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Kathy Caprino and Women in Business
This show is totally focused on women in business. We pass on what we learned from Kathy Caprino. Please share this with the women you know who are in the business world. I’m confident they will get a lot of benefit from the articles Kathy wrote and her interview.

The Trophy Worker
Are “trophy” workers creating another crisis in the world of work? Ira S Wolfe, a nationally recognized thought leader in talent management and a prolific writer, columnist and business blogger has very clear thoughts on this subject! This interview will help you see some of the forces behind work productivity.

The Inspirational and Instructional Paul Martinelli
Paul Martinelli’s journey from high school dropout to millionaire entrepreneur is certainly inspirational. And, he shares some insights on how we might be setting up our goals all wrong!

We add “The Secret of Effective Motivation” from a New York Times article and Wired magazines Kevin Kelly explains “You Are Not Late”. Not late for what??? Tune in so you are not late!

How We Built a Workplace People Love
After almost all our interviews we ask the person we interviewed “did you have fun?” I was happy that Richard Sheridan, Co-founder and CEO of Menlo Innovations said yes, but then I had to quickly reply that I had a blast! Our interview with Richard will delight and AMAZE you!

How Leaders Become Superheroes
Jack Smalley serves as Director of Human Resource Learning & Development for Express Employment Professionals international headquarters. Jack breaks down his key competencies for super hero leaders. The first one is Accountability…………tune in to hear the rest!

Balanced Scorecard
If you recognize the phrase Balanced Scorecard, you will really enjoy our discussion with John McClellan. If you are not familiar with that phrase or how this approach can help you build your business, even more important for you to tune in.

Leg Up Farm
A few weeks ago my producer Tom Jenkins told me about Louis Castriota, Jr. Tom sat in on an interview Louie had done for a different show. He said that we MUST have Louie, founder and CEO of Leg Up Farm in Mt. Wolf, PA.on the Business Builders Show. As usual Tom was right! Louie talks about his 13-year journey to transform the lives of thousands of children.

One Woman Brand
My guest Jen Groover has been tagged by Success Magazine as a “One Woman Brand” and a”Creativity and Innovation Guru”. Entrepreneur Magazine calls Jen a leading “Serial Entrepreneur”. Now you can listen to and learn from Jen Groover on the Business Builders Show.

Starting and Growing a Business
My guest Todd Erdley delivers tremendous business insights on starting and growing a business – very innovative approach! Todd also brings real clarity on having business partners.

Passion – Hard Work. What Really Matters
In a famous commencement speech Steve Jobs told us to have passion for what we do. And of course so many other speakers, books, etc. are saying the same thing. But hold on folks, my guest Cal Newport adds some new information in regards to what has become an accepted principle. Fascinating!

Built to Lead- David Long
David Long is a unique guy! He has a great story to share about his company, and he wrote a book that every leader or manager is going to want to get their hands on ASAP – Built to Lead – 7 Management REWARDS Principles For Becoming a Top 10% Manager.

Business Can Change the World
Bob Chapman believes that and he and his great team at Barry Wehmiller are taking action to do just that – change the world. This thought process is often described as “Conscious Capitalism.”

Now, don’t leave me because you know Bob was on the show a few weeks ago. We added some new material that defines Conscious Capitalism and you will learn how you can apply these concepts in your company, division, team and department.

Tom Hopkins
Maybe you don’t know who Tom Hopkins is. Tom carries the standard as a master sales trainer and is recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship. His book 'How To Master The Art of Selling' sold more than 1.6 million copies!

How Great Leadership Is INVENTED
Mark Hunter is committed to closing what he calls a global gap in leadership. He feels almost every major problem in the world can be fundamentally linked to this gap. In his new book THE BRINK, Mark discusses his leadership development methodology that is based on a simple philosophy, that leadership is built on the brink of our most difficult challenges.

From Rags to Restaurants, Misty Young's Secret Recipe
Misty Young is a high energy restaurant owner and expert with confidence, diligence and tenacity. She co-owns four of the very unusual Squeeze In restaurants in Reno/Tahoe; and has another planned for Northern CA. She shares her secrets to success.

Truly Human Leadership
“The usual corporate-culture buzzwords like engagement, productivity and performance, are self-serving to companies”, says our guest Bob Chapman. “We want to release human potential.” Chapman is the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, a $1.7 billion diversified manufacturing technology and consulting company. This is from Inc magazine when they featured Mr. Chapman in the may 2014 edition.

Scott McKain Delivers By Taxi Some Great Business Lessons
Scott McKain’s latest book 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry really delivers in helping us understand how every employee can create and deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience. Scott is also the author of “Create Distinction”, which is the best, more effective business book I have ever read.

