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Natural Gas and the US Infrastructure
On today’s show, Jan Mazzotti and Kelly DeLatorre speak with David Hill, from ENCANA Natural Gas. ENCANA is focused on growing the American market for natural gas. David will discuss natural gas production and natural gas implementation into the US infrastructure.

Emerging Energy Technologies
Jan Mazotti and co-host Kelly de la Torre talk with Alan Forbes, President and CEO of Independent Energy Partners. In this segment, we discuss the basics of new Geo-thermal fuel cell technologies. Including new ways to extract domestic oil reserves, which target unconventional hydrocarbons, and are also applicable to unconventional oil production.

Global Citizenship
Host Jan Mazotti and co-host Cristin Tarr discuss the benefits of global citizenship, starting with ways to expose youth to world cultures.

The Lost Boys of the Sudan
Jan Mazotti speaks with Arok Garang, one of the orignal Lost Boys of the Sudan. In 1989 his village in South Sudan was attacked by government-sponsored militias, his parents and the families of many other children were killed. The boys ran for their lives, traveling 1,000 miles to safety. Arok has founded Seeds of South Sudan to rebuild his community. He is joined by Tom and Margaret Melander, also with Seeds of South Sudan.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Afghanistan
Host Jan Mazotti and co-host Kelly de la Torre talk with Connie Duckworth, Founder & CEO of ARZU Studio Hope. Arzu is an example of social entrepreneurship that helps Afghan women weavers and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them steady income and access to education and healthcare by sourcing and selling the rugs they weave.

Denver's Public Schools
Host Jan Mazotti is joined by co-host Steve McMillan of the Denver Post. Together they talk with Denver Public Schools Superintendent, Tom Boasberg about Denver's successful school reform, cited as a national model for improvement - Strong performance, graduation rate increases, and receiving grants for effective programs.

Colorado Gives Day
Jan Mazotti is joined this week by Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer of Experience Pros Radio to discuss Colorado Gives Day; an initiative to increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Presented by Community First Foundation and FirstBank, Colorado Gives Day took place during a 24-hour period on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, and raised over $15 million dollars in donations. They will speak to some of the non-profits that were involved in the effort.

Community Matters
Community does matter, particularly during the holiday season. On this week’s episode, Jan Mazotti and Co-host Cristin Tarr of Business Service Corps discuss community partnerships for social impact, and how people and corporations of any size can come together and connect with non-profits for social impact.

Natural Gas Vehicles
Jan Mazotti and Kelly de la Torre team up for another Energy 101 segment. Today's guest, Dan Genovese of Chesapeake Energy talks about the opportunities to convert America's transportation fuel to natural gas, and projections for how soon this could happen.

Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts
Host Jan Mazotti is joined by Cristin Tarr of Business Service Corps as Co-Host. Together they talk to Kris Staff, Director of Public Affairs for Safeway, discussing efforts to promote breast cancer awareness and various other corporate responsibility efforts by the grocery chain. And also Polly Letofsky, the first woman to walk around the world. Polly discusses her journey, and her efforts to promote breast cancer awareness and fundraising around the world.

Global Education & FreshWater
Jan Mazotti talks with former First Lady of Colorado Jeannie Ritter, Ed Nichols, the President and CEO of History Colorado, and international non-profit consultant Steve Werner about collaborative efforts to reach children with Global Education.

In our second segment, we talk about the global efforts to provide clean water to rural villages. Guests are Heidi Rickles of FreshWater Project International and Charles Banda of FreshWater Malawi.

Red White and Green
Jan Mazotti and Kelly de la Torre team up for another Energy 101 segment. Our guest is Nancy Pfund, one of the authors of the report Red White and Green: The True Colors of America's Clean Tech Jobs. The report shows how the clean tech industry is playing an important role in both red and blue states – and especially in swing states.

The 20-Billion Dollar Bonanza
Jan Mazotti is joined by Kelly de la Torre for an Energy 101 segment. Their guest Dr. Howard Geller of the Southwest Energy Effiencey Program talks about $20 Billion Bonanza and the Best Practice Electric Utility Energy Efficiency Programs for the Southwest. There are potential billion dollar savings in encouraging electric utilities to support customer energy savings.

