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The New Normal
What is the new normal in the US Economy? Slower growth, higher unemployment and more government regulation. We'll hear from the man who predicted this. Then, we look at the far reach of Greece’s economic woes,, as people ask if their own country has gone too far. Plus, A look at the fastest growing segment of investing: quantitative investing.

An International Game of Telephone
The Cyber Advisor explains how liquidity in the financial system is declining as Central Banks begin to withdraw their stimulus. Then, learn what its like for the regional bankers, in an environment of increasing governmental regulation and taxes. Plus, how are Fannie and Freddie fairing these days.

The Sovereign Debt
The markets this week focused on “Sovereign Debt.” From an investor’s point of view, that’s primarily the bonds and associated debt instruments of European Countries. For the past month all eyes have been on Greece, this week the markets began to evaluate Spain.

The Week that Was in the Financial World
The head of Lloyd’s of London has reservations about new regulations, because mis-directed reform can have unintended consequences. Then, an in-depth look at the troubles facing Greece. And a busy week in Washington only translates to a ho-hum as far as Wall Street is concerned.

Looking Back at 2009
In this, our first show of the year we take a look back at 2009, and what it will means for investors in 2010. We look at the first half of the year which was one for the record books, examine the lingering unemployment issue and listen back to some of our favorite interviews of the year.

Global Debt and its Effects
This week David takes an in-depth look at Sovereign Debt around the world. Plus, a look at the rally in the US Dollar and its effect on the “Carry Trade”

Bernanke Under Fire
Ben Bernanke was just reappointed by President Obama for another term at the helm, but some on Capitol Hill aren’t too pleased with his role in the financial crisis. Plus, news out of Dubai and the tech sector, as well as a look at what’s been happening on Wall Street

All about Health Care
With the crucial vote in the Senate schedule to take place this weekend, , we take a look at the current state of the Health Care Industry from three perspectives. Then, With the President in China, we turn to Steven Roach, Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley, Asia for a view on how China is doing economically. And the housing market derails the rally on Wall Street

Our National Debt: A Crisis in the Making?
With our debt piling up at an astounding rate, this week the Treasury announced that the deficit grew at a 2.1 trillion dollar annual rate. Which raises the question: can a major country, such as the US, default on its debt? Then- how has the Fed performed during this economic crisis, and how soon till the economy starts groiwing?

Markets are Up, But so is Unemployment
The unemployment rate hit 10.2%; the highest number since 1983. We examine the ins and outs of this number, what it will mean for the economy and the consumer. Then, what the Carry Trade, and how will it effect the market? Plus, Warren Buffett talks about the biggest acquisition of the year.

Headed in the Right Direction Or is it the Wrong Direction?
Markets were up sharply and investors felt good again for the first time in a couple of weeks. The Obama Administration brought out the big guns to tout the recovery, but they couldnt make the sale. And Friday stocks headed down again. And one prominent investor feels recovery or no, the government is headed down a path we cant afford.

Earnings and Price
Its one of the things that sets our economic system apart from others: our perfection of the pricing mechanism. why its so surprising to see this current administration go back to wage controls, the price of labor. And well hear from one CEO who thinks it isnt a great idea. Plus, Earnings season is underway & well look at some of the results.

The Dow at 10K - Now What?
With the Dow at this heady level, whats it mean for the economy? Well rewind back to 1999, when The Dow first crossed 10,000 to look at the seven companies who were on the Dow then, but not now.

Icelands Financial Collapse: One Year Later
Iceland rose from obscurity to financial powerhouse in less than a decade. But a year ago it all turned to dust. We look at what caused this & the lessons we should learn. Then, are Saudis moving away from the dollar?

The World Banking System
Weve spent a lot of time talking about the state of American Banks. But today, we take a look at the banking system around the world. Well examine Russian, Chinese and Japanese banks, and just where theyre headed. Plus, a bullish view of the recovery, and a CEOs view of the changes on Wall Street.

The Issues at the G20
The Cyber advisor takes an in-depth look at the G20 Meeting, and looks back at the mega-merger between Dell computer and Perot Systems. Plus - a look at Carry Trade, one of the primary drivers of the bull market in the US (and possibly, its recent downfall.

One Year Later
The Cyber Advisor looks back at the financial crash which happened one year ago. Well also examine the rating agencies that are coming under increasing scrutiny as their role in the financial crisis comes to light.

The Shrinking Economy
No understanding of the current economic crisis is complete without an understanding of derivatives. The Cyber Advisor explains what they are, and how they sunk the financial system. Then, is America headed for a smaller but stronger financial system? And learn about a company that really seems to be doing things right.

This Week in Financial News
Is a double-dip recession a possibility? And is the stimulus really working? The Cyber Advisor explores those questions, and also looks at the sale of Skype by Ebay, and a massive oil discovery by BP in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Banking Industry: Then and Now
Wall Street was pleased with the re-appointment of Ben Bernanke, and stocks enter the world of social networking. Also whats the state of the banking industry, and the denial that lead to our current financial crisis.

Bull or Bear - What Market are We In?
Things are looking up on the market, but a Wall Street Vet says theres still a lot to be concerned about. Then - Think that the Bail Out is the only way to handle failed banks? One top CEO managed to save a failed bank without costing the taxpayers a dime! And a debate between the Bulls and the Bears what kind of market is it?

Which Way is Out?
This is a whos going to do it? economic recovery. What part of the economy is going to bring us out of recession? This week well explore the good news and the bad as we work our way back from the economic brink.

And remember: not all the news is bad, the summer rally continues on Wall Street.

The Continuing Bull Run--Is It Real?
David puts the continuing bull run in the markets into perspective and analyzes whether the economy is really turning around or whether it may be a one step on a long road back to financial health. Plus, he looks at the ability of small businesses across the country to gain the financing they need to run their business.. And what are the top priorities are right now at the SEC in the middle of the financial crisis? You'll be surprised!

The Housing Industry
Real Estate continues to be at the center of the economic storm. Well examine how that sector of the market is doing from the perspective of the banking industry and also find out how bad things actually got. Then, the state of small business, and is this rally going to continue?

Different Perspectives on the Economy
David examines the state of the economy from the perspective of small business, one of Americas largest manufacturers, and from the World Trade Organization. Then, how will You Tube and Facebook help stabilize the economy. A top CEO explains. And Noriel Roubini predicted the current economic crisis. So what does he see ahead for the recovery?

Analyzing the Stimulus
Where do new jobs come from, and what is the Stimulus doing to help create jobs? The Cyber Advisor examines the question. Then, we roll up our sleeves and take an in-depth look at how the Stimulus is really working. Also, we'll ger a view of the economy from the front lines.

The State of the Economy: Are things Improving or Not?
A continued lack of cohesive message on the part of the White House is not playing well in the country, especially since it seems like the President and Vice President dont share the same views on how bad things are. Then, we examine the recent trends in the consumer spending, the financial system, and unemployment figures to analyze whether things are improving, or if the worst is yet to come.

Information Flow
David recaps an up and down week on Wall Street, which was impacted by Cap & Trade, and employment figures. Then, we look into a groundbreaking week for Google, as they revolutionize the financial world and helped news escape Iran. Plus, how Madoff was able to get away with it, and why the news on unemployment may be much worse than they are

Two Differing Views of the Economy
Today's show is a look at the current economy from the view point of both Wall Street and Washington. I don't ever remember when these two institutions, the financial capital and the political capital, were so far apart. The one is worried that the economy may fall into a double dip recession, while the politicians are sky high working on the latest new reform.