Especially For Women, Kathy Caprino Joins Us
Our special guest is Kathy Caprino. She is a nationally-recognized women’s career success and work-life expert, writer and speaker dedicated to the advancement of women in business. She is also the author of The Amazing Career Project.

Crush the Stigma of Failure
Our Guest Is serial entrepreneur Jonathan Williams, one of the founders of Failure:Lab. Their mission is to eliminate the fear of failure and encourage intelligent risk taking. The events showcase personal stories of failure, publish crowdsourced lessons, and instigate discussion.

(Ret.) Senior Chief Thom Shea, Author of “UNBREAKABLE”
A good interview will entertain and engage you. It will make you think. Thom Shea and his wife Stacy do just that in our interview. Thom is the author of UNBREAKABLE A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life and founder of Adamantine Alliance

No Geek Speak from Corey Perlman. Just Strategies That Produce Results.
I had a lot of fun talking with Corey Perlman, the author of Social Media Overload. That will explain why he is in demand as a speaker and coach in the digital marketing universe. And I understood everything he talked about – no “Geek Speak”.

Business of Feeding Hungry Children
The business model is called “one for one”. Lauren Walters CEO of 2 Degrees Food explains how his business is feeding a hungry child every time someone buys a delicious, gluten free, vegan snack bar.

Agile Selling
“Always be learning : that’s the message of Jill Konrath’s new book on the art and science of sales. She not only gets the sales fundamentals right, she also understands that the world of selling has changed profoundly – that, in fact, the new sales environment is all about change. If you want to be quicker on your feet when it comes to sales, you NEED this book.

Built to LEAD
How do you go from losing your job to having 12,000 active clients? Our guest David Long, President / CEO of My Employees, , will explain how he did it. And most importantly, he shares that you can do it too! David wants to share his message so much that he wrote a book about what he learned during his journey.

Business Plans That ACTUALLY Get Financed
In the business world we sometimes hear there is no longer a need to create a business plan. Tell that to the banker, angel investor or venture capitalist from whom you want to secure funding from for your business idea. Unless you plan on bootstrapping your way to success, that is with your own money or cash generated from your business, you will need a business plan.

Our guest Cheree Warrick literally wrote the book on how to create business plans that will ACTUALLY get funded. Cheree will explain that so many business people do not get the funding they need because they do not know how to write a great business plan. She is here to help!

Legendary Sportscaster Dick Vitale Talks About Living and Giving
Dick Vitale, legendary sportscaster and former professional and college basketball coach is our special guest this week on the Business Builders Show. My sidekick Kerry Kearney does a great job interviewing Coach Vitale. They talk about how we all can create a “W” in the game of life. They talk about LIVING.

From Idea to Invention
I think most of us at some point in our lives thought about creating the coolest invention that would make us rich and famous. Well, let’s lower our expectations a little, but at least get started with a real inventor who can give you great advice on how to get started. Patricia Nolan-Brown will be our guest on the show this weekend and next week. Tune in to hear her insights on becoming an inventor!

Repeat, Internalize, and Apply the Learning
We all know that to really learn something we often need to read again, watch it again or listen to it again. From there we need to internalize or take ownership of what we learned and then of course apply that learning in our personal and professional lives.

I think the lessons we got from Rich Armstrong the President of The Great Game of Business is so important I wanted to repeat the interview we did earlier so you could internalize and apply the lessons in your business.

Hire Right, Higher Profits
Are you responsible for attaining revenue goals for your organization? ALL executives, in big and small companies should be interested in hiring right so you can achieve higher profits. Business owner, speaker and author Lee B. Salz shares some great insights to help us achieve ever increasing revenue goals.

So Good They Can't Ignore You
Cal Newport’s book and his interview has me feeling really good about how this show can be a game changer for folks who want to be entrepreneurs, people already operating their small business, young people just starting their careers and professionals considering a change of careers.

Digital Currency
I’m still far from an expert – but I now understand digital currency or crypto currency of which Bitcoin is the most popular, thanks to the insight of our guest Eric Martindale of BitPay.

Funding, Partners and Other Lessons For Entrepreneurs
Todd Erdley is our special guest on the show this weekend. Todd is the President and CEO of Videon. He shares his real life experiences as an entrepreneur, good news and bad news! He also gives us, entrepreneurs and small business owners, valuable insights regarding how you might fund your business and how you should think about potential partners.

Reinventing the Way the World Does Business
We are focused on leadership for this edition of the Business Builders Show. Our guest David Silverman is the co-founder and CEO of McChrystal Group. Also, we will share leadership lessons from an interview Anne Sweeney of Disney / ABC Television did with Success Magazine. You might be surprised with her insights on how she leads a very large organization.

Does Happiness Equal Effectiveness?
“Be outstanding or get involved elsewhere”, “Mood Poisoning”, our special guest Christine Cashen leads our discussion about does happiness really equal effectiveness? Don’t dismiss this as some feel good discussion. We are talking about bottom line results!

