Wednesday • May 22
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The Boomer Planners

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Government Policies WILL Impact Your Golden Years
Tom, Howard and David take a look at the significant issues facing Boomers in this week's news. The financial crisis may result in government decisions that will have a major impact on Boomer future health and financial situations. How can you navigate the confusing array of choices? The Boomers examine several important decisions that will soon face the Boomer generation.

Holding Onto Your Home
On this episode, the Boomers focus on your home, and how you can keep it, both literally and figuratively. They will educate you on a service that will allow your aging parent to remain in their homes something that is proven to be beneficial to their health & also will discuss how you prepare to pay for your own care when the time comes.

Homes & Healthcare
This week, the Boomer Planners outline some available programs for those feeling the effects of the mortgage crunch, and offer advice on finding a Primary Care Physician, and how to pay for Long-Term Care. Plus - why you need to be proactive about your 401K.

Another White-Knuckle Week
The stock market went through another wild week, and the Boomers are here to help alleviate your anxiety. Get advice on where your assets should go, both short-term and long term. Plus planning for the financial ramifications of long-term care.

A Week of Stress
Thomas, Howard and David take a look at the stressful week in the financial world and how that affects the Baby Boom generation. They take a look at ways to deal with the stress generated by the week's financial turmoil, and how to make wise financial decisions in a trying market.

Meet the Boomer Planners
This financial crisis is stressful on all of us, especially those of us approaching retirement. Howard shares some information on how you can find out if your bank is safe. Then Dr. David discusses the importance of healthy habits. Plus fighting those senior moments and how to protect your assets in an unstable economy.