometimes intersect.

Improving Mental Health
One of this missions of this program is to change the money mindset of women and minorities. But what we've found is that it is very difficult to change someone's mind. So we've brought in mental health expert Diana Alecia Laing to talk about the process of breaking bad habits and create good ones. She will also discuss depression and the stigmas of mental illnesses.

Tarchitects and TCAAD
Atlanta architect Tariq Abdullah talks about what it takes to become an architect & about his company Tarchitects.

We will also meet his wife Tiffany Green-Abdullah who will talk about < a href="" target="Blank">The Tarchitects Community Academy of Architecture and Design, or TCAAD, a charter school they are developing s to expose students to architecture and design in a learner-centered environment.

Make My Body Right
Dr. Flo, Althea and the Ladies of the Atlanta View welcome Mike Folkes, owner of a local business called Make My Body Right. Make My Body Right is all about making YOUR body right.... from ancient massage to new age treatments, we can help you make your body better! Mike is a licensed masseuse, and is here to talk about healthy lifestyle changes.

Mind Your Market
Mind Your Business Radio welcomes Dr. Jennifer Jiles, professor of Marketing at Georgia State University. She's here to talk about the importance of marketing your small business.

Treasures in Real Estate
MYB Welcomes Mr. Jon Reid of Allen Reid Enterprises, LLC. Jon is a real estate investor, and a partner in a venture called HouseJerk, which is a networking system for people involved in all facets of the real estate industry. HouseJerk’s mission is to provide tools, information and business opportunities as they relate to real estate investing and create an online community of individuals interested in real estate.

Dr. Theresa Wilburn
A determined, committed professor of life, Dr. Teresa (Dr. T) Wilburn brings a special brand of compassion and enthusiasm to her work as a professional educator. For nearly 30 years, Dr. T has dedicated her life to inspiring and equipping her students with the tools necessary for success.

Protecting Your Assets
Our guests this week are Greg Palmer and Pamela Harris of GPI Financials, a company that specializes in business insurance strategies for small closely held businesses, non-profits and church organizations. They'll talk about what you need to do to protect your assets and will help you to understand risk management.

In The Komfort Zone
It's another edition of the Ladies of the Atlanta View, and this time, we are coming to you live from the Komfort Zone in Conyers, GA.

Komfort Zone was founded six years ago in Bridgeport, Connecticut. While the creator was enduring her “going natural” hair journey, she began to look at the ingredients in the soaps, shampoos and lotions that she was using. It was during that time that the idea of making natural soaps and other products was put into motion.

The Dr. Flo Show
Our amazing host Dr. Floran Syler is the focus of this week's episode! She'll answer listener emails about financial problems and concerns.

Tax Tips
On this episode, we will discuss strategies for keeping more of your money. Good tax strategy is a key to keeping your wealth. Our returning guest is attorney Aislee Smith.

The Business of Taxes
April 15th is approaching... so let's talk about the business of taxes! We're live at Tax Concepts in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Our guest expert is Aislee Smith, Esq. Attorney V. Aislee Smith is the Founding Member, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Tax Attorney of TaxConcepts, LLC. and is here to answer any and all questions you may have on your taxes

The Ladies of the Atlanta View: Buttersweet Bakery
We are back on the road for another episode of the Ladies of The Atlanta View. We are at Buttersweet Bakery in College Park GA

Ask Athea!
Got a financial question? Ask Althea! Our co-host Althea DeBarr Johnson is here with the answers to all of your pressing estate planning questions.

Choose You!
This week, we are pleased to introduce you to Dr. Rachel Elahee. Dr. Elahee is a Wife, Mother, Author, Speaker, Coaching Psychologist and Exemplar for women eager to ignite their passions and be fulfilled by the lives they lead. She's here to have an exclusive chat on having a positive mindset.

The Ladies of the Atlanta View
This week's program comes to you live from the Initiator's Gift Shop at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta. We're calling our roundtable The Ladies of the Atlanta View, and we are discussing entrepreneurship and why we need to support black businesses.

Do I Need a Business Plan?
We welcome back author, Certified Business - Life Coach, Corporate and Small-Business Consultant Ms. Alena Edmondson. She will talk about starting a small business, and why you need to make sure you have a business plan before you get started. You can't build anything without a solid foundation!

Develop and Grow Your Business
We welcome author, Certified Business - Life Coach, Corporate and Small-Business Consultant, Ms. Alena Edmonson, who will share tip on how to develop and grow a small business.

New Year, New Outlook on Your Finances
Making New Year's Resolutions? Make sure they include financial and estate planning! Floran and Althea will explain why changing your money mindset should be on the top of your priorities for 2016!

Celebrating Collective Economics
Today's program comes to you live from the beauty shop. We feature a round table of black entrepreneurs who will discuss Ujamaa, the fourth principle of Kwanzaa.