Clean Energy Investing
Kelly de la Torre talks with Caroline Howell of St. Vrain Partners to discuss investments in the clean tech industry, how to handle mergers and acquisitions. Then - Jan Mazotti talks with Peter Diamandis, author of Abundance; The Future is Better Than You Think. They discuss innovative ways to solve the world's problems and how those solutions are effective worldwide.

Strategy for Good
Jan Mazotti and Cristin C. Tarr, Managing Director of Business Service Corps, talk with Susan Hyatt, author of Strategy for Good, a step-by-step process for companies to maximize their give back efforts. Hyatt is also the CEO of Core Thought, a company focused on helping businesses “Do well by doing good.”

Collaboration in Politics
This week, our guest is Brandon Shaffer, a Colorado candidate for the US House of Representatives. He’s been an integral part of Colorado’s General Assembly since 2004, and is hoping to bring the bipartisan sprit he brought to his state’s government all the way to Washington DC.

The 50 in 52 Journey
Dafna Michaelson is the founder, president and JourneyWoman for the 50 in 52 Journey, a project for which she traveled across America to all 50 states and Washington D.C., spanning the 52 weeks of 2009 to find America’s problem-solvers and idea generators. Through this journey, Michaelson has been sharing the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their communities throughout the country, with the goal of changing the mirror we use that reflects who we are as a society and thus inspiring others to action.

The Energy Conversation
This week, Jan Mazotti and Kelly De La Torre discuss the use of collaboration as currency in the energy conversation; whether its traditional energy, new energy, or the way it comes together to create energy security for the United States.

Our Partners to the North
This week’s guest is Gary Doer, Canadian Ambassador to the United States. We will talk to the ambassador about how the US and Canada are working together to enhance cooperation on trade, climate change, and energy.

Mobile Solar
Alternative energy has been making a comeback worldwide. But as admirable as the goals and results of “green” energy are, they must also make economic sense at the end of the day and that means that there must be a tangible “value-added” component. Within this context of alternative energy’s resurgence and the complexities of world geo-politics, SolaRover concluded that if solar power is to be successful that it must provide real value beyond simple power generation. They have created special engineered mobility and portable energy storage as the key value-added equation that will move solar to the forefront today.

Human Trafficking in the US
It is astounding to know that thousands of children in the United States, mostly girls, are caught up in the devastating and demoralizing business of commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC)—a term that most accurately describes those being sold for sex. No longer can we think that it is exclusively “over there” in places such as Thailand, India, Russia, Cambodia or elsewhere; girls are being exploited, abused and trafficked daily here in the United States.

Advances in Rural Electricity
Jan and Kelly DeLaTorre discuss the differences between urban utilities and once used by rural communities. We will also talk about rural development and electric cooperatives - a type of electric utility that is owned by the members it serves. Its profits, or margins, are put back into the cooperative to help run the business efficiently, or are returned to the customer-owner.

Building Community Through the Arts
Jan and this week’s special co-host Steve McMillan of the Denver Post discuss music and art and its role in the community, with three luminaries of the music world. Harry Tuft, Founder of the Denver Folklore Center, Tom Sharf of Swallow Hill Music Association and musician Chris Daniels, Chris Daniels, founder of Chris Daniels & The Kings, talk about not only about music, but how music brings people together

Natural Gas Development
This week, Jan and Kelly De La Torre discuss the importance of natural gas development, not only to the United States, but to other nations as well. We will also examine how natural gas development could lead to collaborations with other nations such as China.

Transforming Transportation
Today we are looking at how we can transform the auto industry into making cleaner, more efficient cars. We discuss new technology and design approaches, as well as the future of urban and personal transportation.

Energy from Thorium
What is the potential for the use of thorium as an energy resource? Jan and Kelly De La Torre travel to Huntsville Alabama to find out directly from Flibe Energy. Liquid fluoride thorium reactors or LFTR (pronounced "lifter"), have the potential to revolutionize the energy industry by providing clean, reliable, and continuous power generation while using a fuel that we have in abundance. In our interview with Flibe, we discuss how it works, the state of the technology, what needs to happen to integrate LFTR into America's energy generation portfolio and more specifically, what that might look like.

