Monday • May 27
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Tiff's Logic

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The Keys to a Healthy and Happy Relationship
Love. Understanding. Trust. Communication. This week, we focus on the positive. We're talking about the things that make relationships strong, the things that make relationships great. Tiff shares what listeners have to say on the subject.

Common relationship Mistakes
Mistakes are a part of life. And unfortunately they are a part of relationships too. Today we're talking about the most common ones, and how to avoid them. Sometimes, Its good to take a step back, look at these mistakes and help others get through them, or figure out how NOT to make them in the first place.

Get Back in the Pool
whether you have been married or were in a long-term relationship, getting back in the dating pool can be pretty scary. This week, Tiffany and her callers share tips and advice on how to get back in the game.

The Open Show
Tiffany has had so many requests for different topics, its hard to choose just one. So there isnít one! Todayís show is about YOU! What do you want to talk about?

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Arguing In Relationships
Whether its a quick spat, a month long disagreement, or a resentment that has lasted for years, arguing in relationships is a thing. A thing we have all been through. But is arguing a natural part of a relationship? Is arguing a HEALTHY part of a relationship?

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Most Common Relationship Conflicts
Do you ever feel like you and your significant other fight about the same things over and over again? Well you are not alone! ALL couples do it! Today Tiff talks about some of the most common things couples fight about, and what you can do to get back on the same page with your boo.

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Today's show is our most requested topic- cheating.

Listeners have soem very interesting stories to share about ebing cheated on, revenge cheating, and why they decided to cheat. Plus, Tiff shares some eye opening information on why people cheat.

How to Flirt
Today's show has a really fun topic.. flirting! Everyone likes to flirt, right? Tiff shares some fun facts on flirting, and tips on how to do it right. Callers chime in with their thoughts too in this flirtatious episode.

The Games We Play
Are you a player? Have you been played? Sometimes relationships are all about the game & listeners share their best stories.

Funny Date Stories
If you are on a first date, and she asks you to get a vasectomy... maybe you shouldn't be dating this person. Listeners share their craziest date stories, and there are some good ones!

The Dish on Online Dating
This is one episode you will want to swipe right on! Tiff gives her thoughts on the pros and cons of online dating, and takes listener questions and comments on the subject. No catfishing here- just honest advice! Take a listen!

Relationship Complacency
Our cohost today is Danielle, a young mother that went through a divorce after her relationship with her husband slowly deteriorated. She shares her story and her thoughts on what went wrong, and also shares tips on how to strengthen your own relationship.

The 3rd Date Rule
Tiffany's always been the person her friends went to for advice. Now she want to share her advice with you! On our first show, Tiffany gives callers tips on long distance relationships, cheating, dating websites and the famous 3rd date rule!