Tuesday • July 16
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War on US Energy Independence & Roe v Wade Fallout
Joe talks about Green New Deal and Biden's war on US energy independence, the fallout of the Supreme Court abortion ruling, concealed carry and the right to bear arms, and the Trump "America First" philosophy.

Ongoing Election Fraud & the Left's Search for Racism in Every Issue
This week, Joe discusses concerns about election fraud in 2022 elections, the Democrat view of every issue through the race prism, radical homosexual and gender dysphoric indoctrination in schools and corporate boardrooms, and the historic Biden recession.

The Real Bidenflation Rate & the War on Energy
Joe takes a look at the actual inflation rate which is close to 17%, Biden's successful war on energy, the problem with the newest gun control measures, and the Ultra MAGA King's amazing record in primary endorsements thus far.

The Anti-Trump Docudrama & the War on Minority Students in Charter Schools
Joe discusses the premiere episode of the new anti-Trump TV docudrama produced by the studios of the Liz Cheney House Un-American Activities Committee, the effort to destroy public charter schools that serve low income students of color, the continuing grind of Biden's inflation and shortages on the middle class and poor of America, and the effect of stock market volatility on those who are nearing retirement.

Last Gasps of Defunding the Police & the Factors That Create a Mass Shooter
Joe examines the remaining efforts to defund the police, the reasons that Americans need guns and the 2nd amendment, the socialist factories on today's college campuses, and the root causes that create a mass shooter.

Shocking Shortages Across America & the Growing Immigration Disaster
Joe talks about the reasons behind the increasing shortages of critical everyday items like baby formula and the Ukraine-connected food shortage across the globe, plus the need to encourage more charter schools, and the growing immigration disaster at the former US/Mexico border.

Disastrous SBA Disaster Loan Programs & Skyrocketing Racial Strife Under Biden
Joe takes a look at the disastrous mismanagement of the Small Business Administration disaster loan programs, the defense of Ukraine's borders (but not ours), the frightening increase of violence, mass shootings and racial strife under Biden and the prioritization of politics over reading or math in public schools.

Baby Formula Shortages & MAGA Blaming
Joe discusses the latest Biden shortage: baby formula, plus the president's latest attack on the half of the population that didn't vote for him, the aftermath of the Supreme Court abortion leak, and where is the money going for public schools?

The Dawn of the Ministry of Truth & the Historic Supreme Court Leak
Joe offers his analysis of the rise of Soviet Mary Poppins and Biden's new Ministry of Truth, the historic Supreme Court leak on the Mississippi abortion case, what's happening today's government schools and the increasing chaos on the former southern border.

Biden War On Parents and Children, & The Invasion On The Southern Border Continues
Joe shares his pearls of wisdom about the Biden war on parents and children, the growing invasion on the southern border, Elon Musk's rescue of the First Amendment and the Disney vs Florida battle.

No Mas for Masks & Musk's Defense of Free Speech
This week, Joe talks about the judicial ruling that struck down the Biden mask mandate on airlines, plus the student loan forgiveness scheme, Elon Musk's stirring defense of free speech and the ongoing Biden invasion of the southern border.

Bidenflation & the Real Reasons Behind Wildfires
This week, Joe looks at the historic run of Bidenflation, the real factors behind the nation's annual wildfires, learning to live with Covid, and the continuing battles in Ukraine.

Anniversary of "ObamaCare," Disney's New Direction & You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet at the Border
This week, Joe takes a look at the 12th anniversary of "ObamaCare," Disney's bizarre grooming campaign, why the ongoing crisis at the former southern border is about to get much worse, and the powerful status of the Trump machine.

Biden's Befuddled Missteps of the Week
This week, Joe analyzes the new Biden budget proposal, Dementia Joe's dangerous gaffes during his trip to Europe, the realistic new fears of Americans of losing freedoms, and the saga of the politicized Supreme Court nominee.

Biden's Socialist Supreme Court nominee & the Refugee Crisis in Europe
Joe looks at the latest plan to spend a ton of taxpayer money, the Biden Socialist Supreme Court nominee, the refugee crisis in Europe and China's plan for the New World Order.

