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Cars, Trucks and Bucks

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Highlights of the New York Auto Show
Several new and significantly updated vehicles are on display this week at the annual New York Auto Show, including the 2015 Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Jeep Renegade and the Honda HR-V, a new small SUV. David Thomas and Mike Hanley of will tell us what’s new on all these models and explain why automakers are making major changes to their vehicles more frequently.

Grand Theft Auto
Grand theft auto is not only the name of a popular video game, it’s a real-life experience for thousands of Americans whose vehicles are swiped each year. Cars, though, are much harder to steal these days. Frank Scafidi of the National Insur­ance Crime Bureau will explain why life has got­ten tougher for car thieves and what you can do to make it even tougher to steal your car.

Navigating the F & I Office
Many dealerships make more money in the finance and insurance office than on the cars they sell by marking up loan interest rates and selling extended warranties, “protection packages” and other extras that increase your monthly payment. Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor of, will provide money-saving suggestions, warn about things to avoid and get you ready for the important F & I part of the car-buying process.

Distracted Driving
Are you addicted to talking on the phone while driving? Do you text or check email from behind the wheel? Then you are a distracted driver. Distracted driving caused more than 3,300 deaths in 2012, and though cell phones and in-car “infotainment” systems aren't to blame for all of them, they account for a growing number of accidents that happen because drivers are busy doing something else while behind the wheel. David Teater, senior director of the National Safety Council, will discuss how to keep drivers focused on the road instead of on texting, emails and social media.

Got Gas Pains?
The price of gas has been rising steadily since early February. How high will it go this year, and will it top last year’s peak? Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for,, will provide expert commentary on what should happen with pump prices over the next several months and how motorists can save money by using the resources of

Bob Weber, an ASE-certified automotive technician, will explain what you can do to improve your gas mileage and whether there are any real benefits to paying more for a “top tier” brand of gasoline.

One-Price, No-Haggle Car Buying
Do you think you should be able to buy a new car the same way that you buy a television, a refrigerator or furniture? Where the price is clearly marked, and that’s the price you pay – no negotiating necessary? So do some dealers and others in the retail car business.

One-price, no-haggle car buying is gaining momentum among dealers. Larry Mullinax, a Florida Ford dealer, will explain why no-haggle pricing works for his family's group of dealers and what his customers like about it. Dale Pollak, the founder of vAuto, a company that produces dealer management software, and a frequent commentator on the retail car business will talk about why more dealers need to move to a transparent, low-hassle buying experience.

Finding the Right Used Car
Buying a used car can be a great way to save money – if you buy the right car. Jeff Bartlett, deputy automotive editor for Consumer Reports magazine, will discuss where to look, what to look for, how to compare prices and whether to buy an extended warranty. Jeff also will highlight some of the used vehicles recommended by Consumer Reports and others that you should steer clear of.

Cheap Wheels
With the average new vehicle going out the door for around $30,000, are penny-pinching shoppers out of luck? Not according to Tom Appel, publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive, who will identify worthy new vehicles for less than $20,000 that budget-conscious buyers should consider. Tom also will discuss used cars, smart shopping strategies and other timely advice for anyone in the market for a new or used vehicle.

State of the Auto Industry with John Davis
John Davis, host of the Motorweek television show on public broadcasting stations, has been covering the auto industry and reviewing cars for more than 30 years. John will dish on the state of the auto industry, what he likes and doesn’t like about today’s cars, and what he sees for the future of driving. Motorweek has been airing since 1981, the longest-running car-related show on television, and John will share his unique perspectives on the auto industry and today’s vehicles.

Dri­ving in a Con­nected World
Automakers are racing to add mobile phone and internet connectivity to cars, but will this mean more or less driver distraction? Do we need access to Facebook and Twitter while driving? Jake Nelson, director of traffic safety advocacy and research for the AAA travel services organization will discuss “infotainment” systems in vehicles, benefits and privacy questions related to connected cars, autonomous cars of the future and what to do about all those aging Baby Boomers behind the wheel.

The Self-Driving Car: When, Not If
Autonomous cars that can drive themselves with no input other than the destination desired by the passengers are in the planning and prototype stages at major automakers and Google. Analyst Egil Juliussen of IHS Automotive says the question is when, not if, self-driving cars will be available to the public. In an interview Juliussen lays out a likely timetable for various stages of autonomous cars and key implications of the new-age, driverless vehicles.

Plus, we will have a potpourri of news and interviews from the Chicago Auto Show, including Chevrolet’s marketing direction, details on the 2015 Kia Soul EV and the redesigned Ford Transit Connect compact van on the February 13 episode of Cars, Trucks and Bucks.

The 2015 F-150, Ford’s ‘Biggest Loser’
Ford is rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing the full-size pickup truck with the 2015 F-150, replac­ing the tra­di­tional steel body with one made of alu­minum alloy. Ford says that will shave up to 700 pounds off the truck, mak­ing it one of the biggest losers in auto­mo­tive his­tory. We will inter­view Pete Reyes, the chief engi­neer of the 2015 F-150, as well as Richard Truett, a reporter for trade pub­li­ca­tion Auto­mo­tive News, about the ben­e­fits and the risks Ford is tak­ing with the best-selling vehi­cle in the U.S.

Image courtesy of Ford

The Best of the New Cars
The winter hibernation of Cars, Trucks and Bucks is coming to an end! Patrick Olsen, editor-in-chief of auto information site, will highlight the new models he and his staff have selected as the best of the class of 2014 after testing production vehicles in real-world driving. Patrick also will discuss what's good and what's bad about other significant new and redesigned vehicles for 2014 and the highlights from the recent Detroit Auto Show, where more than two dozen new models were introduced. Join us for a lively discussion with the editor of one of the most respected sources of information about new and used vehicles.

