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Strategies to Skyrocketing Sales Conversions
Successful Internet marketers know that trust and rapport create revenue. Milo talks about several strategies you can use to skyrocket your sales conversions. And most Internet marketers have loads of Private Label Right items stored on their computer. Milo presents numerous ideas of ways in which you can use those items you have purchased in trying to find your niche on the Internet. And in Andy's Corner: Flash Drives 101 and how to replace your motherboard.

Good Sales Copy Makes Good Cash
Creating good copy is a must when trying to sell on the Internet. Milo outlines the keys to effective sales writing and which ones truly generate sales. He also takes a look at email and what components make a difference whether someone opens a message. He talks about using blogging for making money on the Internet. And in Andy's Corner, how long do USB flash drives last, plus ways to be sure your credit card is safe for online transactions.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a powerful tool for your business. This week, Milo talks about the unique benefits of a social media marketing effort and how it can create new customers. He also takes a look at nine of the most common Internet Marketing social sites. And in Andy’s Corner, how to trouble shoot a flaky USB port, and how you can lengthen your laptop’s life by keeping it cool.

The Proper Business Model
Choosing the right Internet Business model is crucial to your Internet Business success. Milo takes a look at ten different business models. Plus, he discusses the most effective ways to manage your time. And in Andy's corner, the basics of cloud computing, and a handy backup program in Windows 7.

How To Make Your Business “Click”
Pay-Per-Click is the quickest way to create web traffic for your website. Milo looks at the pros and cons of using a Pay-Per-Click campaign. He also suggests 20 multiple ways to make money online and increase your presence on the Internet. And in Andy's Corner, the basics of Java for your computer, and how to repair Vista or Windows 7.

You Tube & Your Online Business
Social networking is fast becoming the way to do business on the internet. Today we’ll cover the many facets of You Tube, and how to utilize them for your online business. Plus, learn about the hidden dangers of playing some of those games on social networks.

Words Equal Money
The two most important tasks for getting your online business up and running is to build pages and get links. Words equal money and Milo explains why the quality of words play such an integral part of how much success you are to have in your Internet business. He also explains how to build web pages that contain the right keywords to maximize Google results. And in Andy's corner, why should you or why would you convert WAV audio formats to MP3, and the correct way to make your new printer the default.

Starting An Online Business – The Simple Way
This week, Milo explains the importance of designing strategies and setting specific goals for your online business. He also analyzes concepts to make your online business profitable, even in a tough economy! And in Andy's Corner, advice on getting better photo prints from your printer, plus ways to back up your computer when disk space is a problem.

Web 2.0 Exposed!
Web 2.0 makes the Internet more and more user friendly not to mention a place for social activities. Milo talks about the value of Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Wiki, RSS Feeds, and Podcasts and how you can use them. He also explains Pay-Per-Click and what you need to consider when planning on a PPC campaign. Plus, Andy will tell us what to do if you have a defective pixel on your computer screen. He also explains hibernation vs. standby on your PC.

Outsourcing, Clickbank & More!
Every business needs to outsource certain tasks. Milo discusses outsourcing and how to use it wisely. Plus, if you plan on selling informational e-products on the Internet, Milo explains the ABCs of Clickbank! And, Andy talks about the “Malicious Software Removal Tool” and a new solid state drive by Seagate.

Back to the Basics-From the Beginning
This week, Milo offers advice for people who are just starting out with their online business or contemplating a website. He explains the importance of a business plan, setting goals, and deciding what to sell, along with writing copy and web design. He also talks about the three best methods of generating traffic, blog commenting, forum marketing and JV partner and affiliates. And Andy explains how to completely delete everything thing on your old hard drive.

The Money is in the List-The Targeted List!
This week, Milo shares strategies to target your list to get more customers, conversions and revenue. Plus, there are different types of websites and they all serve a different marketing purpose. Milos looks at the value of each, to improve your conversion and opt-in rate. And Andy discusses fake anti-virus warnings online and shares tips for getting the best results in photo printing.

Your Key to Less Work and More Money
Milo talks about online partnerships that are used to develop products, promote advertising, and improve products for success in internet marketing. Then, content may be king, but don’t treat your audience like a queen; you may not produce the results you expected. Plus, Andy fills us in on some of Windows 7’s cool new features.