On today's show, we celebrate the 4th principle of Kwanzaa, Ujamaa, with attorney Harold Alexander. Ujamaa means collective economics; to build, maintain and support our own stores, establishments and businesses.

Celebrating the Season
MYB prepares to celebrate the Seven principles of Kwaanza, and want you to join us!

Young and in Charge
This week's guest is entrepreneur, author and public speaker Alexis Nicole White. She's here to share tips for all the young entrepreneurs out there, and to talk about her new book The Covered.

Credit Repair- Does it Work?
You've got issues with your credit, and you've heard or seen ads for services that say they can help you fix it. But do they actually work? Before you call that number, take a listen to this episode. Our guest expert Marie Richo will explain how those services actually work, and why you should avoid them.

Challenging the Money Mindset of Women
Today's topic is women and money. We have a distinguished panel of female entrepreneurs, including Entrepreneurs: Jackie Charles, Pamela Harris, Atty Joslyn Jackson, and Cathy Jordan. They share their views on women and finances.

Wills and Living Trusts
What happens when a person dies without a will? Do you need to set up a trust for your assets? Who will handle my affairs if I become impaired? Co-host and attorney Althea DeBarr-Johnson is here to answer everything you need to know about wills and trusts. She will also answer numerous caller questions on the subject.

The B Word
Financial fitness in a jar? On today's show, we discuss the dreaded "B" word- budget, and why you need to have one.

Damon Scott & Avoiding Financial Traps
We are taking our show on the road this week to Atlanta Technical College. Our guest is Mr. Damon Scott. He'll discuss financial traps that prey upon minority communities, like payday loans and lotteries, and why you need to avoid them.

Veteran's View
On this week's show, we look at the Veteran's view, as we examine the financial implications for active service members and veterans. Our guest is Mr. Percy Butler.

Call In Show
This week, it's YOUR show! Call in with your financial questions, and Floran and Althea will answer! We are welcoming all calls from our faithful listeners, so join in on the conversation at 888-463-6748

Getting into Business (and getting out)
Think you have what it takes to be in business? Business owners - Do you have an EXIT STRATEGY? On today's show, we'll cover what it take to start a business, and how to get out of one.

Marriage and Divorce
Today's program is about marriage and divorce, and how each can affect your finances. We'll discuss money management as well as asset protection.

Your Faith and Your Finances
How does your relationship with God impact your relationship with money? This week's show is The Spiritual Side of Finances Part II with returning guest Dr. Tony Alexander.

The 411 on Credit
It's our pleasure to welcome Rob Wilson back to the program. Mr. Wilson is founder of the Wilson Group, and he has dedicated extensive time to financial education and freedom to the under served community. On this episode he will tell you what you need to know about credit.

Investing and Retirement Planning
Our guest this week is Jeff Morris, who is an investment adviser. He'll tell you what you need to know about investing and retirement Planning, starting with the basics. We will also talk about better ways to save and invest, and how to start planning for your retirement.

The Spiritual Side of Finances
On this edition, Dr. Floran Syler, CPA and Co-Host - Attorney Althea DeBarr-Johnson welcome guest Dr. Tony Alexander to talk about the spiritual side of finances.

Are You a BMW?
Are You a BMW (Black Man Working)?

Join our guests, Juilian Schmoke, Christopher Garrett, and Douglas Ward to hear them discuss the Black man's perspective on college, career, finance and entrepreneurship.

Avoiding Financial Traps
This week's topic is financial traps: how you can avoid them and what to do if you get ensnared.

Our lines are open for your questions and comments at 888-463-6748.

How to Start a Business
Have you ever considered stepping out and living your vision of being an entrepreneur? And if you have, do you know where to get started? Should you incorporate? What's an LLC? We'll discuss all these questions and more to help you get on the path to being your own boss with our guest attorney Aislee Smith.

Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind
This week's show is an entrepreneur's round table, as we look at the challenges faced by small businesses focused on African-American communities.

Our guests include Tina Greer, author of Grow Into Your Greatness, Greg Palmer, President of GPI Financial Services, Kathy Jordan, CEO of K Jo & Co., Rosemary Willingham, CEO of Willingham Consulting Services, Kurt Renfroe, owner of Georgia Global Title, Michele Hayward, owner of Premier Realty and Property Management and Pamela Harris, owner of A Signature Flair Consulting.

Create a Wealth Conscious Mindset
Atlanta's own Rob Wilson, founder of the Wilson Group will be our guest on this episode. Rob Wilson has dedicated extensive time to financial education and freedom to the underserved community. His goal is to improve the quality of personal financial education to create wealth for each person he reaches.

The Importance of Financial Education for Women and Minorities
On our debut episode, Floran and Althea will explain why they created the show, and examine the wealth gap between whites and African-Americans. They will also talk about the American mindset when it comes to money and savings, and what can be done to change that. Plus, loads of free advice for our callers!