Inflation, Energy Independence & 50 Years of Economic Wreckage
Joe offers his analysis of the underpinnings of Biden's out-of-control inflation, the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the case for energy independence as a national security issue, and the true history of Nixon's 1972 visit to China and the economic wreckage that followed.

Ukraine, Week 2 & Skyrocketing Gas Prices
We are living through momentous times, and this week, Joe analyses the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the lessons that history can teach us. Plus, the effect of the Biden gas prices on American consumers is only beginning to be felt.

The Ukraine Disaster & Biden Finances the Russian War Effort Via Oil Dollars
Joe looks at the dangerous situation in Ukraine that continues to spiral out of control, Biden's disastrous dependence on Russian oil, and the limits of lunacy in identity politics.

Surrendering Our Freedoms & the Fight for School Choice
This week, Joe examines the multitude of ways Americans have willingly surrendered their freedoms since 9/11, honoring our leaders during the week of Presidents Day, the wisdom and prescience of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, and the surprising turns in the past week in the fight for school choice.

COVID's Changing (Political) Science & A Conspiracy Worse Than Watergate
Joe tackles the week's biggest issues, including the long-term mishandling of tax dollars by both political parties, the changing political science surrounding the China virus, the exciting new dictatorial powers of Justin Trudeau in Canada and the media's blackout of an historic, shocking conspiracy to spy on a sitting president of the United States inside the White House.

Affirmation Action Judiciary & the Historic Wreckage of Propagandist Emeritus Fauci
This week, Joe spotlights Biden's blatant Affirmation Action approach to judicial appointments, why placing America First is so critical to national security and jobs, the historic damage perpetrated on America by Propagandist Emeritus Fauci, and the importance of a non-political approach to teaching black history.

Let's Defend America First & A Border Collapse Impeachment
Joe discusses the reasons that America First leadership is a wiser path for the nation, plus corporate fealty to BLM terrorism, and the potential for an impeachment of a "President" who refuses to enforce immigration laws.

The War Machine & the Public School Machine
Joe examines the military industrial complex and its perpetual push for profit by dictating US foreign policy, plus why public school boards fail to see students, parents and taxpayers as customers, and the answer to Brandon's claim that Republicans have no plan for America.

Our New Soviet Union-Style Supply Chain & the Resurrection of Crooked Hillary
This week, Joe talks about the wave of 1981 Soviet Union-style empty shelves and skyrocketing meat prices at stores across America, plus Crooked Hillary's new scheming to replace Uncle Joe. Plus, have you noticed that half the people you know--vaccinated or not--have COVID?

Out of Control Crime, Out of Control Teacher Unions & Biden's Out of Control War On Covid
This week, Joe looks at the out of control crime situation in America, plus the disastrous effect of teacher unions on government education and Brandon's lost war on COVID--now what?

Teachers Unions, Permanent Election Fraud & the Roots of Brandonflation
This week, Joe explores the corrosive effect of teachers unions on education, the effort to codify permanent election fraud, socialists serving on school boards, and the connection between the destruction of America's energy industry and historically high inflation.

Another COVID Wave & How to Downsize in Retirement
This week, Joe discusses the latest wave of COVID, and whether any lessons have been learned in the past two years, plus the merciful death of the Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan and what to consider when it's time to downsize in retirement.

The Border Invasion Rolls On & the Top Problem in Public Schools
This week, Joe tackles the continuing border invasion of 2 million illegal aliens this year, the top problem in public schools, and radical terrorists in America.

The New Accepted Discrimination, TDS Rolls On & School Problems
Joe tackles the new, accepted form of discrimination in America, plus Fake News can't quit their ratings-fueled addiction to TDS, and the important lessons to learn from the latest atrocity, last week's Michigan school shooting.

Rising Energy Prices & New Variants and the Endless Pandemic
Joe examines the wide-ranging impact of rising energy prices, plus the emergence of new COVID variants and the endless pandemic, and the new nationwide trend of flash mob robberies.

Biden's Build Back Broke SwindleUs Plan & Mass Grand Larceny in Blue States
This week, Joe looks at the current status of the Biden Build Back Broke SwindleUs Plan, plus the widening and dangerous trend of grand larceny in blue states and the final word on the Rittenhouse case's impact on the right of self defense.