Safety First
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts a series of crash tests on new vehicles that many in the auto industry consider the most stringent. Join us when David Zuby, executive vice president and chief research officer for the IIHS discusses how some of the most popular cars have performed in recent crash tests, whether the latest high-tech safety features can really prevent accidents and the best ways to address growing concerns about driver distractions.

The Best Time to Buy
When is the best time to buy a vehicle? During December, auto manufacturers and dealers are trying to close the calendar year with a sales bang, so plenty of good deals should be available. But they all won’t end on New Year’s Eve because January historically is the slowest month for new-vehicle sales. Tune in to Cars, Trucks and Bucks at 3 p.m. CST Thursday, when Jeff Ostroff, editor of, will discuss year-end shopping strategies and other money-saving ideas for buying a new or used vehicle.

Should You Lease or Buy?
This debate has been raging for years. Each has benefits and potholes, but before you decide, tune in for a lively discussion of which might be better for you. Anthony Giorgianni, a penny-pinching money adviser and associate editor of Consumer Reports magazine, will explain why he thinks buying generally is better and how to save money no matter which way you go.

Pickup Trucks
Sales of pickup trucks are booming again, and all the major players have made significant changes to their trucks in the last two years. Mark Williams, editor of will bring you up to date on the latest changes, identify the winners and losers in's 2013 Light-Duty Challenge and explain why fuel economy has become a key selling point for full-size pickups.

Used Cars
Nearly 75 percent of vehicles sold in the U.S. each year are used vehicles, and unlike new cars they don’t come with a suggested retail price that establishes how much they’re worth. Larry Dixon, senior automotive analyst for the NADA Used Car Guide, and Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst for the Kelley Blue Book, will explain the science and art of setting used-car values, what dealers look for when they take trade-ins and how you can set realistic expectations for the value of your used car.

At some point, most consumers find themselves in the market to buy or sell a used vehicle. Tune in for an inside look at how the used-car business operates and how this could help you.

The Loan Arranger Rides Again
Most car buyers finance their purchase with a loan, but few consumers make the effort to figure out how much they can safely afford to borrow or even shop for a loan before they go to a dealership. Dennis Johnson, a licensed credit counselor with Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions, and Carroll Lachnit, features editor of, will provide valuable information car shoppers can use to avoid the pitfalls and potholes of borrowing money for a vehicle.

We will get down to where the rubber meets the road and explore the gripping subject of Tireology on Cars, Trucks and Bucks.

John Rastetter and Woody Rogers of the Tire Rack, the online tire superstore, will explain what you need to know about different sizes and types of tires, the pluses and minuses of the various types and which tires might be best suited for you and your vehicle.

If you're thinking about new tires or have questions about the ones you have now, tune in at 3 p.m. CDT Thursday when experts from the Tire Rack will be ready with answers.

Main­te­nance Myths and Musts
Do you change your oil every 3,000 miles? Flush the trans­mis­sion fluid every 30,000 miles? Do you really need to? Find out what you need to do to prop­erly main­tain your vehi­cle and what you don’t from Larry Car­ley , a cer­ti­fied auto­mo­tive tech­ni­cian and noted writer on auto­mo­tive main­te­nance and repair top­ics. Carley operates the web site on automotive diagnosis and repair. Tune in when he sep­a­rates fact from fic­tion on main­tain­ing your vehi­cle and pro­vides money-saving tips.

The Loan Arranger
When you arrange a loan for a new or used vehicle through a car dealer, are you getting the lowest interest rate for which you qualify?

Dealers say, yes, because competition requires that they offer the lowest possible interest rate. But consumer advocates say dealers are jacking up interest rates for some, and they want new regulations to protect car buyers.

Tune in Thursday for more on this important topic when we unmask the Loan Arranger.

Gas Pains
Do you get a burn­ing sen­sa­tion when you fill your tank because you didn't come close to the EPA esti­mates for your car? You’re suf­fer­ing from gas pains, a com­mon afflic­tion that motorists every­where can expe­ri­ence at least occa­sion­ally. Tune in to hear John O’Dell, senior edi­tor of dis­cuss what’s wrong and what’s right about the EPA fuel econ­omy esti­mates and why they may always carry a warn­ing that “your mileage will vary.”

Keep­ing Kids Safe in Cars
Par­ents and parents-to-be: edi­tors Jen­nifer Geiger and Jen­nifer New­man, cer­ti­fied child pas­sen­ger safety tech­ni­cians, will explain how to choose and cor­rectly install the right child safety seat and pro­vide other help­ful tips. They are par­ents of young chil­dren them­selves and con­duct a Car Seat Check on the dozens of vehi­cles that tests annu­ally. Tune in for this infor­ma­tion dis­cus­sion about keep­ing your kids safe on the road!

Clean, Green Machines
Tune in for John Voel­cker, edi­tor of Green Car Reports and a noted author­ity on advanced auto­mo­tive tech­nolo­gies, who will share his insights on the present and future of elec­tric vehi­cles, includ­ing Tesla Motors. He also will dis­cuss the lat­est in hybrids, diesels and other fuel-saving technology.

Don’t Buy That New Car – Yet
A new model year is just around the corner, but before you run out to buy that all-new car, consider this: The first year on the market is when vehicles have the most problems. On the premiere of Cars, Trucks and Bucks, host Rick Popely will explore how this affects quality and reliability ratings with scheduled guests Mike VanNieuwkuyk of J.D. Power and Associates and Jeff Bartlett of Consumer Reports.