A Business of Business People
Business of Business People.” ”Line of Sight.” “Financial Literacy.” These are some terms you will hear during our interview with Rich Armstrong, President of The Great Game of Business.

Women in the Workplace with Denise Stanislawczyk
My special guest Denise Stanislawczyk is the Operations Manager for ABB Measurement Products in Warminster, PA. I saw a press release announcing “Warminster Businesswoman Earns Prestigious Manufacturing Award”. I knew right away Denise had a heck of a story to share with us. I was right!

Growth in a Digital World
There are so many people claiming to be social media experts. Who do you trust? Our job on the Business Builders Show is to give you the right information to help you grow your business. Our guest on the show this weekend, Jeff Korhan, really is the EXPERT you are looking for in new media & small business marketing..

The ACA Is a Game Changer For Business
The Business Builders Show is not now nor will it ever be a political show. Our total focus is helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence perform better in their careers and their business. So talking about such a political topic as the Affordable Care Act is not our approach. However, giving you tips to help you run your business is our approach. CEO of Express Pros, Robert A Funk shares some insights.

Women Entrepreneurs
We want to spend time on the show discussing topics that affect all entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence. One of those topics is the role women are playing in the world of entrepreneurship and in the workforce.

My colleague Lynn S. Evans helps us do that with an interview with Dr. Vicki Rackner. Lynn handles the interview segment of the show and Lynn and Dr. Rackner discuss Dr. Rackner’s journey. It is an interesting story of resilence and dedication.

Heart and Hustle
I can’t say I was shocked, but I certainly was delighted with the way this interview with Gary Vaynerchuk went down the path of being much more than a high level discussion about social media. One of the reasons it went so well was that Kerry and I asked Kris Jones, another internet and social media expert to help us deliver a knock out interview with Gary Vee.

Talent, Coaching and Goals vs. Systems
This is going to be uncomfortable. This show will challenge the way most of us think about how we develop our talent and how we view goals. Also, does it really take 10,000 hours of practice to become a master at your craft?

Squirrels, Pumpkins and Business
Marty Grunder and Marty Wolff talk about lessons he learned from a book called “The Pumpkin Plan”. Marty is the successful CEO of Grunder Landscaping. He is also an author, consultant and professional speaker.

A Coach and a Miracle
Coach Jim Johnson, author of A Coach and a Miracle is our special guest for this show. This is much more than just a feel good story. However maybe we simply need a message to make us feel good and inspired.

Fresh Insights From Bob Burg
Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion is Bob Burg’s latest book. And he thinks this is his most important work! That’s a meaningful statement from the author of such great books as Endless Referrals and The Go-Giver!.

Get some insights about influence and effective communications from someone I consider a master communicator, by listening to our wonderful interview.

YOU Can Be “Business Brilliant
Our special guest for this show is Lewis Schiff. Lewis is the Executive Director of the Inc. Business Owners Council (Inc Magazine) and author of a fascinating book Business Brilliant – Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self – Made Business Icons. I was challenged by some of the findings Lewis presented in this book and then encouraged that all of us can go from middle class to wealthy with the right knowledge and hard work.

Books We Think Are Relevant
Many of you have asked for it – for us to discuss books and authors we feel are relevant for you, our audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence. You got it!

Building Relationships and Profits
Join us on a mission this to learn the lessons Rob “Waldo” Waldman shares from his teaching associations and corporations worldwide how to build trusting, revenue producing relationships with their employees, partners, and customers.

ROI on Your Website
Do you remember or have you heard the ad Where’s The Beef? Of course this was a successful Wendy’s ad and it was making a claim that Wendy’s delivered the beef better then their competitors. That’s what our guest Stephen Woessner does for his clients and in this interview – HE DELIVERS! Stephen is about the numbers, the analytics, what really drives success from your website and your online presence.

Off Balance on Purpose
How can we take a book called Off Balance on Purpose – Embrace Uncertainty And Create A Life You Love and turn that into lessons that benefits not only us as individuals, but creates an environment to bring something of value for veterans and leads us to a discussion about leading in crisis? Just bring author, speaker and special person Dan Thurmon on the Business Builders Show! Of course we are talking about Dan’s book. Kerry and I are so proud of this show!

Solid Sales Information
In today’s internet world we are bombarded with information and with so – called experts touting their products and services. I know our guest, Jill Konrath, is the “real deal”. If you want business development ideas you can use right away in your business or in your sales efforts, then don’t miss this show. SIMPLE – and EASY. Don’t miss this show!

Like a Bowl of Chili
My great friend and my sidekick on the Business Builders Show makes a mean pot of chili. I know some of the ingredients he uses but I would be banned from the show if I shared his secrets. Of course we know Kerry uses a lot of ingredients and his knowledge to make a tremendous product. We set out with this show to give you a variation of ideas that we hope helps you put out YOUR great product.