The New Roaring 20s & Trouble in Paradise: Friction Between Biden and Harris
This week, Joe talks about the new Roaring 20s rise of cryptocurrency, plus Medicare options and the current drama between Biden's handlers and the Vice President.

Biden Misery Index & the Demise of Defunding the Police
Joe outlines the new Biden Misery Index, plus defunding the police is dead, and the status of Biden's $1.75 trillion Building Back Broke SwindleUS plan.

$450K to Illegals & the Green New Deal
This week, Joe spotlights Joe Biden's exceptionally brilliant plan to pay illegal aliens $450,000 each for their inconvenience, plus the importance of the Virginia election, and the green new deal -- just another big government socialist scheme.

Welcome To Brazil In the US & Lower Your Expectations™
This week, Joe compares his experiences on a trip to Brazil to the current state of the US, plus welcome to Biden's new America -- Lower Your Expectations™, and a new 60,000-strong illegal alien caravan is soon to cross our former southern border.

Empty Shelves Joe's Successes Just Keep Piling Up
Joe takes a look at why high energy costs and reckless government spending are causing skyrocketing inflation, plus why Empty Shelves Joe's supply chain mess will take a year or more to end, and how socialist party hack Merrick Garland is weaponizing the Department of Justice against Biden's political opponents.

Weaponizing the IRS and DOJ, plus the weekly Biden chant
This week, Joe looks at Biden's current actions to weaponized the IRS and the Justice Department, the supply chain fiasco and how it may effect Christmas, and the weekly "F**k Joe Biden" chant at most college football games and many other professional sports events.

Will the Stock Market Bubble Burst & the War on Zoning for Single Family Homes
Joe looks at the likelihood of an October stock market correction. Plus time is running to fix our public schools, and the war on zoning for single family homes and the American dream.

Inflation, Climate Change & Uncle Joe's Latest COVID Decrees
This week, Joe explains why inflation is a tax that hurts the poor most, plus getting past the politics of climate change and Biden's new COVID rules -- a nightmare for companies.

The Clock is Ticking on Public Education AND on Gov. Gruesome
Time is running out to improve public education, and Joe discusses the challenges we face, plus the national significance of the California recall election and the business ramifications of woke companies and election integrity/abortion laws.

Afghanistan, Hurricane & Other Highlights of the Week of Biden
The war in Afghanistan is far from over, and Joe outlines the implications, plus advice on living in an area prone to natural disasters, and the continuing exodus of people fleeing California.

Chaos on All Fronts
This week, Joe talks about the dangers of a weak America/the mess in Afghanistan, the collapse of our former southern border, and US home prices -- what goes up must come down.

Public Schools & Biden's Disaster of the Week
Joe examines why public schools must remain open no matter what happens with the virus, why cameras with live video feed should in installed in every public school classroom and this week's tragic results from Biden's feckless and dangerous foreign policy.

Vaccination Mandates & Why the Woke Olympics Were A Bust
Joe talks vaccination mandates, why the woke Olympics were a bust, and why teachers unions to not represent the interest of students, parents or taxpayers.

Raising The Debt Ceiling & Crisis, Covid And Chaos at the Former Southern Border
Joe explains the battle in congress to raise the debt ceiling, the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan, the latest on sexual harassment in the workplace and crisis, COVID and chaos at the border.

Out Of Control Government Spending and Inflation & Economic Implications of Failed Public Schools
This week, Joe discusses out of control government spending, and the skyrocketing inflation a result, plus the economic implications of failed public schools and the controversy surrounding the Russian pipeline to Germany.

Business Comeback of Arizona & Lessons from Cuba and Venezuela
Joe examines the business comeback of Arizona, plus lessons that must learned from the communism experiments in Cuba and Venezuela, how ending federal unemployment benefits early gets people back to work, and why companies and professional sports need to stay out of politics.

WFH--No Going Back & Amazon Uses the Pandemic to Strengthen Its Monopoly
This week, Joe gives his take on working from home--no going back for many, Amazon the big winner from COVID, aging baby boomers are coming fast--by 2030 over 74 million over 65, plus the future of big box brick and mortar stores.