Platform 5280
We have an amazing griop of guests on this week’s program. They are from Platform 5280 - a Denver based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is the celebration of global ideas, art, and people as they relate to the history and diversity of the Americas. PLATFORM 5280 organizes, develops, and presents the Biennial of the Americas. The next Biennial will take place in Denver, with five days of inaugural events kicking off July 16, 2013.

A Legacy of Leaders
On today’s show, we are honored to have members of the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance as our guests. The beauty of the alliance is that it creates opportunities for over 1500 Kellogg fellows across the world to leave a legacy as a result of participating in leadership development programs throught the Kellogg Foundation

The Ongoing Foreclosure Crisis
This week’s co-host is Steve McMillen, who is public policy editor at the Denver Post. Today, we are looking at the foreclosure crisis; how we are showing signs of coming out of it, and how is could be dealt with during election season.

Innovations in Building Sustainability
Kelly de La Torre, an energy attorney and creator of the Rocky Mountain Energy blog returns this week as co-host to continue our Energy 101 segment. Our topic is innovations in building sustainability, or using conservation and new architectural techniques and technologies to cut energy use and cut energy costs.

Energy 101
This week’s co-host is Kelly de La Torre, an energy attorney and creator of the Rocky Mountain Energy blog. Our discussion is on building sustainability, and how private energy is working with the public sector to coordinate and integrate new technologies to build a platform of sustainability that other communities can follow.

Organ and Tissue Donation
On this episode, we will be talking about organ and tissue donation. Our guest co-host is Anastasia Darwish, the Executive Director of the American Transplant Foundation, and our guests are Sue Dunn, the President and COO of Donor Alliance, and Tom Cycyota, the President and CEO of Allosource, one of the largest, most respected tissue banks in the United States.

New Energy Summit
Driving Force Radio visited the Global New Energy Summit, and met some of the most important people in the new energy economy at the conference. It was a global event where leaders from science, industry, policy and finance came together to discuss the emerging innovations across the new energy spectrum.

Real Answers About Terrorism
It’s almost inconceivable that not so long ago, terrorism was nothing but a far away threat. But since September 11th, it’s become an American reality. It is a concern in the back of our minds every time we board a plane or attend a major sporting event. But are those concerns realistic, or is it just paranoia? Real answers are available at the topic of today’s program - The Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab.

Business Success Stories of Women
Jan has two special co-hosts this week - Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer of the Experience Pros Network. They are joined by two fantastic females who are leaders in both their own businesses and their communities: Cathey McClain Finlon, the President of the Denver Art Museum, who used to run her own advertising agency, and the founder, and . Heidi Ganahl, President and CEO of Camp Bow Wow, the nation’s largest pet care franchise.

Colorado Listeria Outbreak and its Impact on You
On this week's program, we examine the nationwide listeria outbreak that originated in Colorado. Steve McMillan, Jennifer Brown and Mike Booth from the Denver Post join Jan to discuss the outbreak, which was traced to tainted cantelopes, and its impact on consumers.

We’ve gotten a lot of listener and reader qurstions about the ICOSA brand, who we are, and what we stand for. So On this week’s show, we will tell you a little bit more about the ICOSA media organization, Our guest is Eli Regalado, the director of social media outreach with ICOSA, who will share some details about the company.

Energy Security
This week, we are joined by an exciting and influential array of guests to discuss energy security, advanced energy solutions, as well as advances in energy and design efficiencies for transportation and what it means to you.
Our guests include defense and security consultant Maj. General Mason C. Whitney, Brad Kemp, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc, and George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace.

The Central Hub for Women's Idea
Women in business and community organizations are under-represented in rank and influence. The performance of businesses and communities suffer due to this under-representation and lack of input that provides diverse perspectives. This week’s guests are seeking to change that.

Strong Communities
On this week’s show, we are joined by many members of the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce. And we’ll be talking about strong, thriving communities and what really spurs economic development in those communities.

The New Energy Economy
This week’s guest is former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, who now serves as the director of the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University. We talk to Governor Ritter about the center’s current projects, how they are supporting the growth of a clean energy economy across the United States, as well as Clean energy’s role in the economic recovery.