Thursday • May 23
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Medical Entrepreneurs
Frank will discuss sexual harassment in the workplace with a focus on the challenges being faced by presidential candidate, Herman Cain. Then- an interview with Dr. Rodney Horton, the founder and president of MedOp, Inc., an entrepreneurial success story of a company founded back in 1985 which still survives and prospers today.

School for Startups
Jim Beach is today’s featured guest. He’s a serial entrepreneur, director of education at The Entrepreneur School, and founder of International Entrepreneurship. His new book is called School for Startups, a practical guide shows you how to build a business the smart way. Also - what needs to happen to get the unemployment rate down to six percent, and why no new jobs are being created.

The Exit Strategy
On this episode, Frank will discuss President Obama's two new executive orders and how they are meant to stimulate job growth in America; a client company that does everything wrong; how to market your business; and the importance of having an Exit Strategy in place even before you start your new business. But why, you ask? Tune in and listen. You might be surprised at the answer!

7 Ways to Raise Money for Your Business
On today's show, Frank continues his discussion started last week on the 7 ways to raise money for your business, even if you are start-up company with no sales yet! Frank will also have two interviews this week. The first will be Jonathan Jordan, winner of the Consult Us essay comopetition,and Lynette Bisconti, president of The Gateway for Cancer Research.

Women in Business
This week's show will be on Women in Business with guest Linda Snell. Linda Snell is a Sr. Partner/Owner of Demeter Communications, a communications firm focused on distinctive and practical solutions for food and agricultural firms. She is also a Senior Consultant and Director of Certificate in Nonprofit Governance, with LBL Strategies a strategic management firm located in Chicago, IL. Also in the show, Frank will talk about the 7 different money sources available to fund a start-up business.

Starting Your Own Small Business
Are you considering starting your own small business? Before you do, Frank has some common misconceptions you should be aware of first. He also has some ways you can raise capital to get started. Then - an interview with of Vistage, Chicago's Leading Chief Executive Organization

Profiting from Non-Profit
Today's show asks the question,Can You Get Rich by Running a Non-Profit Business? You might be amazed at answer. Also, Frank will discuss the major differences between a for profit and a not-for-profit business. The show's guest this week will be the current president of The Gateway for Cancer Research, a not-for-profit company with a very unique story to tell. More on the US economy, jobs, questions from listeners and much more!

Small Business Reacts
On today's show, reactions from small business owners to President Obama's speech last week. Today's guest will be Ed Bisconti, the Sales and Marketing Supervisor for MedOp, Inc., a Florida based supplements manufacturer and distributor, where we will discuss how a 26 year old small business is reacting to the recession. In the last segment, Frank will discuss the 10 Worst Possible Business Partners you can pick!

A Real Plan or Just Another Speech?
Frank talks about President Obama's recent speech in front of the joint session of Congress on a jobs stimulus package, how it may or may not actually stimulate job growth, and whether or not it truly benefits small business. Then, Frank interviews Dr. John W. Cooper, the Head of School for Elgin Academy, one of the top private schools in the country, and discussing the value of education relative to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The Political Climate & Its Effect on Business
This week’s guest is political speechwriter and communications expert Jonathan Wilcox . He’ll give his insights on what’s going on in the political arena and it’s impact on entrepreneurs and small businesses in America.

Visionary Entrepreneurs
Frank's guest this week is Donna M. Introcaso. She is one of the top female business consultants in the country. Donna has has built a career as a visionary entrepreneur based on her passion for people and fueled by a deep-rooted sense of social responsibility.

Making the Most of a Down Economy
On our inaugural show, Bisconti will discuss the current state of the economy, where he believes it is going and why it is the best time to consider starting your own business. Then – an interview with the President of ZBA USA who left corporate America in 1993 to start ZBA with two friends. 18 years later it is still running strong!

Listeners with any type of business questions are welcome to call in throughout the show at 888-463-6748