How Women Leaders Make Change
WHY do we often talk about women in business on the Business Builders Show? Because all entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence need to understand the increasing role women are playing in business, education, healthcare and government. This impacts our ability to succeed! Our special guest is Sylvia Lafair, an award-winning author and the president of Creative Energy Options. We will be talking about her latest book, “Gutsy – How Women Leaders Make Change”.

The Pitbull of Personal Development
Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development is on the Business Builders Show! His latest book Grow a Pair is about how entitlement and victimhood is driving him crazy!

Professional Selling with Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins is one of the most highly acclaimed authorities on the subject of PROFESSIONAL selling in the world today. With so many sources of information coming at us daily, we need a credible source of information to help us build our sales and our business. Tom Hopkins is a VERY credible source and we are honored to have him on the show.

No More Cold Calling
Are we talking about another magic bullet or some simple formula to increase our sales? Nope. But Joanne Black the author of No More Cold Calling-The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust has some compelling statistics and stories. I know she really fired me up and I share some, maybe tough comments about how we sell our products and services and how or if management supports these efforts.

Social Media For Small Business
We are all being overwhelmed with marketing messages regarding using social media in our small business. Our guest Paul Slack makes it clear that you MUST have a plan in place, but it does not have to be SO COMPLICATED! He gives us what he called “piece of mind”. Marty heard Paul on a CD a few months ago and knew he had to get him to you.

Do It Marketing
Here’s what Jeffrey Hayzlett, a best-selling author and marketing guru has to say about David Newman’s book, ” “Do It Marketing is for every business owner, entrepreneur, and executive who wants more focus, more momentum, more clients, and more business. As David says, “Only action creates results”. And now you can hear this information right from David Newman on the Business Builders Show. This interview blew me away!

$25 Lawnmower To Multi-Million Dollar Business
Our guest this week on the Business Builders Show is Marty Grunder. So, how do you take a $25 lawnmower and turn that into a multi-million business? Marty Grunder will tell us his success story.

Be The Best at What Matters Most
Be The Best at What Matters Most – Joe Calloway’s book and our talk with Joe helps us see why simplicity is the “secret sauce”. You will see how you too can become a very trusted brand.

Dennis T. Davis
All of us at the Business Builders Show are so proud of all the shows we present to you. This show with Dennis T Davis we are HONORED to be bringing to you.

Dennis T Davis is the founder of the talent acquisition company Metafrazo. You will clearly understand the reason behind the name after we introduce our special guest for this week’s edition of the Business Builders Show.

Philip Van Hooser
Philip Van Hooser is our guest on the Business Builders Show this episode. Phil is an entrepreneur and business owner who understands the complexities of building, sustaining and leading a profitable enterprise. This is WHY he is uniquely qualified to address our audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence.

Stop Managing and Start Leading
John Rodgers of the Dale Carnegie organization is our special guest on the Business Builders Show this week. John talks about the best ways to help employees succeed, and leadership attributes that lead to success.

The Power of Consistency
Weldon Long talks to us about his journey that brought him to a life of wealth, happiness, and peace of mind. His latest book is The Power of Consistency-Prosperity Mindset Training For Sales and Business Professionals. We will spend a lot of time discussing how you can learn and apply these principles in your own life and business.

Ownership Thinking with Brad Hams
Brad Hams has helped over 1,000 companies to diminish or defeat the entitlement mentality that is so pervasive and so devastating in our culture, and to replace it with cultures of earning – of employees who think and act like owners.

Leadership with Orrin Woodward
Check out this episode to learn what Orrin Woodward, a New York Times best-selling author and top leadership blogger has to stay about leadership. He is a success, we will want to listen. Plus, The 20 Most Powerful Words in Business from Inc. writer Les McKeown and Marty’s Discussion on “What Inspires Us?”

Make Change Work
What would motivate you more? Cookies or vegetables? I know my answer. Our special guest on the Business Builders Show is Randy Pennington. We will be discussing his new book Make Change Work – Staying Nimble, Relevant, and Engaged in a World of Constant Change. And he will explain the cookie / vegetables situation and give us many more ideas to help you, our audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook.
My guest Mikal E. Belicove set me straight a couple of times in this interview. And I’m very confident he will get you thinking differently about your Facebook activity and overall social media strategies. Here’s one quote from the interview ” I don’t want an IT person handling my marketing!”

Performance Expert Joe Calloway
Our special guest this week on the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff is Joe Calloway. Joe is a leading performance expert who has worked with international companies such as Coca Cola, IBM, Saks Fifth Avenue and American Express. You have the unique opportunity to learn from Joe on this show. You will love not only the lessons Joe teaches us, you will love HOW he teaches us!