Get Rid of the Noise And Enjoy the Quiet
This week, Milo takes a look at the distractions that can suck the productivity and success right out of your business. Milo talks about ways to step back and get rid of some of the clutter that is taking up your valuable time. He also looks at how a blog can increase traffic for your website. And Andy looks at the early questions popping up with the release of Windows 7.

Big Traffic On A Small Budget
Milo talks about some powerful techniques in getting both free and paid traffic to your website on a small budget. Plus he takes a look at common online distractions, and how you can improve your time management. And Andy answers listener questions about piggy back downloads and using flash drives on public computers.

Happy Customers Bring Profits
This week, Milo looks at the care and support of your customers. Adam Kaye, VIP Relations of Mike Filsaime Corporate Headquarters guides us through the process of building relationships with our customers. He also highlights some common mistakes made by Internet entrepreneurs. Then, Andy tackles some questions about crashes in Internet Explorer 8 and has some tips on speeding up your computer's startup.

Words = Money: Links Bring Traffic
Milo boils down the keys to a successful Internet business: Words equal money and links bring you traffic. He tells us how simple it can be, in building pages and getting links. Milo also discusses the potential of backend products and how to find them. Plus, Andy talks about possible reasons to upgrade to Windows 7, and he answers a question about a common computer glitch: Data Execution Prevention.

Using Your Blog to Drive Traffic
Milo explains why a blog can be a good tool in building a revenue stream. He believes that putting together an effective blog is a lot like putting together any website. He will also will cover the ways to generate revenue with frequent posts, and setting up an RSS feed. Plus, Andy answers listener questions on some tough computer problems.

Exponential Profits with Backend Sales
Milo discusses backend offers, the ones that determine whether you are going to make marginal or staggering profits. He also explores ways of boosting your conversion and why it is the most important thing you can do for your website. Milo also gives you some helpful tips to ensure that your websites hits equate to sales. And Andy explains how to keep your new PC clean and remove potential headaches down the road.

Snow Leopard, Apples New Operating System
Milo and Andy take a look at Apple's new operating system, Snow Leopard, including new features, potential compatibility issues and the basics of installing the new software. Plus, social sites are a great way to market your product to the masses. Milo gives us several tactics in the use of You Tube in putting together a marketing strategy. And Andy will talk about the new LED video screens hitting the market and a crafty new Domain Renewal Letter scam.

A Comprehensive Battle Plan!
Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the quickest ways of getting visitors to your site. Milo will also discuss search engine optimization (SEO) and why blogging will also help you gain backlinks, which are so important in getting a good search engine ranking. And Andy checks in with info about the new Google Voice phone service, and the rumors of buying Windows 7 on a flash drive.

Gaining Leverage with Email!
This week, Milo explains why email is the fastest way to gain leverage on the Internet. Relationship Marketing with E-mails helps one build strong bonds and establish credibility with their customers. And which comes first...the product or the market? Milo talks about one of the most common mistakes in selling a product. Plus, Andy answers a few questions about Windows 7, and explains the basics of MiFi and how it differs from WiFi.

Increasing Exposure and Income on Your Site
Social media sites are huge these days! This week, Milo explains how you can use them to increase exposure for your Internet business. And he talks about an easy way to increase income from your website or blog via Google AdSense. And Milo's computer guru Andy continues his discussion about what you need to know about the upcoming Windows 7.

Work Smart To Success with Devon Brown
Milo interviews Devon Brown, internet network marketing guru, about the need to work hard but work smart. Devon walks us through his program of working 3 hours per day and getting your business up and running successfully. They also discuss the growing value of Twitter for Internet Marketing. And Andy will fill you in on the great new features included in the upcoming Windows 7.

5 Keys For Your Success
This week, Milo outlines the five areas which determine the profitability of your website. He discusses how to get traffic, find potential customers, find a niche for your products, affiliate marketing and the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit. Milo also talks to newbies about how to develop a 30-day plan to get started. And Andy explains why you should consider backing up your Webmail, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a quick way to begin a successful business on the Internet. Milo explains how to create an affiliate website, plus the do's and don'ts in affiliate marketing. Milo will also discuss Resell, Master Resell and Private Label rights. And Andy discusses whether your IP address is a danger to your privacy, what you need to know about "Google Stalking."