Home Values & Condo Assessment Struggles
This week, Joe zeroes in on why home values are based on a snapshot in time, why condo associations struggle with owners reluctant to pay higher assessments, and the federal government's push for higher density residential zoning in the suburbs.

Student Loan Dangers & Advice on Setting Up a Business
This week, Joe takes a look at the dangerous trap of student loans, plus things to consider when you’re setting up a new company and what you can learn from bad business decisions.

College Athletics Cashing In & Will Business Travel Ever Return?
Joe offers his take on allowing college athletes to cash in, will business travel ever return, schemes to expanding Medicare coverage, and more.

Inflation, the Rising Tax on Everyone & Should China Be Liable for COVID?
Joe tackles the week's tough business and economic issues, including the rising tax on everyone (called inflation), should China be legally liable for COVID, and the truth about the cops --we need safe cities to do business.

The High Price Tag of Government Action and Inaction
Joe examines the actual cost of illegal immigration to those Americans who pay taxes, plus Biden's handling of the recent rash of cyber terrorism, and the media portrayal of massive new infrastructure spending plans.

Defunding Your Property Value & Now Even the Fed is Woke
Joe gives you his take on how defunding the police affects property values, how is Biden screwing the US mining industry and the Federal Reserve's new "going woke" policy.

Stagflation & Biden's First 100 Days of Crises
This week, Joe takes a look at the massive runup in energy prices and inflation, Joe Biden's first hundred days full of self-made crises, plus it's a seller's real estate market, so first time home buyers are out of luck.

2021: Crises Everywhere
How can there be a labor shortage during a time of high unemployment? Joe explores this question, along with the gas crisis spurred by the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, the trend of rural hospitals closing and more.

Shortage Of Truck Drivers Is One Factor Fueling Inflation & How Tax Changes With Affect Your Finances
This week, Joe explores how the nationwide shortage of truck drivers is one factor fueling inflation, plus socialists demanding the repeal of SALT tax deduction limitations in Biden's spending plan, how Biden's tax increases will not just impact the rich, and how under staffing and attrition at police departments in major cities understaffed with result in a rising crime rate.

How Biden Tax Changes Will Hit Small Business & Bidding Wars on Home Sales
Joe offers you a CEO perspective on out-of-town homebuyers edging out -locals in bidding wars, the implications of electric cars, the effect of Biden's estate tax changes, which are very bad for small businesses and more.

Chaos on the Streets, Looming Inflation and Stagflation
Joe looks at chaos on our city streets, the looming inflation and stagflation in our futures,, why the "get woke, go broke" lesson should be clearly heard in American corporation boardrooms, and the challenges of buying a home in a seller's market.

Practical Advice to Help Your Aging Parents
Many people are surprised at the array of issues faced when they must step in to handle the affairs of an elderly parent, including the transition into assisted care. This week, Joe speaks with Phyllis Ayman, an Eldercare Advisor, for practical advice.

Sage Advice on Home Ownership
Joe offers expert advice on several important homeownership pitfalls, including selling your home by yourself, home warranty policies, and considerations for snowbirds heading for warmer locales.

Partial Immunity for Cops, an Unexpected Mortgage Hurdle, & COVID Passports
This week, Joe analyzes the scheme to eliminate partial immunity for cops, a surprising hurdle in getting a mortgage in this red hot market, the Covid passport's threat to our freedoms and more.

The Border Crisis – Coming to a Town Near You
This week, Joe takes a look at The Border Crisis, Coming to a Town Near You, plus Biden's $3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan/Green New Deal and More Social Spending.

The End of the Covid "Crisis" and Biden's $4 Trillion Infrastructure SwindleUs Plan
The Covid "Crisis" is apparently coming to an end. Now what? Joe examines the issue, along with Biden's $4 Trillion Infrastructure SwindleUs Plan and job-killing tax increases, plus how to choose among the nine states with no income tax, when you flee your blue state.

The Skyrocketing National Debt's Effect on Business Conditions
This week, Joe takes a look at the business angle of the skyrocketing national debt, the implications of an open border, moving back to a full employment economy and more.

The $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief BIll
Joe examines the socialist $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that spends 9% on COVID relief, how Google continues to pillage consumers' data rights, why Biden's skyrocketing energy prices are going impact every aspect of your budget, and more.