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The Post Election Economy
Now that the election is finally over, we're talking about what to do in the post-election economy . Then - the keys to success in business and life with the amazing Bob Burg!! When you lead with price you are a commodity ... when you lead with value you are a resource!!

The Power and Importance of Communication
Do you think powerful communication leads to increased success in your personal and business life??? What if I told you that there is a step by step formula to become a better communicator? We are in for a real treat on this episode with RichLife Friend and communication authority Bill Lampton.

Getting Your IRA in Order for 2013
The brilliant Denise Appleby from Appleby Retirement Consulting with answers to YOUR year end IRA planning questions ... VITAL information you need to know for 2013! Plus - the importance of taking 100% Responsibility for your life results and taking responsibility for your money and financial advisors.

The Difference Between Living and Existing
We've got a WOW RichLife Story today with Kimanzi Constable. author of "The Difference Between Living and Existing: A Nine Month Plan To Radically Change Your Life." He wanted wanted to change but didn’t know how to do it or even where to start, So he came up with a step by step game plan to make all the changes you’ve always wanted to make and how to make these changes last for a lifetime. We are also talking about The Rush to Safety, Maximizing Your Income, and 5 Steps to a Successful Retirement

The Go Giver
Persuasion versus Manipulation..... What's the difference??? We talk about it today with our special guest, the amazing Bob Burg. Bob is the author of The Go-Giver a national best-seller, and he's also an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system.

Is NOW a Good Time to Invest in the Real Estate Market?
If you have an interest in learning more about the current Real Estate Market and if NOW is a good time to invest, you have to listen to this episode! RichLife Real Estate Advisor Jared Garfield Founder of Dartnell Academy, will be joining us!! As a top “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Trainer,Jared has successfully coached over 600 clients, as they built real estate portfolios.

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life
Has there ever been a time when you changed your attitude and it's literally changed everything for you? We talk about it with author and motivational speaker Ryan Lowe, who wants to inspire you to create a positive professional and personal lifestyle.

Your Financial Future
This week, we are answering listener questions about financial planning and insurance awareness month. Plus, we have a great conversation with author and strategic consultant Farnaz Wallace about the important macro trends of women, youth, and multiculturalism in business today.

Faith and Finances
We are talking about Faith and Finances today on the RichLife Show. Several people have sent in their stories about stepping out in faith and being richly blessed. Callers have stories to share with us too, because when you share, you are blessing so many people! You never know how your story will impact someone else's life!!

Fear-Free Investing
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts - Winston Churchill

Today on the RichLife Show, we will be talking about fear, your money, motivation and a lot more. If fear is keeping you from taking the steps to achieving the rich life for yourself, you have to listen to this episode.

Boomerang Kids
You send your kids to college, and then they are supposed to go off into the world. But more and more often, they are finishing college and coming back home. We call them boomerang kids, and we have advice on how to handle them.

Live Rich, Live Big
On today's broadcast, we will be talking with personal development authority, author, and coach Josh Hinds about how to LIVE BIG . Josh always goes beyond sharing great content and tells you the action steps to apply these timeless principles to your life.