Spam: The Hows and Whys in Avoiding It
It can be the kiss of death if your marketing emails end up in junk email folders. Milo will explain the CAN SPAM Act and how to keep your messages from being branded as spam. He also talks about ways to find your target market, place specifics in your copy and to determine your USP. And Andy takes a look at the headlines about Gmail, which has finally shed its beta designation. Is webmail right for you?

Potential Pittfalls of Paypal
Paypal is the most-used process for payments on the web. Milo will talk about some of the potential problems and pitfalls of accepting Paypal payments on your site. He will also share strategies to help you increase your all-important conversion rate. And Milo's resident computer expert Andy offers his list of the nine most common things that can mess up your computer.

Using Twitter for Internet Marketing
Twitter can change the way you interact with your customers. Milo talks about the rules of Twitter and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, plus the eight most common mistakes made when creating a website! And Milo's computer expert Andy explains why Blue-ray discs are not the big sellers everyone expected.

Getting Traffic to Your Site
You can have the greatest product and website ever, but without traffic to your site, you won't sell anything. This week, Milo takes a look at the most cost-effective ways to get huge amounts of traffic to your website. He discusses mailing list tactics, ways to find leads, and how to write effective emails to potential customers. Plus Andy takes a look at some of the top computing news of the week.

Steps to Becoming a Successful Marketer
Milo talks about ways to get your internet business off to a fast start, and ways to create your dream business. He takes you through the ten steps necessary to make a living online. He also explains how to develop a Business Plan, a Mission Statement, a Vision Statement and more. And Milo's computer expert Andy checks in with an update on Windows 7.

Web 2.0 and Copywriting
In this episode, Milo walks you through Web 2.0 and explains the audio, visual and social networking components that make it such a powerful tool for marketing. He talks about the value of split testing, giveaways, testimonials, and most of all, the copy that sells products on your website. He also explains how to position yourself as a guru in your niche area.

Selling Products for Profit!
The goal of every online business is to make money. Milo explains how to decide what products to sell, where to get them and how to increase sales and conversions. He talks about the wisest ways to minimize your business' tax bill, and whether your online business should be incorporated. Plus Andy talks about the security of your webmail account and improvements to Google Maps.

Keywords Are The Key!
Milo talks about the importance of keywords in attracting and targeting visitors to your web site. He covers the basics of search engine optimization, long tail keywords and free keyword tools. Plus our resident computer genius Andy stops by with reviews of the new Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome 2 browsers!

Making Money with Email Lists!
Your website has the potential to reach thousands of people. If you want to make money on the Internet, you should build an email list of your site visitors. This week, Milo explains how to do it, how to use an autoresponder, how to avoid spam filters, and how to build a squeeze page. Andy checks in with tips on ways to secure your laptop from loss or theft, plus some he reviews some of the best sites for free online video chats.

Selling on eBay!
One of the best ways to earn money is via online auction services like eBay. Milo and Andy talk about the basics of selling on eBay, including how to become a Powerseller. They outline the steps to setting up your first auction, why a good reputation is critical, and how to write effective item descriptions.

Basic Tools of Internet Marketing
Milo outlines the basic tools necessary to successfully market your business on the Internet. He explains the crucial role of your website, good sales copy, the right domain name, keywords, a good email list, auto-responders and more! And Milo's computer expert Andy talks about the basics of bots and how to protect personal information on your PC.

Marketing Your Online Business
This week, Milo takes a look at promoting your online business through viral marketing. He explains how to build your list of potential customers. Milos computer expert Andy checks in with the latest on the Conficker computer virus, plus how to save on printer costs. And Milo offers a newbie checklist for planning a website that will attract web traffic.

Setting Up Your Business Website
So you'd like to sart an online business. Does that mean you need your own website? Milo covers all of the steps to determine the type of site you need, how to get it designed, and whether you need a site at all! He also talks with his friendly computer geek Andy for some useful tips on buying a new computer, plus he goes over an Internet marketing checklist for newbies.

Making the Most of the Internet
Keywords, search engines, blogging if these terms are unfamiliar to you, then you need to hear the debut episode of Milos Internet Marketing! On this show, learn about some simple ways you can increase traffic to your website, and find out about a pesky virus thats making the rounds.