Wednesday • June 12
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Your Competitive Advantage

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Using Your Competitive Nature
Tom is joined by Ken Pasch from the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University, who is an expert at training business owners and executives and they discuss how we can use our own personal competitive nature as leaders and business owners to gain a competitive advantage in our business world.

Business Technology Solutions
On this edition, Tom welcomes Chris Mentch, owner and founder of Mentch Consulting, and they discuss how the average business owner can implement technology solutions as a competitive advantage. Plus Robert Moment, CEO of the Moment Group discusses how to offer exceptional customer service.

How to Successfully Market Your Products and Services on the Internet
On this edition, Tom Tubergen brings you part two in his series about marketing and selling your products or services. In this episode, Tom welcomes back guest expert Dr. Jed C. Jones from Jed C. Jones Consulting, Jed discusses how to optimize your website and website sales to achieve a competitive advantage.

How to Price Your Products and Services
This edition marks the first in a series about marketing and selling your products or services. This week, Toms guest expert is Dr. Jed C. Jones from Jed C. Jones Consulting. Jed will discuss how to successfully market your products and services, both offline, and interactively on the internet.

Information Security and Negotiating Lower Shipping Costs
Steve Hill of Symantec discusses how you can keep your confidential information confidential in a connected world. And in the second half-hour, Brett Febus, CEO of Insource Logistics, will talk about negotiating with your shipper to achieve a competitive advantage.

Leadership - What are the Qualities of a Good Leader?
Tom Tubergen welcomes Don Blohowiak, a former successful corporate executive and founder of the Lead Well Institute. Don joins the program to talk about the relationship of leadership skills and successful entrepreneurship.

The BPAE and Achieving Exceptional Customer Service
On this edition, learn all about the Business Performance Analysis Engine, and how it can help your business thrive. Then, Robert Moment, CEO and founder of the Moment Group, discusses customer service, and why your competitors keep screwing it up.